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June 10, 1997

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Q/A -Revival? Check-List:

Apparently, Truth has reached to the lair of the lion (1Pt5:8), as we can hear his roaring; and his cubs (2Co11:15) are growling.

Letters will not be included this time; and I'm not going to answer most of them personally, either. For all the growling, nobody has shown FROM SCRIPTURE how the present "revivals" are anything BUT what has been shown to be the case here; "doctrines of demons." Only, generalities. Nothing substantiated with fact, COMPARED TO SCRIPTURE.

Let's review, giving a CHECK-LIST ... and get it all into one neat little package we can see at a glance...

Apostate "Revival" Check-List:

  1. At the Day of Pentecost, the tongues were UNDERSTOOD. Everyone heard the message "in their own dialect." (Acts2:8)

    This does NOT happen in the "revivals."

  2. Paul's writings to the carnal (3:1), corrupt (6:8), immoral (5:1), idolatrous (12:2) Corinthians was to tell them NOT TO follow the demonic activity of speaking in tongues. But if [you] insist, "here" are some rules:
    • Let it be understood (1Co14:2-4,15)
    • Let it be orderly; with self control (1Co14:31-33,40)
    • Let the women keep silent (1Co14:34,1Tm2:12)
    ALL THREE of these rules are DISOBEYED in the "revivals" as women (often the pastor's wives) frequently LEAD in the activities. If Paul's "rules" were followed, none of the "revival activities" would even occur. It wouldn't be "fun" enough. It wouldn't "feel good."

  3. When demon-possessed people were brought to Jesus they were characterized by vocal utterances, twitching, convulsions, being rendered "lifeless"..either stiff or limp..as though "dead."(Mk9:26)

    These EXACT SAME QUALITIES characterize the "revival" activities culminating ultimately in participants being "slain" ..showing WHAT spirit is at work.

    Not to mention: erroneous interpretations of eschatological prophecies such as Joel 2, and the fact that Signs & Wonders were/will-be for Israel; ...not the Church. Well, enough on that...

This is not "personal" belief here. This is Scripture. We must not go by "feelings" or "experiences" or even, what we imagine God "should be capable of doing." Even Pharaoh's demonic sorcerers also duplicated ("experienced") Moses' miracles.(Ex7:11) But he rejected God. Not one cub compared with Scripture. It was "I believe" or "I don't LIKE..." or "I feel." All our doctrine and activities must be based on SCRIPTURE...ALONE. Not man's ideas. And certainly NOT Satan's doctrines.

Stop and think about it a moment. What was it that "broke the ice" for Catholics and Evangelicals to get along back in the 70's? Charismatic tongues. What is the common denominator between all the world's religions today? The charismatic realm of the spiritual. And it all began with a REVIVAL ... of the CORINTHIAN ERROR!!!

Charismatic tongues/revival reaches to the very Heart and Soul of the present Last Days Apostasy, as the United World Religions takes shape. The instrument of Satan's final rebellious push against God, with its leader..."antichrist." This is why this topic raises the hackles so much in heated debates, as there is so much deception.

*** This is a FIGHT TO THE DEATH for the SOULS of MEN!! ***

It has infiltrated ALL denominations in all areas...particularly with the Music. Those which are called "worship songs." (Maranatha, etc.)

True Believing Christian: if you are dabbling around with this stuff, BE WARNED in no uncertain terms from Scripture, "Come out of her, My people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues."(Rv18:4) They speak of "fires of revival." But once he says, "Gotcha!!" ...it's too late. And there's no getting out of the fire you will then be in..."Their worm does not die, And the fire is not quenched."(Mk9:48)

He who has eyes and ears...let him see and hear! ...And understand!


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