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" Time with Jesus? "

Spending time with each other is a prerequisite for a growing personal relationship. The same applies to our personal relationship with Jesus. Since His Word is all -about- Him, it follows that getting to know Him better requires our spending time in the Scriptures.

The average reader could read the 66 books of the Scriptures in 72 hours. If you spent 2 hours a day reading the Bible, you could complete it in 36 days. An hour a day would accomplish that blessed experience in about 2 1/2 months; half an hour a day would take you from Genesis through Revelation in 5 months; 15 minutes a day will enrich your life with the full counsel and comfort of God in 10 months.

Have you considered your present schedule with the One who loves you beyond measure?

TBC Notes - March,1999

[VW: One can also read through-the-Bible in one year by reading three chapters a day, and five on each Lord's Day.]

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