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Re: Jesu Diciplicus confirm link to Pulpitosaurus Extinctus

Recent research at Canberra Seminary, which resulted in the discovery of the genus Pulpitosaurus Extinctus, (See report) has been an encouragement to a few wandering individuals and tribes of the Jesu Diciplicus species found in isolated pockets in the cities and urban areas of Southern Africa. So reported by Professor Crakenpozzen, a spokesman for UOLSA (University of Life in Southern Africa) in Johannesburg who is heading up a study on this rare species

The UOLSA spokesman (Fondly known as "Professor Crackpot" by his students) stated that these tribes of Jesu Diciplicus, which in recent years had numbered many thousands, are now reduced to isolated individuals and small groups scattered throughout the land. They are said to survive through the ancient and debunked practices of the historic Bereans who keenly studied the dreary POH (Parchments of Hieroglyphics - also more commonly and previously known as the Holy Scriptures). These tribes of Jesu Diciplicus are also known to practice the "One True Faith" in a Creator, also known as, and reverently spoken of as "Almighty God" and "Father".

Professor Crakenpozzen warns his students that these practices are seen as divisive and subversive and are now increasingly being banned by many First World governments

Crakenpozzen described the efforts being made to identify the few surviving Jesu Diciplicus. He said that initial research with the Institute of Religious Studies indicated that a few of the species might be found in local branches of the OWC (One World Church) but this effort has been only marginally successful. It is apparent that the OWC considers them as "unruly, undesirable and troublemakers". Participation in local OWC meetings is now banned. As a result small home-based gatherings are preferred by most Jesu Diciplicus.

With persistent effort, Professor Crakenpozzen, was finally able to identify a few individuals of the Jesu Disciplicus species by visiting numerous traditional church meetings. He described the warm welcome he had received when invited to one of their home gatherings. He described them as very "ordinary looking individuals" who may be identified only by their peculiar practices and strange belief system.

Professor Crakenpozzen said a remarkable characteristic was their confident and outspoken belief and obedience to an ancient individual God-man, named Jesus, the Christ (also know as the Coming Messiah amongst certain Israelis). Another remarkable trait was the Jesu Diciplicusí enthusiastic acceptance of being classified as a subspecies of the Apostolos, Evangelisticuses and Pastoruses who are said to be descendant of the Pulpitosaurus Extinctus.

The Professor expressed his concern that the progress of modern religious practices would soon overwhelm this rare species. His report concluded that no effort or funds be directed to protect this endangered species as they had all declared, quite emphatically and confidently, that they would soon be "going home".

End of report

The above tongue-in-cheek report,
humerously compiled by "slaveson",
may be freely copied and distributed as desired.

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