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" Get Used To It! "

Homosexuals march down the street chanting: "We're here. We're queer. Get used to it!"

A male character on a television show complains about taking orders from a woman. Some feministic strumpet says: "Get used to it!"

Parents complain that Bible study, divine creation and prayer have been shut out of schools. Humanists say: "Get used to it!"

Violence, perversion, profanity and evil philosophies pollute the mass media. Godless entertainment companies say: "Get used to it!"

Crime and violence grow worse as our society becomes more secular. Heathen lobby groups and immoral leaders say: "Get used to it!"

Our schools and universities have shut out all mention of America's Christian foundations. Revisionist historians say: "Get used to it!"

Our children are taught moral relativism in place of morality, globalism in place of patriotism and self esteem in place of self-discipline. The social engineers say: "Get used to it!"

One day, the atheists, feminists, homosexuals, humanists, liars, relativists and all who rejected God's gift of salvation will be swimming in the Lake of Fire and screaming for mercy. God will look down from Heaven and say: "Get used to it!"

(Received as forwarded e-mail: Allegedly from "Top of the Day")

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