Come, Thou Almighty King: -ghf006.mid - [Play Midi]
  1. Come, Thou Almighty King, Help us Thy name to sing
    Help us to praise:
    Father, all-glorious O'er all victorious
    Come and reign over us, Ancient of Days

  2. Come, Thou Incarnate Word, Gird on Thy mighty sword
    Our prayer attend:
    Come and Thy people bless, And give Thy word success
    Spirit of holiness, On us descend

  3. Come, Holy Comforter, Thy sacred witness bear
    In this glad hour:
    Thou who almighty art, now rule in ev'ry heart
    And ne'er from us depart, Spirit of pow'r

  4. To the great One in Three Eternal praises be
    Hence evermore:
    His sov'reign majesty may we in glory see
    And to eternity Love and adore