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" Who is that Baby in the Manger? "

If he manifested himself to us as he did to Moses or Isaiah, nothing would be able to prepare us for such an intensely overwhelming encounter. Everything that we think we know about him would be reduced to something like the babbling of an infant. Any lofty thoughts we might have had of ourselves would simply vanish because we wouldn't find anything at all to commend self but everything to condemn it in the light of such an awesome presence. In the first chapter of Revelation , the apostle John - a person who enjoyed fellowship with Jesus during his visit to this planet - did not recognize him when he was confronted with his glory. John fell at his feet "as though dead". We may be made in his image, but he is not really like us.

His power is inexhaustible. He created and holds all things together by the word of his power moment by moment, and it would take no more from him to create a billion other universes any more than it would take to create a single atom. Nothing is too difficult for him.

Even the highest heavens cannot contain him. He is just as much "here" as he is "there", wherever here or there may be. Since He is omnipresent, He is not only everywhere, He is everywhen.

The heavens may declare the glory of God, but even the stars are not pure in his sight. They may declare his glory, but they can never equal it because he is immeasurably greater than anything in creation.

He never changes. In the past, present or future, and beyond the limits of time, he is exactly as he is - a no beginning, never ending, never changing perfect person.

He knows everything - whatever is or isn't, whatever was or wasn't, whatever will or won't be. He knows every one of us as well as he knows everything else - our upside, downside, inside and outside are all known by him. There is nothing he doesn't know, nothing he has to learn.

He can be grieved and angered by our sins. If sin is about as common as the air we breathe, his patience or longsuffering is absolutely incredible. That we still exist at all is a miracle of his mercy and grace.

He is incomprehensible, yet he can be known somewhat as he is revealed in the Bible. But, forever would not be long enough to learn all that can be known about him because he is infinite, and because he is infinite the learning process would never diminish. It would be endlessly expanding.

He is holy, absolutely perfect in all his nature and ways. We can know something of his holiness by his hatred and punishment of sin - eternal separation from himself and never-ending punishment in hell. But his remedy for a sinful and lost humanity reveals another aspect of his holy nature. He took upon himself the sins of the world and the punishment they deserve. No mere created being, even the highest created being, could pay the terrible penalty for sin. He alone paid the price for our salvation because he was the only one who could.

The fact that he took upon himself human flesh, coming to this world as a baby in a manger used for the feeding of animals; the fact that he lived a perfectly sinless life for us; the fact that he suffered and died for our sins are the greatest proof of his love for us. No one can understand the significance of his expression of love that was displayed at Calvary, but anyone who has trusted him alone for their salvation will know and appreciate it when they are united with him in heaven.

He isn't a baby anymore. He isn't a dead man still hanging on a cross. He is our risen Lord and Savior, the Alpha and the Omega, Almighty God.

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