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" 'post-trib' Rapture: an Impossibility "

In addition to everything we've observed in the past, that is posted at the website and been mailed...another observation has just 'hit me' as to why the 'post-trib' view is not only not taught in Scripture; it is an utter IMPOSSIBILITY, even logically/theoretically. Perhaps this will help some of you who are yet waffling.

Let's look at two Scriptures very carefully...

Re- the Church:
As Jesus is foretelling the Church's existence, He proclaims, "..I will build My church, and the gates of Hades shall -NOT-PREVAIL- against it." (Mt16:18)

Re- 70th Week Saints:
To the beast that comes "out of the sea" is "given to it to war with the saints and TO -OVERCOME- them." (Rev13:7)

Notice about Revelation that chs2-3 speak of the "seven churches". But 13:7 speaks of the "saints", the same term used for the O.T. Believers who were resurrected with Jesus. (Mt27:52) Two different groups. In 13:7 it's "saints" because the "Church" is no longer on earth.

Bear with me here...

Jesus promised the Church that "in this world you have affliction". (Jn16:33) And history has borne this out over the centuries: the persecution the Church has received at the hands of pagans, catholicism and protestantism. Believers have been persecuted, afflicted and martyred. But the Church has continue to exist. Satan has not been able to "prevail against it".

But during the 70th week, he will be given authority "to overcome them". Whoever does not worship the beast's "image" will be killed. (Rev13:15) And as Christ's Kingdom begins, those who come out of the this period, who "lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years" (Rev20:4b) are those who were "beheaded for their witness to Jesus and for the Word of God". That's physically "DEAD", folks. The 70th week martyred saints will be "resurrected" (Rev20:5), but they will -NOT- be Raptured. The beast "overcomes" them, and they reign with Christ, after having been beheaded. At the end of the 70th week, there are no "live" saints left. They've been killed off! A Rapture of Believers is an IMPOSSIBILITY at that point. 'Can't rapture somebody that's not even there -to- be raptured! Right?

If a 'post-trib' Rapture were to be presumed, it would be like a person "going fishing" at a heavily chlorinated swimming pool. He could drop a line into the water, but is not going to get any bites. There are NO FISH -to- bite. Thus, "going fishing" there is laughable!

Paul says, "..God did not appoint us to wrath.." (1Th5:9) The church of Philadelphia is promised to be -kept- "from the hour of trial". (Rev3:10) Those who receive the "eternal gospel" (Rev14:6) during the 70th week will be martyred. They, too, being with the Lord "under the altar" (Rev6:9), will not experience God's wrath. And those of Israel who "call upon the name of the Lord" (Joel2:32) will "escape", and experience God's "new covenant" as He comes to reign and gives them a "new heart". (Jer31:31-34)

So...the so-called "post-trib" rapture? It just won't happen! It CAN'T! Period.

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