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May 6, 2004

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Q/A Topic: Trance Dance
Trance Dance

I really thought that people who opened themselves up to spirits whilst in trance or whatever, were doing it in ignorance. I actually did not even know that doing something like that opened one up to spirits not until I was directly told anyway, so I just probably transposed my ignorance onto other people, and presumed that they also did not know.

As a Christian I can see the reality of this more clearly, but still continued to think that unbelievers were in ignorance, because to think otherwise was too incomprehensible to me, so when I watched a documentary on TV the other day called Dances of Ecstasy , I was totally horrified! They do it with complete knowledge and surrender themselves totally to these demons that possess them! I was in absolute shock. The only ignorance they have is the real identity of these spirits, as they think that they are their gods or their own inner selves .

The people who did the documentary went all over the world, from the witch doctors of Africa, the shamans of Brazil and Morocco, to Korea, US, Australia, Turkey and a couple of other places, and they were all behaving in exactly the same fashion and saying the same things!

They featured the Rainbow Serpent Festival they held in Australia in 2000. It is apparently an annual festival and it is held on sacred Aborigine (sp?) land. It was absolute new age nonsense, but they were saying that the shamans of long ago opened themselves up to spirits, but the spirits they used nowadays are electricity and sound, but I can tell you that these people looked no less demon possessed that the others. The one guy even said that he is no longer moving but being moved another energy is carrying him! Someone also said that the rhythm feels like a mediator between the spirit world and the ordinary world.

A guy from Africa said All over the world, time and sound, all qualities of sound, are the things that are used to take one out of this mundane body and into that spiritual state.

One American lady said Music, dance, rhythm, ritual gets in beyond consciousness. It sets up another rhythm in the body, it sets up another rhythm in the brain. Change the music and you change the mind. Change the music, change the rhythm and already consciousness goes into another stratum, another level, another possibility.

I am dancing because I am awaiting the Orisha . My body and my soul are open waiting for their descent. Music calls the gods and makes the gods stronger. When the music starts it is like something enters you body, something shaking. (This comment brought to mind the business that was started at Pensacola and Toronto.) When the spirits enter your body, your mind gets confused and you don t remember anything. When the spirit takes control of the body and the person is in the highest state of trance, then the person collapses. When the spirit enters me my body starts to get warm. I feel pain, my body shakes and this is when I feel the healing power.

You are probably wondering how I remembered what they said. I watched it again and wrote down what some of them were saying because I found it so unbelievable that anyone would willingly do this to themselves. The scary thing is what happens to those demon possessed people when they come out of their trance? Does the demon leave or are they still possessed whilst they are walking around amongst the rest of us, maybe sitting next to us at work? Mind you, if I look at the state of the world, and think about what some people do to other people and animals, I suppose that really I know the answer to my question! It just doesn t bear thinking about too hard as it is so horrific. If people do this often, how many of them are walking around with Legions inside them?

Hope you don't mind my telling you this, but I had to share my horror with someone who I thought would understand.

Yes, I do understand. What you have shared adds to the litany of what we repeat from time to time.

In terms of the demon-possession and trances we observed from Bali: " Bali and the Pagan Church"

And we have addressed rock music: How missionaries had pagan natives confront them when their children had brought along their rock music into the jungle after having been on furlough, and the pagans asked them "why are you calling the demons?" (That's what the rock music's drum beats were doing) In the days of Socrates and Aristotle the ancient Greeks and Romans knew the effect of music on a society; good music results in good behavior, and bad music results in perversity. One of the two (without looking it up, I forget now which) is quoted as having said, "Let me write the songs of a people, and I care not who makes its laws." People of the rock music industry readily admit that rock is a music of sex and drugs; that is it's prime function. And charismania uses it for their 'worship' as they seek to be "spirit-filled". That's...demon-possessed...a close relative of drugs. Drugs and demon-possession are mutually self-enhancing. The world uses drugs; charismania uses 'religion'. After all, didn't communism used to proclaim that "religion is an opiate of the people"? Opium is a drug. That's why people who are into religion, churches and denominations are so deceived...and why those who are -religious- "[c]hristians" are probably the hardest people on earth to reach with God's Truth. As the book of Acts testifies to the way the religious Jews persecuted Paul and the other early disciples, the pagan world is -much- easier to reach for Christ than those claiming to be Godly.

For more reading...check out the "music" category at the website TopicSearch:

You know, and...
'Just gotta say a couple more things here. In Jesus' day the elites were continually harassing Him with, "What sign do You show then, that we may see and believe You?" (Jn6:30) or again, "What sign do You show to us, since You do these things?" (Jn2:18) And the commentary is given about them, "But although He had done so many signs before them, they did not believe into Him," (Jn12:37) proving out Jesus' own words to them, "Unless you see signs and wonders, you will by no means believe" (4:48)

There's some people today who are just like those elites. From their vaulted places of self-righteousness they condemn our continual exposing of the demonic nature of these various things like charismania and rock music. We continually lay out 'evidence', and they continually taunt, "Prove it! prove it! prove it!"

In a court of law (and I'm no expert in these things), short of the guilty party confessing, "Yes, I did it"; or a multitude of witnesses are found who will testify, "I saw him do it"; the prosecutor lays out 'evidence' before the court. The wounds shaped like the implement with the suspect's fingerprints all over it, wounds on the suspect matching the materials found under the victim's fingernails as they were fighting back, DNA, blood-types, etc. The prosecutor lays out evidence, and the jury is to make a decision based on the "preponderance" (superiority in weight, force, importance, or influence) of the evidence....even though the suspect is pleading his "innocence". One reason there are often "hung juries" is because not everybody serving jury duty is able to see all that evidence as being "proof". Quite often, it will be 'emotions' keeping such a person from seeing the hard evidence; the multitude of 'everything' available pointing to the suspect's guilt.

OF COURSE those infiltrating with rock music are not going to 'confess' to being of the devil, proclaiming, "Come, worship satan with us"! That's the WHOLE POINT behind their deception! OF COURSE those engaging in satanism in the church are not going to 'confess' that the spirits they are encouraging everybody to be "filled" with are -demons-. To do so would not be deception, and would be counterproductive to their agenda.

We continually lay out the 'evidence', in various ways, at various times, in different amounts. If you are of those who want "proof"? Look at the evidence we keep laying out before you. If you cannot see it, there is nothing more that can be said. Jesus continually proved His Deity with His teaching and multitude of miracles, but some -just- would not believe. Their hearts were hardened. And they died in their sin. (Jn8:21,24)

"Today, if you will hear His voice, do not harden your hearts." (Heb4:7)


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