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August 5, 1998

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Evolution, moon & dinosaurs?

Let me know what you think about this...

The moon is moving away at a tiny, although measurable distance from the earth every year. Do the math and you will clearly see that 85 million years ago it was orbiting the earth at a distance of about 35 feet from the earth's surface. This would explain the death of the dinosaurs. The tallest ones, anyway.

(ed: apparently a forward from "God's Little Tidbits")

According to the report, this person believes that since the moon has ben moving away from the earth at a certain rate, it was only 35 feet from the earth when God created it. And that is what killed the dinosoars, the were hit in the head by the moon (?!?). Could this be???

Chuckle...chuckle!!-g- No...this could NOT be.-g- Since the earth is only 6000 years old...not 85 million.

Besides...if the moon had been that close to the earth...both the earth and the moon would have become all mangled within each other due to gravitational pulls...and we would have a "Moearonth" instead.-g-

Actually, in more scientific terms, there is a phenomenon known as "Roche's limit." Simply stated, when two astral bodies approach each other, the smaller of the two will become deformed and fragmentize into "zillions" of particles, due to gravitational pulls and tidal effects upon the smaller body, and go into orbit around the larger body. In the case of earth, that critical distance is about 10,000 miles (if I'm understanding the formula correctly from Donald Patton's book "Biblical Flood and Ice Epoch"). In other words, it is not physically possible for the moon to orbit the earth that close, and maintain its shape.

Not to mention the continual upheavals upon the earth's crust causing earthquakes, continual violent volcanic eruptions and lava flows to such an extent which would make life impossible on earth, every time the moon would orbit the earth at 10,000 miles, let alone at such close proximity--were it possible.

But, if one were to ignore reality and it were possible for the moon to be so close at one time...that "long ago" ...how could the dinosaurs have even developed to the stature they were in the fossil records? If they tried to grow...every time they grew an inch too much... "clip".... there's that ol' moon whizzing by again!!-g- Ouch!! that hurt!!-g- 'gonna have to start wearing the helmet!!-g- They would never have attained that stature; let alone attain it and be killed off.

This might be another "proof" against evolution and uniformitarianism (2Pt3:4b) upon which it stands, as to "why" creation is NOT billions of years old, as they claim...? Another of God's signs of Himself which are "clearly seen" leaving them "without excuse."(Rom1:20)


Year zero campaign:

In response to last week's Q/A on "Y2K" and Daniel's prophecy about "chang[ing] times" (7:25) a reader sent a clip from "World Magazine" (April 25, 1998). I'll include some excerpts for your interest...

If secularists can call for taking God out of public schools, why not take Christ out of the calendar? That's the plan of the Year Zero Campaign.

A computer programmer for the city of Sacramento (who's trying to help fix the 2000 bug for a living), wants the year after 1999 to be year zero. After all, if computers will think they're living in year 00, why not people?

"...we live in a New Age and the days of A.D. need to be replaced by N.E. (New Era). "Most people in the world are not Christian," he says. "Many feel that a numbering system that is not based on any religious event would be more reasonable and fair... Human consciousness is now global...We need a new planetary ethics expressing this and transcending the chauvinistic divisions of the past."

Year zero sounds like a fringe movement, but so is every other piece of political correctness: Christmas break is now winter vacation. The traditional calendar makes Jesus the center-point of human history, but the new calendar would erase the past and start history over from scratch.

Well...why not! The Jews have nixed their Messiah with "BCE" and "CE" The "enlightened" world may as well employ revisionist history, too!


U.N. passports:

Editor's comments:

Last week "Dateline" or "48-hours" (I forget which, now...or was it the evening news?) had a special segment about actor Danny Glover... "emissary for the U.N." to the poor and disease-ridden of the world. Going around, making people "FEEL" that at least somebody "CARES about" them.

In the course of the report, he pulled his U.N. "passport" out of his pocket and waved it in front of the cameras. This supposedly gives him free access to presumeably any country.

A "passport" used to indicate any given nation's "sovereignty" with respect to foreigners, and their right to decide who can come and go across their sovereign borders. Since when did the U.N. become a "nation?" Based on info from another mailing list, it seems that, when anybody enters the U.N. complex, it is like entering another country. A citizen of the US, for instance, and resident of NYC, can enter and lose all "constitutional rights" as an "American" until they exit. If they are arrested for some violation while "in", they might just as easily be shipped off to never-never-land (some country other than the US) to stand trial.

Speaking of "non-nations", consider the fact that the Vatican has had a seat and representation to the U.N. for some years.

'See the prophetic pictures unfolding? These days one hardly dares to miss the news of a given evening ...might miss another "fig leaf."

Like we said recently... "count-down" mode. Are you "excited" or "fearful?" Your answer indicates what you need to do about it...


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