Victory Through Grace -ins185.mid - [Play Midi]
  1. Conquering now and still to conquer, rideth the King in His might
    Leading the host of all the faithful into the midst of the fight
    See them with courage advancing, clad in their brilliant array
    Shouting the name of their Leader, hear them exultingly say:

  2. Conquering now and still to conquer, who is this wonderful King?
    Whence are the armies which He leadeth, while of His glory they sing?
    He is our Lord and Redeemer, Savior and Monarch divine
    They are the stars that forever bright in His kingdom will shine

  3. Conquering now and still to conquer, Jesus, Thou Ruler of all
    Thrones and their scepters all shall perish, crowns and their splendor shall fall
    Yet shall the armies Thou leadest, faithful and true to the last
    Find in Thy mansions eternal Rest when their warfare is past