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February 16, 2004

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Gay Marriages?

what is your view on homosexuality/gay marriages?

For writings on the so-called "gay" issue, may I suggest checking out the topic search at the website, scroll down the 'left' box to "sodomites"

Once there, specifically, click on the Q/A " Stay Put as Homosexual?"

And, to add to your question about "marriages", you might find it beneficial to also check out from the "marriage" topic: Q/A "Sex Is Marriage"

To summarize the concepts you will read amongst those various links:

  1. In God's sight sodomy is perverse. He calls it an "abomination" (Lev20:13) And as we see the "lifestyle-based" diseases, for which there are as-yet no cures, God's Word is also being fulfilled, "..receiving the retribution within themselves, the penalty which is fitting for their error." (Rom1:27)

  2. Marriage is not the piece of paper, but the 'act' in the "marriage bed". (Heb13:4) It was when a man went in to the woman that God says he "[becomes] her husband" and she becomes "his wife". (De21:13) That's how Isaac married Rebekah (Gen24:67)

  3. The fact that sodomites pretend to do the same things that a "male and female" (Gen1:27) do to be "fruitful" (vs28) in a perverted sense -is- already a 'marriage' of sorts. However, their activity is NOT "natural" because it is not possible for two men to be "fruitful" together....nor two women.

    Actually, both the abortion issue, as well as the gay issue share one common characteristic: they are about rebellion against "fruitfulness".

  4. I suspect the whole "gay marriage" issue has more to do with gay activists trying to 'force' society to "legitimize" their depravity. If they can coerce society to pass laws in their favor, it gives them a perverted sense of "legitimacy" to their gender dis-orientation; forcing society to collectively say that their rebellion against God's design is "OK". When society condones (approves of) such sin by passing such laws, the society collectively is sinning the same sin.
Remember, one doesn't need to necessarily -do- the depravities they do: it's just as much sin to "approve of those who practice [such things... that are deserving of death]" (~Rom1:32)



Eating like in Eden? "Hallelujah Diet"

I have been hearing a lot about eating like in the days of Eden (like Adam and Eve). Can you help me with scripture about how we are to eat and get our sustenance as Christians.

We don't eat like at Eden. Originally they were strict vegetarians. (Gen1:29-30) If you look at those verses, you will see that even the animals were all vegetarian. Forget darwinian evolution....there were no carnivors back then. Even the T-rex or the cat family. And during the Millennium, the earth will be restored to that state, it seems, as: "the lion shall eat straw like the ox" (Is11:7)

It was after the flood that meat was also given to the diet. (Gen9:2-4) But along with eating meat was the exhortation to not eat the blood.

For non-Jews, that's about it. The Jews, of course, were given categorizations as to "clean" and "unclean" animals...some they could eat, and others not. But those laws were not given to the Gentiles by the early Church father in Acts ch15. They only re-iterated the matter about "blood". (Ac15:20,29, 21:25) As, if you recall, Peter was shown a sheet let down from Heaven with all the unclean animals, and exhorted to "kill and eat". (Ac10:13) And there was a sort of "purifying all foods" that Jesus taught. (Mk7:19)

In its simplest form, I think that's about it.

I am a Gentile and I want to do the right thing. There is a way of living called the Hallelujah Diet and a few people I know are trying to live this way. I am a person with very low iron and with out supplement and eating of meat (with out blood) I become weak and often sleepy and very pale.

I'm no expert in nutrition, but it would sure seem to me that if a person can stay clear of supplements, and adjust their diet sufficiently to fit their needs, that's the healthier way to go. Even the Jewish diet consisted mainly of cooked meat, along with bread and vegetables. So....whatever your needs are...go for it. Maybe eat a 'nail' once in awhile, too? (g) But make sure you cook it, don't eat it 'raw'!! Just kidding...(bg)


Incense OK for Christians?

My son was reading Exodus 30:34-38 and elsewhere and was wondering if it is OK to use incense? Is it in the same category as "christmas" trees and idols? I don't think so but really don't know as several religions use incense in their ceremonies.

Notice that vs37 says that individual people were not to mix up the tabernacle incense proportions for their own use...with a curse for doing so in vs38. Offering of incense was the specific realm of the priests. And when Nadab and Abihu did contrary to the ordinance, God lashed out at them with fire and killed them. (Lev10:1-2) What they did was called "strange fire". (Num3:4, 26:61)

We also know that the O.T. sacrifice rituals were "done away in Christ" (2Co3:14), as Jesus took care of the matter "once for all". (Heb chs7-10, specifically 9:4-12)

Otherwise, any other N.T. reference to incense for worship is in Rev5:8, 8:3-4, and there the imagery is similar to the O.T. where special 'officiators' (elders/angel) are the ones offering the incense... remembering that the O.T. rituals were set up as a "pattern" of things in Heaven. (Heb8:5, Ex25:40, Ac7:44) There is no N.T. epistulary doctrinal teaching about incense for the Church. It was not on the "list" sent to the Gentiles in Acts15. We no longer need incense, offered by a priest, because through Jesus Christ all True Believers have "bold access" directly (Heb4:16) through the Holy Spirit. (Rom8:26)

Now... you speak of "several religions" that use incense. The thing to ask yourself is: "what" religions are they? What are their doctrines? What 'god' do they serve? Some religions use incense for prayer. Some use it to chase away demons. Some to aid in being "spirit-filled". These are not Scriptural teachings for one who is a follower of the Most High.

In addition, today there is a growing New Age 'spirituality' which burns candles, torches and burns incense, as they self-actualize themselves into their own states of god-hood. Just like those pagan-esque TV reality "Survivor" show torches, symbolic of the "life" of the participants, people today plant these incensed torches in their front yards and next to their doors, and bask the summer evenings in their scents. Again...it is a "doctrine of demons". (1Ti4:1)

Tattoo and body-piercing parlors, and other "places of sin" (the dark dens) also specialize in the scents of incense.

With everything that uses incense, being of the realm of satan....why would a Christian even wish to use it?


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