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      " My Name is Written There "

      Though humble and obscure below,
      My name is there in heaven, I know.
      'Tis written by the hand of God-
      'Tis written with the Saviour's blood.

      'Twas there before the day and night,
      In beams of God's unerring light.
      By Jesus' blood 'twas crimson dyed
      When He for me was crucified.

      Who would erase it from that page,
      Unspoiled by sin, undimmed by age,
      Must Calvary's marks from Him efface,
      And change eternal truth and grace.

      'Tis there by Jesus' worth alone,
      For worth or credit have I none;
      And nothing less than sin in Him
      Can ever that inscription dim.

      'Tis ever there-O sweet the thought!
      The space it fills by blood was bought.
      'Tis there by Grace, 'tis there by right,
      Unsullied in the Father's sight.

      Though I such love so feebly serve,
      And daily worse than death-deserve,
      By oath, by blood, by priestly care,
      My worthless name He keepeth there.

      Let such as know no second birth
      Labor to write their name on earth.
      My joy is this, that Love Divine
      On heaven's scroll hath written mine.

William Blane
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