When I See My Savior -1fav43.mid - [Play Midi]
  1. When I see my Savior, hanging on Calvary
    Bearing there for sinners bitterest agony
    Gratitude o'erwhelms me, makes mine eyes grow dim
    All my ransomed being captive is to Him.

  2. I can see the blood-drops, red 'neath His thorny crown
    From the cruel nail-wounds now they are falling down
    Lord, when I would wander from Thy love away,
    Let me see those blood-drops shed for me that day.

  3. "Why has thou forsaken?" list to that sad, sad moan!
    Oh, His heart was broken, suffering there alone;
    Broken then that mortals ne'er need cry in vain
    For God's love and comfort, in the hour of pain.