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" More than Conquerors "

Recently as I was studying the " Fall" in Genesis 3, and the relationships between God, man and Satan; and some of the dynamics involved in Eve's temptation; and the nature of the "Curse"...it stirred up some thoughts I've had periodically over the years about the whole nature of spiritual warfare, and Satan's characteristics.

Jesus said, "..on this rock I will build My church, and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it."(Mt16:18)

As many distort Scriptures, this passage has become a rally-cry for those going on the war-path they perceive to be against Satan. Recently I have received information from several sources about the new current push to spread the "anointing" around the world, and to go into all the world, "binding Satan." To be accomplished in massive "crusades," via satellite TV, prayer bunkers and the internet. The world has been divided up into 10 strategic regions for this campaign. (It would be interesting to know if these are "the same" 10 regions as divvied up by the "Club of Rome.")

As we view these "gates of hell," we also recall Scriptures about "the dragon that serpent of old, who is the Devil and Satan.."(Rev20:2) We recall Peter's words, "..as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour."(1Pt5:8)

Our view of Satan often becomes the fire-breathing dragon, the size of a T-Rex dynosaur, against whom we must go forth valiantly like the brave knight and kill, in order to gain the favor of the king, and matrimony to the fair princess.

First of all, let us remember some relationships. God created man in His image.(Gen1:26-27) Lucifer was "merely" the "anointed cherub who covers."(Ez28:14) Angels, for all their power, were created to serve God and His Children.(Ps103:20,Heb1:7,14)

The apple of God's eye was man.(Deu32:10,Ps17:8) This was the purpose of the whole creation, as He gave man dominion over it.(Gen1:28)

As I have thought, over the years, about Satan's rebellion against God, and his attempts to destroy Christ, I have wondered, "Why does he take man with him?" What did man ever do to Lucifer to deserve such a systematic hatred against him? Why would he lead billions of humanity into destruction with himself?

The very fact that MAN EXISTS, period, was reason enough. Lucifer saw his own beauty and splendor(Ez28:17), but realized he would never attain to anything more than the "anointed cherub." And here was "man." Of even higher status than himself in God's eyes. If he could destroy man, then he would be "next in line" for God's attentions. (my speculation)

How do we know that angels "look up to" man? Speaking of "salvation" which the O.T. prophets prophesied about, Peter writes that the prophets themselves did not fully understand what they were writing about, that the 'Holy Spirit would be sent,' "...things which angels desire to look into."(1Pt1:12) This word "desire" means, "long for, lust after, covet, seek things forbidden." For all their wisdom and power, angels do not understand our "salvation." They are not privy to it. They are "merely" servants.

I keep using this word "merely" with purpose. Our warfare is not with Satan directly. That battle has been won at the cross.(Gen3:15,Heb1:3 Christ already has won, and as a result we already have the victory.(Rom7:25,1Cor15:57)

So, what of this warfare, then? Satan is before God.(Job1:6) And he is accusing the Believers before God.(Job1:9,Rev12:10) That is the warfare between him and the Church (collective).

But, as individual believers, our warfare is against "principalities and powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places."(Eph6:12) All these words are in the plural form. Our warfare is "merely" against his demons. What is the nature of these demons?

Again, as I was considering the "fall" in Genesis 3, I realized Satan was quite limited. He could not even appear before Eve as "himself." He had to enter a serpent. His demons are no greater. As I was reminded of the hierarchy (God, man, angels), I came away with a completely different view of our warfare.

Imagine walking along a city street. Perhaps in an unsavory part of town where the street urchins gather around. Some, perhaps, are punks. As you walk along, some will yell out taunts. Some may throw some rocks or sticks. But they're all "merely" small children.

Against such, our Lord provides full military armor.(Eph6:13) They are no match for "us" as their missiles "merely" glance off, with absolutely NO CHANCE of any harm coming to us, as even a "gentle" glance of our sword would knock them over.

Is it any wonder, then, that Paul, in the context of speaking of all Satan's devices against us, and Christ's victory in death, resurrection, and intercession could confidently assert...

"We are MORE THAN conquerors through Him Who loved us."(Rom8:37)


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