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February 6, 2009

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  • Haunted House?

Haunted House?

A reader asked about haunted houses. Apparently there is one where the occupants see shapes, and feel it is haunted. And then as they were doing some renovations, found an inverted crucifix, painted black, attached to the wall stud, behind/inside the wall. The person was trying to explain to the people that there is "no such thing as ghosts". Wondering if I could recommend a DVD or something on the subject.

Actually...."ghost" is just another term for "spirit". And demons are nothing other than "unclean spirits" (Mt10:1,12:43,etc) Demons are fallen angels, and angels are "ministering spirits" (Heb1:14) So, the existence of ghosts/spirits is fact.

And as for demons infesting people, animals and objects is also fact. Check out Mt12:43-45. Also, recall how the demons left the man and entered the herd of swine. (Mt8:31-32)

I am not versed in the "depths of satan" (Rev2:24) Nor do I know of any DVDs or VCRs to recommend. We do have the account where Samuel appears to the medium (1Sa28:14) Samuel was -real-. The medium was used to seeing apparitions of spirits, so was taken aback when (actual) Samuel appeared. So, the -appearing- of spirits is also real.

And from personal experience, I -know- they exist and move around. You speak of an inverted crucifix. When my ex (unequal yoke) took off, I was questioning -many- things. At one point during the marriage, some moonies (2 girls), with whom we had been in periodic conversation, had given her a pair of earrings. After she left I remembered back that, around the same time she received the earrings, she started reporting having precognitive dreams. I spoke with a couple of people about the concept of 'amulets' and demon association. So as an 'experiment' I took those earrings and pounded/smashed them and ground them with the bench grinder, to 'destroy' them. During this process, even though I was going about things with the usual calm that I would normally putter around the shop, the cat suddenly began to be agitated, like he was 'spooked' about something. I had seen him with the similar agitation when certain people would come around, who were New Age or associated with the occult, etc. Then, a few years later he got to the age where he began to have some problems and was showing signs of suffering, so instead of taking him to the vet, for what would likely have been 'expensive' tests and treatments, I put a .22 to his head. (quick and painless) At the moment of his death, the 'spirit' that had entered him from those earrings, turned the cat's face up towards me with a nasty expression. Not at all cat-like (I've seen other animals die, like on farms and whatnot, for butchering or mercy-killing of a calf that had birth defects...at death their faces go limp and lifeless), but very much like a personality.... giving the parting 'jab', so-to-speak. Like the demon was looking up and 'snearing' at me as he departed. The cat had this similar 'snearing' expression as this woman who regularly walks around the neighborhood of my store, with whom I've had sufficient interaction over the past 15+ years to know she is demon-possessed; who also sometimes will stand someplace at a distance, or when walking by...will turn over and look in my direction with that same (exact) 'snear'.

There -are- satanists who deal with -real- demons. And indeed...they use amulets of all sorts. One of their favorites is the cross. They also like to use Biblical 'incantations'...and their translation of choice is the KJV. And if the cross is a crucifix....so-much-the-better. And indeed....inverted. Same as they do with the inverted pentagrams.

So, I would not doubt for a minute that there -could- be spirits associated with that house. Is it, thus, 'haunted'? I don't know about those things. But if mediums can conjure up the spirits, I would not put it past them to make themselves visible to people. I also know, from personal experience, that demons can make themselves visible, even to Believers, in dreams. So, I would not discount what you've heard; nor would I recommend trying to persuade the people they didn't see what they saw. They likely -did- see it, and it was likely real.

But a Believer does not need to 'fear' such things. Jesus promised

    Lk 10:19 Behold, I give you authority to tread over serpents and scorpions, and upon all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you.

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