Opened for Me : -ghf120 - [Play Midi]
  1. There is a Fountain opened for my cleansing,
    Where sin's atonement by my Lord was made;
    He was the Lamb that was led to the slaughter,
    His blood the fountain where my debt was paid.

  2. There is a Rock that stands, by storms unshaken
    Redemption's Author the foundation laid;
    By faith my stand on His righteousness I've taken,
    He will not fail- I shall not be dismayed.

  3. There is a Book that points the path to glory,
    Eternal guidepost for the wayward soul;
    On its fair pages is told the wondrous story
    Of life in Christ, the everlasting goal.

  4. There is a Hope, a wondrous consolation,
    In a benighted world a constant star;
    These eyes now dulled by the shadows that surround me
    My Savior shall behold in realms afar.

  5. There is a Home my Savior is preparing
    I may not need to cross death's sullen vale;
    Soon from earth's bondage His coming will release me
    To live where joys eternal shall prevail.