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" The Customer's Always Right? "
-- or --
"..it's what they would like to call it.."

As most of you know by now, this writer used to be a "musician." Fewer of you know of my love of "tubed" audio equipment, and tinkerings with kits and modifications. This interest subscribes me to a magazine called "Glass Audio" in which the current issue has an article about a particular model of audio tube, the 300B. This tube has experienced a "resurrection" in recent years for many who like "single-ended" amplifiers.

(While this may be boring to most of you, it provides the background for this piece...which will, hopefully, provide us all with benefit.)

This particular article compares several currently available brands of this tube, noting "how different" they all are from each other. And furthermore...HOW DIFFERENT they all are from the ORIGINAL SPECS that gave the tube its original designation; so that it could be rightfully called, a "300B".

In the end, one of the manufacturers that responds to the article makes the statement, "Someone may ask: 'with its characteristic curve different from that of the original design, why is it still called 300B?' The answer is very simple. Our customers WOULD LIKE TO CALL IT THE 300B...In brief, customer satisfaction is our sole objective. This is our philosophy of production."

Most of you who have been with VW for any length of time know where "this" discussion is going, don't you... A prime object lesson of the current apostasy and "pretend-christianity."

That's what we have today. People WANT TO CALL THEMSELVES "christian;" so they...do.

The "specifications" for "Christian" used to be: "repentant sinner, saved by grace based on Jesus' blood sacrifice."(Lk24:47,Eph2:8,Heb9:28)

Now, there are different "brands" ...all calling themselves "Christian." One has a specification of "love." Another, the building up of "self-esteem." There's the "christ-principle" that we strive to become part of. Or "baptism and church membership." Even, "accepting Christ, and thanking Him for His forgiveness." And last, but not least, "man's ultimate evolution and perfection into a state of god-likeness."

In the case of the 300B, all the various brands will "fit" the socket, and the amp will work. But, the amp is going to "sound different" depending on which tube is in that circuit.

With... "christian" ...all these brands "fit" into something called a "church" where they went forward, prayed some prayer or other, did some ritual...something which seemed "holy" and/or gave them an "emotional experience." But the results are not the same as with the "specs" that originated the designation, "300B" ... "salvation and hope of eternal life."(Tit1:2,3:7)

People don't want to have to admit to being a "sinner." Being "helpless" and unable to save themselves.(Rom5:6) So the "manufacturers" (preachers) are coming up with different "specs" and calling the end result "christian." Because...it's what "people would like to call it." The prophets prophesy falsely, And the priests rule by their own power; And My people love to have it so. But what will you do in the end? (Jer5:31)

Good question indeed: "But what will you do in the end?" "..anyone not found written in the Book of Life was cast into the lake of fire." (Rev20:15) "There will be wailing and gnashing of teeth."(Mt13:42)

The magazine article is entitled, "Will the real 300B please stand up?"

We can ask the same thing... "Will the True Believers please stand up" ...and be counted faithful to God's Word, and the True Gospel message.


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