Calvary Covers It All -ins096.mid - [Play Midi]
  1. Far dearer than all that the world can impart
    Was the message that came to my heart
    How that Jesus alone for my sin did atone
    And Calvary covers it all

  2. The stripes that He bore and the thorns that He wore
    Told His mercy and love evermore
    And my heart bowed in shame as I called on His name
    And Calvary covers it all

  3. How matchless the grace, when I looked in the face
    Of this Jesus, my crucified Lord
    My redemption complete I then found at His feet
    That Calvary covers it all

  4. How blessed the thought, that my soul by Him bought
    Shall be His in the glory on high
    Where with gladness and song I'll be one of the throng
    And Calvary covers it all