Him That Cometh Unto Me -ins193.mid - [Play Midi]
  1. Listen to the blessed invitation, sweeter than the notes of angel song
    Chiming softly with a heav'nly cadence, calling to the passing throng

  2. Weary toiler, sad and heavy-laden, joyfully the great salvation see
    Close beside thee stands the Burden Bearer, strong to bear thy load and thee

  3. Come, ye thirsty, to the living waters, hungry, come and on His bounty feed
    Not thy fitness is the plea to bring Him, but thy pressing utmost need

  4. Him that cometh, blind or maimed or sinful, coming for His healing touch divine
    For the cleansing of the blood so precious, prove a-new this gracious line

  5. Coming humbly, daily to this Savior, breathing all the heart to Him in prayer
    Coming some day to the heav'nly mansions, He will give thee welcome there