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Re: the First Sin: Eve and the Apple?

(true/false) The first sin occurred when Eve ate the apple.

"So when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, that it was pleasant to the eyes, and a tree to be desired to make one wise, she took of its fruit and ate. She also gave to her husband with her, and he ate." (Gen3:6)

"And Adam was not beguiled, but the woman being beguiled, fell into transgression." (1Tim2:14)

"Therefore, just as through one man sin entered the world, and death through sin, and thus death spread to every person, because everyone sinned." (Rom5:12)

"Truly, these times of ignorance God overlooked, but now commands all men everywhere to repent," (Ac17:30)

Let's address the more 'complex' aspects of this question first, shall we; and then close by answering the simple and obvious.

These verses just quoted are the key passages to this question; they are the answer. But in that they are the answer, they also open up so many other questions that are not answered. We are given a picture, but it is like an impressionistic painting which must be seen by standing at a distance; because, when we get up too close to try to scrutinize, all we see is a mish-mash of brush strokes. And so, this answer, while observing the answer, will not claim to -fully- answer it.

We all know the account: the serpent comes and tempts Eve, she lusts, and eats the fruit. Eve gives to Adam and he partakes. Then God comes along asking what they've done, and metes out the punishment to each of the parties, each according to their culpability, and expels them from Eden. And the rest is human history of the past six millennia.

But who is to blame for the whole human race being born sinners? We are told that we are sinners at conception. (Ps51:5)

We know the account: the serpent came -to- Eve. Eve was the 'first' one to partake. When Paul speaks of the matter, he notes how it was Eve who was deceived, thus, the woman is not to usurp authority or teach over the man. (1Ti2:11-12) And Paul also reviews the hierarchy of authority, passing from God the Father, to Christ, to the man, to the woman. (1Co11:3) And this latter is often thought of in terms of woman's 'curse' due to Eve's sin.

But what does Scripture say is the origin of mankind's sin? The man or the woman? The man! (Rom5:12)

Most often when the story is told, especially in Sunday school, it is told that Eve is lured into eating the fruit, and then she runs off to -find- Adam, to share with him her new discovery. But in Gen3:6 it says she gave to "her husband -with- her". That word "with" can have various shades of meaning. It certainly could mean what we just described, and so when she 'found' Adam, and he ate, he did so "with" her, as they ate 'together'. It could also mean that, when/as Eve was being tempted, that Adam was -there- 'with' her when it happened, and he observed the whole thing, and did nothing to stop her; somewhat the concept of the husband's authority over the wife who makes a vow - to affirm or nullify her vow. (Numbers ch30) As such, Eve made a choice which Adam affirmed. And in some cases, if the husband nullified the wife's vow, he took on the reproach that would have been due the woman. (Num30:15) This affirmation/nullification could also apply if Adam wasn't right 'there' when Even yielded to the temptation, as the Law stated the husband's authority "on the day he hears" of the matter. (Num30:12)

Was it sin for Eve to yield to the temptation; obeying the serpent? Certainly. But was that the major sin? To -be- 'tempted' is not sin. Even to do something in ignorance is not unforgivable. God "overlooks" our times of "ignorance" if we "repent". Who knows what might have been the outcome if, when Eve brought the fruit to Adam, he had reprimanded her.

Who was in charge in Eden? Adam. Who was brought to Adam as his "helper" to "complement" him? (Gen2:18) Eve. Eve was not created, and then Adam brought to complement her. The way the societies and religions of the world function, with their 'mother' earth and 'goddess' worship, one would have thought that the woman was 'prime'. To whom did God give the command to not eat of that tree? The "man". (Gen2:16-17) Who told Eve about it? Scripture doesn't say that God, specifically, told her. It says that God made the woman and brought her to the man. As the temptation gets under way, if you have noticed, the serpent taunts, 'Did God say...?' And Eve's answer is of the order of, '-We- can do this, but God has said not to do that'. One wonders if she heard the rules through Adam, Adam telling her, "God said...thus and so". And when she answers the serpent, "...nor shall you touch it.." (Gen3:3) perhaps this had been Adam's warning to her? Perhaps he had warned her not to eat of it...and as a caring husband, perhaps something he had determined for himself in the days prior to her creation: 'If I'm not to eat of it, I'm just going to stay clear of it so I'm not anywhere in the vicinity' and perhaps he warned her with an exhortation similar to his own personal determination in the matter? We often condemn Eve for having "added" to God's command there...but perhaps she was merely noting her husband's warnings to her? And so, when she was seduced, she not only disobeyed God's command, but also her husband's?

