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February 8, 2001

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Tired of VW saying, "Christians are not Christians"

Thank you for the sometimes interesting and informative articles. I am unsubscribing because I am tired of you saying that so many people that are Christians are not Christians. Going so far as to say that all charismatics are going to hell puts you on dangerous ground because you are attacking a lot of God's elect which I'm sure will not go over so good with Him.

[Editor: Received after the February article. Sunday's Q/A on Eph1:13 and Tuesday's Portion, "..and you who fear God" had already been written, ready for mailing.]

Like various topics, it seems like we need to address this issue periodically for newer subscribers. The above comment was from a relatively newer subscriber. Some past comments on this matter can be found at the website:

Seven Churches: Pergamos

That study begins by asking the question, Is it possible for an individual to be in the Catholic and/or Mormon churches and also be a True Believer into Jesus Christ. It concludes that, yes, it is possible. By the same token, can a person be in a Baptist church and be a True Believer into Jesus Christ. For the same reasons, Yes. On the other hand, just as the Catholic and Mormon cults are predominantly idolatrous, just because a person is in a KJ-only Baptist church does not guarantee that such a church member is saved, either. The morning of the day this is being written there was an e-mail from one of the 'lists' I am on... somebody complaining at the moderator of that list, sharing how they had been 'saved out of' such a KJ-only Baptist background -into- charismania...and was raking this moderator over the coals for his stance against -pretend- "christianity".

Dear Reader: when we continually address "pretend christianity" it is not with glee that I do so. The recent concentration on this subject was not intentional on 'my' part. But it was, obviously, on the part of the Holy Spirit. I simply write as the Spirit directs, and allow Him to 'arrange' how they come out in sequence with each other. Just like Tuesday's Portion was directed more to "..you who fear God", this Q/A item is directed to you who do not.

When I continually address the matter of pretend "christians", those who -say- they are, but are not, I am doing no differently than the Apostle Paul did. It was Paul who said, "For they are not all Israel who are of Israel". (Rom9:6b) Translated to today, "Not all christians are Christians".

What I do, I do, not because Paul did it, but because the Holy Spirit directs what is to be written. But Paul did it. You who complain at what VW proclaims, please look up Acts 20:26-31. Notice how Paul had been busy warning them "..night and day with tears" (vs31) about the "savage wolves" (vs29) that would come up from within the church. The fact that these wolves come "in among you" and also "from among yourselves men will rise up, speaking perverse things.." fits the "angel of light" methodology of satan. His ministers -appear- as "ministers of righteousness". (2Cor11:15) They appear to be the "real thing"...but are NOT! Paul warned... and so do I. The fact that my name is also "Paul" is, I'm sure, incidental. Although, I seem to proclaim pretty much the same things Paul did; and there are many times I feel as though I understand his spirit in his writings. Perhaps when my parents named me, it was no accident..??

In that e-mail this morning, the individual had 'converted' from Baptist to Charismania. A prime example of what I continually say. Being a prodigy of KJV-only-ism is no guarantee of eternal life. Reading, preaching and praying in KJ-eze does not grant Eternal Life.

The accusation is made that I condemn "all" Charismatics as being "unsaved". Let me say something, again, that has been said in the past. Just as it is possible for an -individual- in a Catholic, Mormon or Baptist church to be a True Believer, it is also possible for -individuals- within charismania to be True Believers. They are still there in ignorance. Just as in these other groups, God's Word is proclaimed in charismatic churches. And wherever God's Word is to be found, His Word does "not return to [Him] void, but it shall accomplish what [God] pleases.." (Is55:11) And since salvation comes about through the hearing of the "Word of God" (Rom10:17), it IS POSSIBLE for True Believers to be found in the charismatic churches.

