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October 8, 2007

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  • Christianity: Religious Hypocrisy

Christianity: Religious Hypocrisy

I think it's funny that Christians believe it's their duty to save the world, when in fact, it's not non-christians who need the saving... It's Christians.

You like to believe that your religion is pure and loving when your history speaks otherwise. You spout anti-Islam when in fact your religion is more comparable to Islam.. You both use fear tactics to get the masses into believing, both of you have bloody pasts. If you're religion is so loving and peaceful then how do you explain the Spanish Inquisition (all of the Jewish expulsions from Christian nations in Europe), the slaughtering by the Conquistadors of any indiginous person of the America's who didnt want to convert, the slave trade, the Holocaust, church bombings, segregation.

How do you explain that 5/6th's of the U.S. prison population profess to be Christian... how do you explain all of the pregnant teens showing up on Sundays in your churches... all of the priests molesting boys... all of the ministers cheating on their wives.

Your religion contridicts itself more times than I care to count. However, I will give you the biggest contridiction IMO. When Abraham had placed his son on the alter and was about to sacrifice him to God..God sent angels to stop Abraham and God told Abraham that human sacrifice would NEVER be performed for God. So if God stopped Abraham and told him that human sacrifice would never be performed.. why would a few thousand years later turn around and sacrifice his own "son"

Religion is created by man. It's subject to human error and is completely fallible. Your religion is nothing but a hypocritical farce and it doesn't take the most wise person to see that. I use to be a Christian and when I came to see all of these things I have witnessed within the "church" I realized this was complete non-sense.

First of all, let me -agree- with you. Does this surprise you? You are quite correct. It is [c]hristians from the [c]hurch who need saving... IN ADDITION TO the rest of the world. Recently in another context [link] we observed 'what' today's church consists of, and how all of -it- is due God's judgment. That is because today's [c]hurch is not God's [C]hurch. Most of today's [c]hristians are not -BIBLICAL- [C]hristians. And if you read more than superficially at this website, you will see multiplied mentions and addresses of this very topic. It is one of the prime objectives of this ministry, to ferret out the false from the true. Or perhaps it should be said the other way around, since there is so little Truth these days, to ferret out and distinguish the Truth and God's Light from out of all the lies, idolatry and darkness.

A -BIBLICAL- definition of "Christian" is someone who is Jesus' "disciple", who follows Jesus Christ after having repented of their sin. (Ac11:26) This description does NOT define most of what today calls itself "christian" in the "church".

You mentioned the Inquisitions of Europe and the (what history books used to term) "Christianization" of the natives in the Americas. The entity that did those things was not Christ's [C]hurch. It is Babylon's counterfeit. They worship the sun [link], not Jesus. They adore the Queen of Heaven [link], whom they have falsely labelled "Mary" [link]. It was Rome's paganism, originated from ancient Babylon and Nimrod's Babel, to which they attached the title "christian", for originally political imperial reasons.

You compare with Islam [link]. That comparison is actually against/with Israel. Islam stones offenders; so did Israel in the OT (Old Testament). But Israel did not bury people up to their necks, and stone their heads. Nor did God command a sexual deviant to be punished by 'raping' them [link], or mutilating their offending body parts, but by direct stoning and burning. When the Israelite brought the Midianite woman into the tent, Phinehas did not rape them both, but took a javelin and speared them both to death, right there, on-the-spot. (Num25:6-8) It was holy righteous punishment, not further perversity.

Israel is not the Church. But even in a discussion of Israel, historically, it should be remembered that Israel, also, was not always righteous before God. Paul reminds us that "with most of them God was not well-please" and God judged the rebels (1Co10:5), and an understanding of the fact that, "..not all those of Israel are Israel" (Rom9:6b) They might be part of the "seed" of Abraham (Gen12:7), but they are not -all- of the "faith" of Abraham (Rom4:16, 2:28-29) Thus also; until Christ comes to set up His kingdom, we should keep in mind that today's "judaism" also is not fully Scriptural. Whatever Israel may do today, nationally, is not guaranteed to be of God, -just- 'because' it is Israel doing it.

However, in the OT, God -did- have a purpose for Israel. When God called out Abraham, He told him that it was not yet time for the 'nation' to be established, because "the iniquity of the Amorites is not yet complete" (Gen15:16) Thus, they spent some time in Egyptian slavery. But when God delivered them, they campaigned throughout the region and obliterated entire nations. Why? Because they had become corrupt before God. If you read much through the first six books (Genesis - Joshua), you will see God's command to tear down the pagan idols, groves and to kill all inhabitants: men, women, children and in many cases, animals? Why animals? Pagan worship also included prostitution and various forms of sexual perversity, including bestiality. When we consider today's HIV and other STDs, it is pretty much understood that for most of them there is NO CURE. The only way to fully stop such epidemics is when those thus-infected die, and to have no sexual contact with a 'clean' person. There is no such thing as totally 100% "safe sex" with an infected person. And so God "cleansed" the land through Israel's military conquests, as He had done to Sodom and Gomorrah during Abraham's day with the fire and brimstone.

