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April 18, 1999

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Back to the Law?

I believe the fullness of the Gentiles' is the end of the age of Grace, at the rapture, prior to the tribulation (or ushering in the tribulation). At which time God will turn His attention back to the nation of Israel. At this time (the start of the trib), it is my understanding that O.T. temple worship/sacrifices will be reinstated. In other words, God's economy will switch back to the O.T. law for the Jews (the church, of course, will be attending the judgement seat of Christ and the marriage of the church and Christ).

People will not get 'saved' during the trib, like you and I during the 'age of grace.' Instead, they will fall under the constraints of O.T. law, once again, populating Abraham's bosom. God will begin looking at nations again, not individuals. The judgement of the nations (in Matthew) is clear that those nations treating Israel with love and compassion will enter into the Millenium with Israel, while the rest will be sent to hell.

Is this your understanding, as well?

Well...you've got it right to a certain point.

First of all...Salvation has -always- been by grace through faith. Romans ch4 speaks of Abraham (individually) having "believed" (vs2) ...as was the case with David. (vs6) (did you read the April article yet?) As it was with Abel, etc. (Hebrews ch11)

Also "in those days" (which is a repeating O.T. phrase indicating the end times of the 70th week and the following millennium) "they shall say no more, The ark of the covenant." (Jer3:15-17) God will set up a "new covenant" with Israel "not according to the covenant that [God] cut with their fathers .." when they came out of Egypt. (Jer31:31-34)

And why should the old ways be continued? Jesus fulfilled them all when He was crucified and rose again. (Mt5:17,Rom10:4) But, yes...we know there will be a temple, and there will be sacrifices. But there will also be changes in the way things are done. All those details, I doubt anybody knows in full detail. It is something Messiah will set up when He comes to reign on the earth.

During the time of the 70th week people will be saved as they always have. By Faith... as they "call on the name of the Lord" to be saved. (Joel2:32,Rom10:13)

Yes...there will be a judgment of the nations, based on what they did regarding Israel. (Mt25) But those details, also...we are only given glimpses.


Yeshua and 'what day of the week?"

Dear Sir I have a question when Yeshua comes back and establishes his kingdom what day of the week will he observe as the day of rest?

It would appear to be the "Sabbath"

Is66:22-23 New heavens and new earth...the Sabbath
Ezek 46:1~ New temple-sacrifices during millenium to Israel ...Sabbath

As, also, any N.T. post-Gospels reference to Sabbath involves Jews and synagogues, and Jewish missionaries teaching other Jews.


Kingdom ruled from Jerusalem?

Jn 18:36 Jesus states his Kingdom is not of this world. Why do Christians insist he will set up his Kingdom and rule from Jerusalem?

Because the Scriptures say so. One notable passage is Isaiah 9:6-8~ that prophesied His coming... included in that is His rule "His government and peace on the throne of David, and on His kingdom, to order it and to establish it...the zeal of the LORD of hosts will do this. The Lord sent a word to Jacob, and it has fallen on Israel."

But, this is not a "Christian" kingdom. It is a Jewish one. As He rules over Israel. The "Church" is a spiritual entity as the "Spirit of Truth" abides in the Believer. (Jn16:7,13,Rom8:9,etc.) The Church's citizenship is in Heaven. (Phil3:20) Israel is an earthly entity which also includes covenant -land-. (Gen15:7,18-21,etc.)


Millennial Kingdom not "Christian"?

I just read the most recent [Ed: above] Q&A you e-mailed.

In view of the fact that Romans 11 clearly says that God has NOT rejected His people Israel and that Gentile believers are wild olive branches grafted into the "good olive tree" (Romans 11:24), why do you say that the Millennial Kingom will not be a "Chrsitian Kingdom"? Are you saying God has a dual program, or that He made two sets of promises? Of course, if you are thinking in terms of Revelation 20 and Revelation 5:9-10, which say that the redeemed, who are resurrected in the first resurrection, will reign on the earth with Christ for 1000 years, and if because these redeemed believers are resurrected and immortal and are no longer physical human beings, you are not applying the designation "Christian" to them, then in a way your comment would make sense. The point I am making is that Scripture says Gentile believers are grated into the olive tree of Israel, not the other way around. If you are Yeshua's at His coming, you will be part of His Kingdom ruling the world from Jerusalem, and you will be keeping the Sabbath and the Feasts in Jerusalem with Him. (see Isaiah 66 and Zechariah 14).

Not quite. If the branches (Israel) were broken off (Rom11:19), 'what' were they broken off of? Israel? Israel was broken off of Israel? Does that -really- make sense to you? If the Church was grafted in to the entity that Israel was broken off of, and that entity they are grafted -into- is "Israel" ...then, Israel was broken off of Israel.

Who is the vine, of which Israel was branches? ...of which the Church became grafted-in branches?

Jesus said, "I am the True Vine, and My Father is the Vinedresser." (Jn15:1) Yes...Israel has this elevated notion that -they- are the center of everything. And thus, they reject God. And that's why they were cut away for a time. No...the Church is not grafted into Israel...but into Christ. "If any one is IN CHRIST" he is a new creation. (2Cor5:17) When Jew and Gentile were reconciled...the Gentile was not reconcile to the Jew. They were "both" reconciled TO GOD. (Eph2:16)

If you doubt that Israel was originally part of Christ, and then broken off of Christ, hear Paul's words speaking of the wilderness wanderings, "..and all drank the same spiritual drink; for they drank of the spiritual Rock that followed them, and that Rock was Christ. (1Cor10:4) Israel was part of Christ all along, through their sacrifices. Pasach was His redemptive work, the sacrifices His crucifixion, the "wave sheaf" (Lev23:11) His resurrection, the -leavened bread- (Lev23:17) the coming of the Holy Spirit. But when "He came to His own (Israel) as their "Kinsman Redeemer"(Ru3:9)...His own received Him not." (Jn1:11) They rejected the Holy Spirit (Acts7:52,28:26-28) "But as many as received Him..."(Jn1:12) this came to be known as the the grafted-in "Church" ... "Christians"

Israel rejected the Vine. But they will be grafted back in again when God gives them a new heart. (Jer31:31-34,Rom11:26) No...the kingdom will not be a "Christian" one...in the sense of the "Church"(Acts11:26b) It will be Israel again, after Rom11:26 has taken place.



I have a friend who is Messianic. I think, from listening to her speak of her religion, that they live bound by law, not given freedom of God's grace. Can you explain anything about Messianism? I've looked in the library, but the resources are very limited. Every book I found referred to Messianic as Jewish, but she claims that she is NOT Jewish. I'm confused. Can you help?

Well, I'm no expert on Messianists. But, typically, what I've run into is an attitude that 'just reading Scriptures' (alone) is not enough, to rightly divide the Word of Truth. (2Tm2:15) That Scripture must be read, and analyzed through the 'filter' of Jewish history, culture and tradition. That a mere Gentile is not fully equipped to understand Scriptures correctly.

If you want a little 'flavor' of how they think, may I direct you to the VW website and check out:

        -> Commentaries
        -> June,98 "Returning to Jewish Roots?"
However, Paul tackles the Messianist mentality of his day with the book of Galatians.


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