However, if that individual embraces Charismatic Doctrine into the heart, understanding it and believing it and experiencing it, BY DEFINITION, that individual -CANNOT- be a True Believer. (Just as we have said in the past about Catholicism and Mormonism; if one truly understands their doctrines, and takes them into the heart, they are not saved into Jesus Christ. While they have a -name-, "Jesus", which they bandy about, those cults proclaim a "different gospel" -Gal1:8-9) There is a difference between merely being 'in' a charismatic church, and being 'a' charismatic. Just because an individual joins in with the group and jumps around, raises the hands, and sings the songs does not make one a charismatic. Even 'pretending' to speak in tongues and be slain does not make one a charismatic. Let's face it...the pressures are strong to have that "experience", and if a person is not experiencing the "fillings" of those spirits, they are considered to be "lacking". So, as the testimonies from many who have been delivered out of it have told, there are many who "pretend" to be "spirit-filled", in order to blend in, and not be hassled by the true charismatics. But they are not true charismatics. Most of those are probably not Believers in Jesus Christ, either. But there are some who are, and are still there; either due to lack of maturity, and/or because of deception.

But when a person has a -TRUE- 'charismatic experience', and is NOT PRETENDING, such an experience proves that the person is not a child of God. From -many- past writings we have shown that such experiences are demonic. You can find them by searching at:

Topic Search: -charismatic

Those "fillings" are demon-possessions. And satan's demons and God's Holy Spirit cannot occupy the same temple at the same time. (Rom8:9, Mt12:43-45) Nobody can serve "two masters". (Mt6:24, Lk16:13) And their teachings are "doctrines of demons". (1Tm4:1) No IFs, ANDs or BUTs.

And if you question this from everything we've presented in the past from God's Word, the Scriptures, and how Jesus dealt with N.T. accounts of the demon-possessed; hear this account from the world. 2-3 weeks ago as I was flipping channels on the TV I happened upon a 2-3 minute segment of one of the currently popular 'demon' shows; I don't remember if it was Buffy, Angel or what?? But the show's "good guys" had somebody in custody, and this one in custody began babbling off some jibberish... sounding not at all dissimilar to what charismania does. When that happened, the 'good guys' commented to each other something on the order of, "He's speaking in tongues... [that means] the demon is in him..." You see, the world knows. It is as Paul said, "..will they not say that you are out of your mind [that you rave]?" (1Cor14:23b)

So thus, when we continually address "charismania", we are addressing the "real thing"; not those who are merely in it and pretending. And as such, yes, "ALL" (real) charismatics are not true "Christians". They are demonic wolves, that have sprung up within the Church...just as Paul warned would be the case. He warned "night and day with tears". And I make no apologies for doing the same..!!

You see, Jesus was even stronger against 'pretend christianity'. You see, charismania continually looks to their 'signs' of tongues, slayings, gold dust, etc., for authentication of their spirit fillings. The scribes and Pharisees also said, "Teacher, we want to see a sign from You." (Mt12:38) and how did Jesus respond? "An EVIL and an ADULTEROUS generation seeks after a sign, and no sign will be given to it except the sign of the prophet Jonah.." (vs39) They would say, "we have one Father--God" (Jn8:41) and He countered to them, "You are of your father the devil, and the desires of your father you want to do." (vs44)

Well...Jesus was crucified, and Paul was martyred. I wonder what's in store for me?! Right now it's only "revilings" and "sayings" (Mt5:11) But be assured of one thing; as long as the Lord gives me breath, and keeps my heart beating, the message will not change!!!

Dear Believer: if you are in these places of apostasy and demon-worship, GET OUT!! !!NOW!! Don't be having "fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness.." (Eph5:11) The time of our Lord's return is imminent. Be purifying yourselves (1Jn3:3) by coming out of the filth. Make yourselves "holy" by separating yourselves... "Come out from among them and be separate...do not touch what is unclean.." (2Cor6:17) As long as you stay in them, you are being "unequally yoked together with unbelievers..." (vs14) Christ's exhortation to you is to "Come out of her, my people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues.." (Rev18:4)


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