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December 15, 2006
April, 2010

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  • Shroud of Turin/FreeJesusPictures?

Shroud of Turin/FreeJesusPictures?

Please tell me, is the Shroud of Turin really what it is said to be, did it really survive the age of time that it would be a concrete testimony of Our Lord Jesus Christ's Ressurection, i trully believe in the Ressurection of Christ according to scripture but what is it about that Shroud of Turin, is it false doctrine or what??

[go to: www.website]

what do you think about the content of that site(according to Scripture)? is it Ok to give out those Free Jesus Pictures based on the ideology of the Shroud of Turin. Please tell me because i have been engaged in giving out the Pictures but inside me i feel confused, and lost, i dont know what to believe about it, at times i feel trapped.i just want to know the Truth about such things according to Scripture, that Truth gives me devine Freedom.

For some reason either the internet connection is having problems, or that website's server is having problems....only 'half' of the picture scrolled down, before it froze....and it wouldn't reload....but froze again at the same spot.

But.... I saw 'enough'

Basically, if a person reads the Scriptural account, Jesus was "wrapped" with clothes. Those who know more of the customs say it was a 'winding' of strips of cloth, around the body... somewhat cucoon style. (Mt27:59) The lexicons describe it as "roll up". And we are also told that the "face cloth" was "rolled up in a PLACE BY ITSELF" (Jn20:7)

On the other hand the 'image' in the Turin shroud has the entire body having been encased inside one (1) piece of cloth....not wrapped (rolled up), nor a -separate- face cloth. In the Turin cloth the face and body (both) appear on the 'same' cloth.

Thus, the person (whoever it might have been) in the Turin cloth was -NOT- Jesus.

In addition, to be distributing such pictures, alleging them to be "Jesus" (the One who died for our sin), is in flagrant violation of God's command against "any likeness" (Ex20:4) God said to Israel....

"Take diligent heed to your souls, for you saw no form on the day Jehovah spoke to you at Horeb out of the midst of the fire, that you not act corruptly and make for yourselves a carved image in the form of any statue: male or female figures," (De4:15-16)

And of Jesus we are reminded...

"Blessed are those not seeing and yet believing." (Jn20:29)

"...whom having not seen you love. Though now you do not see Him yet, believing, you rejoice with joy inexpressible and full of glory..." (1Pet1:8)

The image on the shroud of Turim is as a picture. If the image would have formed from wrapping the cloth around a body the image would be a planification image, ie, you would look as if directly into the ears and not see the ears as they appear from the front. This is a clear proof that it is a painting and not what it is advertised for. I don't know why nobody has come up with this argument; or did I overhear somebody?

Well... OF COURSE! Why has nobody else ever thought of this? Thanks! [Top]

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