He Keeps Me Singing -ghf453.mid - [Play Midi]
  1. There's within my heart a melody -
    Jesus whispers sweet and low
    "Fear not, I am with thee-peace, be still"
    In all of life's ebb and flow

  2. All my life was wrecked by sin and strife,
    Discord filled my heart with pain;
    Jesus swept across the broken strings
    Stirred the slumb'ring chords again

  3. Feasting on the riches of His grace
    Resting 'neath His shelt'ring wing
    Always looking on His smiling face
    That is why I shout and sing

  4. Tho sometimes He leads thru waters deep
    Trials fall across the way
    Tho sometimes the path seems rough and steep
    See His footprings all the way.

  5. Soon He's coming back to welcome me
    Far beyond the starry sky
    I shall wing my flight to worlds unknown
    I shall reign with Him on high.