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Recently my daily Scripture reading found me in Leviticus and Numbers, reading about the Jewish feasts and sacrifices. About the same time, thinking of end-time prophecies I sat down and read through Zechariah, and was fascinated by the repetition of the fact that all the nations would come to Jerusalem to celebrate the "Feast of Tabernacles" after Christ sets up His kingdom. Knowing that Passover and Pentecost were already fulfilled, I was curious to know more about "Tabernacles" and its importance that would require "all" nations to participate; and discovered it is part of a larger, inclusive festival of "Ingathering."

The following is my personal collection of notes, in outline form. This was not intended to be all-inclusive, or answer-all. Just a look at the pieces of the End-Time "puzzle."

(Recommended: that you have your Bible open next to you and look up all the references. In this format this study is not being spoon-fed to you, but the pieces are cut up and arranged in order on the plate; and now you can examine each piece as you savor them. You won't get the full benefit/understanding of the outline, if you don't also look up the passages.)


        ...The 3 Annual Jewish Feasts: (Ex23:14-17,Deut16:16)

1) Unleavened Bread .."Passover" (Lev23:5)
     -Redeemed out of Egypt (Ex23:15, De7:8, Mic6:4)
     -Blood (Ex12:7,13)
     -First-born (Ex34:19)
     -Firstfruits (Ex23:16)

     Fulfilled in Christ: (1Co5:7)
          -Redeemed out of sin (Ga3:13, Re5:9)
          -Blood of Christ (Heb9:14,1Pet1:19)
          -Only-Begotten of the Father (Jn1:14,3:16)
          -Firstfruits from the dead (1Cor15:20)

2) Harvest .."Feast of Weeks" (Ex34:22)
     -7 weeks..50days after Firstfruits = Pentecost (Lev23:15-16)
     -With leaven (Lev23:17)
     -Leave gleanings for strangers (Lev19:9-10,23:22)

     Holy Spirit:
          -Day of Pentecost (Acts2:1)
          -Spreading of Gospel (Mt13:31-33, Acts5:28,8:4,13:49,26:20,16:6)
          -Gentiles (strangers) (Eph2:12-13)

3) Ingathering
     -End of the year (Ex23:16,34:22)

     Yet to be fulfilled...
          -at the "end of the age" (Mt13:39,24:3)

                   ***  FEAST OF INGATHERING  ***

     -1st day of 7th month (Lev23:24)
     -Sacred assembly

     -Trumpet - Rapture: (1Cor15:52,Rev4:1,1Ths4:16)
          -Announcement, signal (Num31:6,1Sam13:3)
          -To "come up" to God's "presence" (Ex19:13,19-20)
          -Assembling the people (Nu10:7)

Announcing  the  coming of the Lord ...God is coming to make an  end  of
sin. Restore His people, Israel. Come to rule on David's throne.

Day of Atonement:

     -10th day of 7th month (Lev23:27)
     -Afflict your souls--downcast, depressed, humbled
     -Sacred assembly

          -Trumpet on 50th year (Lev25:9)
          -Day of Atonement
          -Return to possessions/family (Lev25:10,28)
          -Goes free WITH children (Lev25:41,54)
     Purify the sons of Levi: (Mal3:3)
          -Purge, punish (Mal3:2,Jer30:11)
          -Jacob's trouble-to-freedom (Jer30:7-8)
          -Israel gathered to Land of Heritage

Israel  goes  through purging, purifying as they are  gathered  together
back in their land. Ultimate freedom from her enemies. Once and for all.

Feast of Tabernacles:

     -15th day of 7th month (Lev23:34)
     -Gathered fruit (Lev23:39)
     -Booths for 7 days (Lev23:40)
     -Rejoice (Lev23:40)

     Year of Release:
          -End of every 7 years at Feast of Tabernacles (Deut31:10)
          -Release of debts (Deut15:1)
          -Servant goes out free..by himself..NOT children (Ex21:3)
          -Read the Law (Deut31:12)
               -Learn to Fear the LORD
               -Observe all the words

     Nations will stream to Jerusalem: (Zech14:16, Is2:2-3)
          -Holiness to the Lord (Zech14:20)
          -All will know the Lord (Jer31:33-34, Is11:9)

Every  one  will know the Lord. God Himself "writes" His laws  on  their
hearts. Finally, Israel will experience peace and holiness, and will  be
the "leader" of the nations, in the knowledge of the Lord, that God  had
intended all along.

Feast  of Ingathering involves ALL the world. It begins with the  Church
at the Trumpets/Rapture. Then Israel is gathered in under time of  God's
Wrath. And once the world has been judged, the nations of the world will
stream into Jerusalem to gain knowledge of the Lord.

God's Salvation:

     REDEMPTION before Jubilee (Lev25:48-52)
          -Christ has "redeemed" us (Church) (Gal3:13,1Pet1:18,)
                -Through [by means of] Faith (Rom3:30) ---------------
          -Mystery (Rom16:25-26,1Cor2:7-8,Col1:27)                   |
     RELEASE at Jubilee (Lev25:54)                                   |
          -Israel "released"                                         |
                -from Broken Covenant(Rom3:20;Lev18:5;Jer31:31-34)   |
                -By [out of,away from] Faith (Rom3:30) ---------------
          -Nations celebrate Feast of Tabernacles (Ex33:7,Rev21:3)
          -Christ Himself is "present" (Ez34:28-30)
                & rules (Rev19:11-16)
          -More mysteries?

Feast  of  Tabernacles  will be a  continuing  celebration  of  Christ's
presence  among  men as He rules on this earth. And  foretells  the  New
Heavens and New Earth, and the New Jerusalem...after the final rebellion
has been crushed...in which God the Father, Himself, dwells amongst man.
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