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May 18, 1997

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Re: Good-bye - It Won't be Long

Hello Everyone...

In about a week a friend of mine is going to a family reunion/birthday celebration for an aging parent. The parents were "just" here for a visit recently, so "why go?" Well...there are siblings that haven't been seen in some time, and with them all in one place at one time, this could well be a "last witness" to them, who do not know the Lord.

I remember well the "last farewell" I had with my father. After we said "good bye" as he was standing in front of the house, and my (then) wife and I rode away on the bike, as we travelled down the freeway, in my heart I knew I would never see him alive again.

Recently a reader sent me some highlights from a book talking about the "Club of Rome." How they've divided the world into 10 "governing units" (or kingdoms). This "club" began in 1968, but even today their divisions are taking effect...just recently it was said that a "free border" would exist between the US and Canada in a few years. This is going on in Europe. China is soon to become one "whole" again. (I always did have a "problem" with the popular "10 nations of Europe" being the "10 horns" theory.)

The current Pope has been the most widely travelled, making "peace" all over the world. Celebrating mass with Muslims most recently. With many more plans for the coming years for global religious unity.

Practically every day we see reminders of the imminence of Christ's return. And the world is becoming "frantic" under this expectation of the "end of the world."

OK...enough rambling. Let's cut to the quick here.

Believer, who is expecting Jesus to return for us...how are we making preparations? Do your relatives know you are In Christ? Do you realize that the coming Memorial Week-end BBQ with the "whole clan" may likely be the last time you see them all? The 4th of July outing (for us Americans) might be your final "farewell" as you get in your car to go back home?

OK...if they know you "claim" to be a Christian...

...What will they find as they go through your "stuff" after we have been transported away at the Rapture? Is your "private life" everything the public one claims to be? When they turn on your computer will they find your bookmarks to "Cindy Crawford's Fan Club?" ..or your stash of Playboy, or Hunks, or...what-have-you?

Remember..."Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees, which is hypocrisy. For there is nothing covered that will not be revealed, nor hidden that will not be known. Therefore whatever you have spoken in the dark will be heard in the light, and what you have spoken in the ear in inner rooms will be proclaimed on the housetops."(Lk12:1-3)

Once the garbage is dealt with, is the "house" too clean? Or is there anything that will give a "hint" as to the kind of Christian you are?

Due to some of the events in my life, I have created a few files to "be found by" certain people. These are purposeful things.

Whether we purposely leave things to "be found" or we just live our normal lives...what do our lives consist of? Do we live a facade before the world, or are we genuine before God? If we are genuine, even what we leave behind will be a witness to the unregenerate.

At some point, real soon, that last visit with "whomever" will have been THE "last." Will it have been a "GOOD" bye?

            It won't be long
                Soon we'll be leavin' here
            It won't be long
                We'll be goin' home
             Count the years as months
               Count the months as weeks
                  Count the weeks as days  ...any day now
            We'll be goin' home
May we be ready!

Amen! Come, Lord Jesus, come!

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