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" 'Bin'-what? "


Latest news reports advise that terrorist cell groups have been operating in local churches.

Church Security advised earlier today that five or six have been seen actively in the church.

The five largest groups of these terrorists are:

  • Bin Sleeping
  • Bin Arguing
  • Bin Fighting
  • Bin Complaining
  • Bin Missing
Their leader, Osama Bin Lucifer, trained these groups for the purpose of destroying the body of Christ. Lucifer's plan is for them to come in to the church disguised as Christians and work within the church to discourage,disrupt and destroy.

Another cell group, although not a terrorist group, in the church is Bin Working; this group the smallest and (some think) the weakest of them all since they have the fewest members.

Out of all the groups that are in the church this group is the easiest to spot. They are the only group that is active in service to others.

The other groups may not be seen so easily because they blend in with whoever and whatever comes along and are not easily spotted. Bin Working will be seen doing whatever is needed to uplift and encourage the body of Christ.

We have noticed that the Bin Working cell group has different characteristics than the others. They have Bin Teaching, Bin Visiting, Bin Watching, Bin Waiting, Bin Praying and Bin Longing for their Master, Jesus Christ to return.
Author unknown

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