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March, 1995

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Rapture and Resurrection again...

Issues 003 & 004 and Nov.94 "Letters" touched on the topics of a Pre- tribulation Rapture, the difference between the Church and Israel, and the necessity of understanding these differences. How it is not Jesus' intention to judge the Church, but that Israel will go through the tribulation. (For retrospect, please refer back to those issues, or if you are a new reader, please request back issues)

Perhaps a bit more enlightenment would be beneficial. I have struggled with how to answer some questions raised, as Scripture sometimes seems confusing on this subject. A little tidbit in a publication that comes to me opened wide my understanding...if I had only taken what the Lord had shown me a bit further, to its full conclusion!

There are three future resurrections! The first resurrection and rapture occur at one time. The signal to creation that the time of God's wrath to be poured out on the earth is about to begin. This resurrection involves the Church (both Jew and Gentile), the bride of Christ. Already documented in those previous articles. This resurrection does not include O.T. saints.

The second resurrection occurs at the end of the tribulation, and involves the tribulation martyrs (Jew & Gentile, Rev 7)(Rev20:4,6).

The third and final resurrection is of the unbelievers from all of earth's history. (Rev 20:11-15) This occurs after the millennium(Rev 20:7-11a)

O.T. saints were already resurrected just after Jesus rose from the tomb. (Mt27:52-53)

Confusion can arise when these different time periods and groups of people are mixed together.

Further Clarification: "Resurrection and Christ's Elect"

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