Lift Up, Lift Up Your Voices Now : -ghf131 - [Play Midi]
  1. Lift up, lift up your voices now!
    The whole wide world rejoices now;
    The Lord hath triumphed gloriously,
    The Lord shall reign victoriously.

  2. In vain with stone the cave they barred;
    In vain the watch kept ward and guard;
    Majestic from the spoiled tomb,
    In pomp of triumph Christ is come.

  3. And all He did, and all He bare,
    He gives us as our own to share;
    And hope, and joy, and peace begin,
    For Christ has won and man shall win.

  4. O Victor, aid us in the fight,
    And lead through death to realms of light;
    We safely pass where Thou hast trod;
    In Thee we die to rise to God.