I Saw the Cross of Jesus -ins059.mid - [Play Midi]
  1. I saw the cross of Jesus, when burdened with my sin
    I sought the cross of Jesus to give me peace within
    I brought my soul to Jesus, He cleansed it in His blood
    And in the cross of Jesus I found my peace with God

  2. I love the cross of Jesus, It tells me what I am
    A vile and guilty creature, Saved only through the Lamb
    No righteousness, nor merit, No beauty can I plead
    Yet in the cross I glory, My title there I read

  3. I see the cross of Jesus in every trying hour
    My sure and certain refuge, My never-failing tower
    In every fear and conflict, I more than conqueror am
    Living I'm safe, or dying, Thro' Christ, the risen Lamb

  4. Sweet is the cross of Jesus! There let my weary heart
    Still rest in peace unshaken, Till with Him, ne'er to part
    And then in strains of glory I'll sing His wondrous power
    Where sin can never enter, And death is known no more