The OT Law, with its executions for many infractions was part of the process to show the sinfulness of sin, and man's inability to keep the Law. (Romans/Galatians) As we are reminded, "For whoever shall keep the whole Law, and yet stumble in one point, he is guilty of all." (Ja2:10) And in the end, if a person does not repent of their sin, "the wages of sin is death" (Rom6:23) Jesus said they will "perish" (Lk13:3), and we know that the punishment is forever and ever in the Lake of Fire. (Rev20:10,15) Whether we get "stoned" in this life, or God's "longsuffering" (Rom2:4,9:22) lets the sinner continue in this life; if the sinner does not eventually repent and receive Jesus, the ultimate end is everlasting condemnation. (Jn1:12,3:18)

You speak of "contradictions" of religion, without enumeration. Truly, earthly -religions- are contradictory. Rome follows in pagan Babylonish rituals, while pretending (for the sake of subterfuge) that it is "christian". That's a contradiction of epic (Nimrodic) proportions. Islam pretends that Jerusalem is their 'home', even though, whilst on the Temple Mount they bow to Mecca, with their backs to the location of God's ancient Holy of Holies. (Ezk8:16) That's a contradiction. Many other religions contradict the Most High, Creator of all things, while claiming to be self-made deities. The religion called "evolution" claims that "there is no God" (like the "fool" Ps14:1, 53:1); but when some catastrophe occurs, what is the first thing out of their mouth/s? "Oh my god!" Thus, indeed, the various religions of the world -do- have multiplied contradictions.

But with God and His Word, the Scriptures, there are no contradictions. God purposes something and "brings it to pass". (Is46:9-11) With God it is not "yes and no", wishy washing back and forth, but "Yes" and "Amen" (2Co1:19-20)

And so, if a person (such as yourself) wishes to propound an alleged -example- of a "contradiction", such a person would wish to be sure they are quoting and/or referencing their Scriptural example correctly. Presenting what the Bible ACTUALLY SAYS... not some generalized conjuring of their own mind.

You make the claim, supposedly from the Bible: "When Abraham had placed his son on the alter and was about to sacrifice him to God..God sent angels to stop Abraham and God told Abraham that human sacrifice would NEVER be performed for God."

Let's see what -really- happened, and what was -really- said.

The account is found in Genesis 22:11-18.

First of all, God did not send "angels", plural. It was the "Angel of Jehovah", which if we do other studies, we understand was God, Himself. This 'test' of Abraham, which represented and was an antitype of when Jesus would die on the cross, God did not leave to angels, but was involved in, Himself, directly.

As for your statement of God allegedly saying that "human sacrifice would never be performed for God"... If you look up the passage and read it, you will see that such a statement does not appear in the Scriptures. vss 1&12 make it pretty clear that this whole incident was a "test" of Abraham, after which God re-affirms His blessing of Abraham. (vs16-18) Thus, such a statement does not represent a "contradiction", because it is a false statement. Where something does not exist, there is no contradiction... by definition.

If there is some religion that has made such a statement, it is of that religion, not of God, nor from the Bible, the Holy Scriptures. It is not a (Biblically defined) "[C]hristian" statement.

The antitype of Jesus Christ is in the "ram" that was caught in the bushes, which was offered in Isaac's place; a picture of Jesus who died, substitutionally, as the "lamb without blemish and without spot" (1Pet1:19) This matter God promised way back at the beginning to Adam and Eve in prophetic terms as the woman's "Seed" (Gen3:15); thus "human"

Man had sinned and was deserving of death. But we are also reminded how the "blood of bulls and goats" could never save from sin. (Is1:11, Heb9:13, 10:4) But those sacrifices were always antitypes of when Jesus "offered Himself" (Heb9:14) "once for all" (Rom6:10, Heb7:27,9:12,26, 10:10, 1Pt3:18)

Now of course, if you had read very much at -this- website, at length; not merely seeing a few terms that looked familiar; and then lumping your generic impressions of 'christendom', assuming -this- ministry to be like everything else out there, you would have figured all this out.

When making associative accusations, one should be careful as to 'what' they are accusing. A lot of different entities use the same terms, from one to the other. But they don't mean the same thing.

It's like the 'cold war' application of the word "peace". To free peoples peace meant the having of individual liberties, free from opression. But to communism Peace would be fulfilled when all nations had been brought under the fold of communism.

Catholicism (Babylon) promulgates "unity". But their definition, as proclaimed by their late John Paul II, is that "unity" of religion will be attained when all religions and denominations have returned "home" to "mother church" at Rome. And they use many Biblical terms like: Salvation, Grace, Faith, Christian, Jesus, Heaven, Hell, etc. But for most Biblical expressions they have attached different definitions, many of which have utterly no resemblance to what the Bible says. They may call themselves "christian", but they are not of Jesus Christ, nor of the Bible.

This ministry holds to "Biblical Truth", and esteems the Bible as our "Sole Authority". When you read Christian terms here, we address them from the Bible; not as christendom often does.



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