You see...that order of things in 1Co11:3 was not necessarily the 'curse' upon the woman, but God's original intended order, which Eve circumvented. So, when Eve slips up, and comes to Adam, what does Adam do about it? Part of the reprimand God gave Adam was, "..because you have heeded the voice of your wife.." (Gen3:17) Adam was the one God had put in charge; but instead of correcting his wife, he followed her into sin. The culpability for the incident resided with Adam, because, being the one with whom the buck stopped, he passed-the-buck. He did just like husbands do today...he caved in to his wife. And thus, through that God-ordained chain-of-command, the world's sin is attributed to Adam.

Eve, being the "weaker vessel" (1Pe3:7), designed to be more "emotional" than analytical, following her emotions and eating the fruit, God certainly knew her innate weakness compared to Adam; thus Adam was in charge. Yes, Eve was judged; but sin was attributed to Adam. The woman's "Seed" (Messiah) did not come through the man, but through the woman. In the O.T. procreation is always spoken of as the man passing his "seed" to the woman...thus, Jesus was born of a virgin, minus man's seed... since we already noted that sin is passed along at conception. (Ps51:5)

So, while Eve was first tempted and ate; in her giving to Adam and him eating, being the one in authority, FOR THE RECORD, it was "Adam" who sinned first. ...of humanity...

However, to be true to this trivia question, where did the serpent come from? In countermanding God's law, was the serpent not demonstrating sin...

The "dragon...that serpent of old...the devil" (Rev12:9) Where did he get his start?

It would seem likely that he was around and watched as God created the heavens and earth during those six days, as Job was told by God how the "morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy" as the "foundations" of the world were laid. (Job38:4-7) He was made with exquisite beauty "till iniquity was found" in him. (Ezk28:15) It says that during his time of perfection that he was "in Eden, the garden of God" (vs13) In other words, when God would come each day to visit with Adam, was the "anointed cherub that covers" (vs14) with God? Did Adam and Eve already -know- this one when he was still in sinless perfection? Thus, when Eve was tempted, was the deception much as it is today...something -appearing- to be righteous and Godly? That is the deception for so many today who are ensconced in Babylon: for everything, it -appears- to be [C]hristian.

When Eve was tempted, it -appeared- to be God's covering cherub. And her emotions didn't take note (perhaps?) that this one who had been Godly, was now saying something contrary. And she went ahead, not remaining under the protection and authority of her husband's 'analyical' mind, that would have reasoned that 'something' was not right, and would have warned her...that this creature that had been in God's presence, was now saying things contrary. Paul tells us that Eve was deceived...not Adam. Considering the devil's 'mutation' in that setting, from good into evil, is why I hinted above, wondering what might have happened if Adam had not caved to Eve, but had reprimanded her...considering the cleverness of the deception, and Eve's emotions, would there have been some sort of 'fix' (atonement) for the situation? In the same way the wife was not held accountable for her vow ("rash utterance of her lips") when cancelled by the husband (Num30:6), if Adam had acted promptly, could Eve's wrong have been nullified? Questions....

We may not have all those answers confirmed to us right now; many scholars of far-greater intellect than me have wrangled over this. (e.g.During the mid-60s, when I was in high school, I remember the Radio Bible Class teacher, M.R.Dehaan had a lengthy series, going on for weeks, on this very subject on their Sunday morning radio programs; which, he took the topic in a totally different direction, with a lot of 'spiritualizations', as I recall.) But since it was the serpent who tempted Eve, we know that somewhere in the course of those early days is when he rebelled against God, decided to try to "be like the Most High". (Is14:14)

Thus, the "first sin", as recorded in Scripture, was the one which changed the "anointed cherub that covers", when he rebelled, into the "dragon, that serpent of old, the devil".

And as for it being an "apple"? Scripture doesn't say; it just says "fruit". It most likely was -not- an 'apple', since we still have apples today, and they are not known for 'imparting' knowledge of any kind, good or evil.

Thus, in answer to the trivia question: -FALSE-

The "first sin" was neither about Eve, nor an apple.

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