The Lights of Home -2fav03.mid - [Play Midi]
  1. O the friends that now are waiting, In the cloudless realms of day
    Who are calling me to follow where their steps have led the way
    They have laid aside their armor and their earthly course is run
    They have kept the faith with patience and their crown of life is won

  2. They have laid aside their armor for the robe of spotless white
    And with Jesus they are walking where the river sparkles bright
    We have labored here together we have labored side by side
    Just a little while before me they have cross'd the rolling tide

  3. On those dear familiar faces there will be no trace of care
    Ev'ry sigh was hush'd forever at the palace gate so fair
    I shall see them, I shall know them, I shall hear their song of love
    And we'll all sing hallelujah in our Father's house above