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                     *** WALK-THRU the BIBLE ***

Re: God's Fury  (Nahum)

"God is jealous, and Jehovah revenges; Jehovah revenges and is a
possessor of wrath. Jehovah takes vengeance against His foes, and He
keeps wrath against His enemies. Jehovah is slow to anger, and great in
power. And He does not by any means acquit the guilty. Jehovah has His
way...[and] who can stand before His fury? And who can stand up in the
heat of His anger? His fury is poured out like fire, and the rocks are
broken down because of Him." (~1:2-6)

Oh...but... God is a "God of luuuvvv"! Graaeeessss! All you ever preach 
about is this vengeful "God of hate"!  This must be because you have 
childhood issues with your father that you have never yet resolved.  
After all, we tend to view God the same way we view our earthly
fathers.  You need counsling. If you could be healed of your inner
childhood shame, discover your "true self" and learn to "love yourself"
you could see that God "luuuuvvs everybody". Enough of all this
venomous rhetoric already!!

'Anybody feel like saying this to me? Well, I've just saved you the 
effort.  You don't need to waste your time. I've already heard it over 
and over; that's why I can spout it back so well!  And as we continue,
you will notice that I'm not buying it.

Notice this opening quote comes -directly- from God's Word. They are
not my words. I am only pointing to what is already in the Scriptures.
Perhaps this is why a lot of people don't like to read from the O.T. so
much? And, indeed, when a person reads along through the minor
prophets, one can come away feeling a bit depressed. Well, as God sees
sinful man, just imagine what -HE- is "feeling"!!

God is "slow to anger". He never "purposed for any to perish" (2Pt3:9)
He has been "[enduring] with much long-suffering the vessels of wrath
fitted to [deserving of] destruction". (Rom9:22)

However, just because God is long-suffering, does not mean that 
judgment will not come. Notice the terminology. He does not 'BY ANY 
MEANS' acquit the quilty. In other words, NO WAY NO HOW will the guilty 
go free without punishment.

As God judges, the Lord 'HAS HIS WAY'. (vs3) Nobody is able to stop 
Him. He is in control of tempest, storm, sea, rivers, mountains
(vs3-6); and He even lifts up the whole earth "out of its place".
(Job9:6, Is13:13)

Does one seek to plot against the Lord? (vs9 Ps2:2) He makes an "utter
end" (vs9) and will do so with mocking "derision". (Ps2:4)  You who 
wants to plot with others against the Lord? ..you will be cut down.(vs12)

Now, while we have observed this passage in generic terms, this
prophecy is specifically "against Nineveh". (vs1)  And notice that a
good part of it is for the days in which we live. Notice the promise to
Israel... to "Judah". (vs15) While this is being written, strife has
stirred up in Israel, with the Arabs. But notice the ultimate promise
that "good news" is on its way, of "Peace!" (vs15)  Israel's enemies
will be "completely cut off" and they will "no more" bother Israel.

How do we know it is for today? Notice the figurative language of "the 
mighty men are in scarlet" as the weaponry of Israel's plunderers is 
"red". (2:2-3)  During the Cold War the Soviet Union was depicted as 
"red". Communist China has also been known as "Red China". We know from 
Ezekiel 38-39 that Russia will be coming down from the north, and we 
know she will be in alliance with 'Nineveh'. Notice the picture of jet 
airplanes: "the chariots flame like iron torches". And what happens 
when fighter jets go to Mach (speed of sound)?  They produce sonic
booms, "And the cypresses are made to quiver". (vs3) "The chariots race
madly in the streets; they shall run to and fro in the open squares.
..they dart about like lightnings" (vs4)  Think of what a tank looks
like when it fires off. Like a "torch"? What do you suppose the 
"lightning of the spear" (3:3) is? Probably rifles?  You see, we have
today's players and warfare techniques prophesied in the O.T.

'Not going to go into any more detail. It is a short book. You can read
it for yourselves.

While Israel will have good news of peace (1:15), her enemies will be
totalled. Their leaders will have fled. (3:17) The people will be
"scattered upon the mountains, and no one is gathering" (vs18) And
there is "no healing" and they will be loathed. Why?

The book ends with this observation to 'Assyria'...
"..for upon whom has your wickedness not passed continually?" (vs19b)