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May 28, 2000

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Eve added? God didn't give enough info? It's not in Scripture?

I keep hearing pastors talk about that comment that Eve added to the word of God. But the Bible doesn't say that Eve added. If could be that God said don't eat or touch. We're not given everything God said to Adam and Eve. We're not even told whether God gave laws to Eve or whether Adam related it to her everything God said to him. Why do we infer things in scripture that aren't there?

Why do so many refuse to see WHAT *-IS-* THERE??? This sounds like the very same reasoning satan gave Eve! Why must people assume that God didn't record things accurately for our learning? That He 'left out' part of the picture that is necessary for our full understanding? That's what the serpant told Eve!!

God told them:
"..you shall not eat..." (Gen2:17)

And Eve said:
"..shall not eat of it, neither shall you touch it..." (Gen3:3)

If you don't see the 'difference' there, then you don't trust God's Word! It is NOT NECESSARY for the text to actually -say- Eve "added", because it is so obvious!

Something else Eve changed: God said "dying you shall die". Eve says "lest you die". "Lest" carries a less-definite notion like "peradventure" or "perhaps". Eve was not even fully convinced that she would -really- die if she ate.

Eve 'added' to God's Law, and 'took away' from His curse. That's the same thing unregenerate man does today. God, being the "loving God" He is, surely wouldn't condemn me. See how I can keep these rules (of my own devising)?

It was not the -FRUIT- which was "poisonous", that "touching" it would cause death. It was the -ACT- of "disobeying God". Our sin is characterized by "all we like sheep have gone astray, we have each one turned to his own way.." (Is53:6) After all, Paul says, "..an idol [the object] is nothing.." (1Cor8:4, Rom14) While we are not to worship idols, if we come upon meat that happens to have been sacrificed to idols, but we don't know it, or the matter of a weak brother's conscience is not under consideration, it is perfectly "OK" to eat it. The sacrifice did not physically imbue that meat with some demonic characteristic that we will ingest. Jeremiah says of idols, "They are like a rounded post, and they cannot speak; carrying they must be carried, because they cannot walk. Do not be afraid of them, for they cannot do evil nor good; it is not with them." (Jer10:5) They are mere objects. Idols and amulets, while they represent demons to those who worship them, are merely physical objects. They are not, as depicted by Hollywood in action adventures, things to be feared because they might "zap" you if you touch them. The physical "wood/metal" of that 'cross', or the paper/canvas of the picture of "jesus" is not the problem. It is the "disobeying God" when He commanded "nor any likeness". (Ex20:4)

It is the -HEART- that is "deceitful above all things..." (Jer17:10) "..out of the heart come forth evil thoughts.." (Mt15:19) The one who is a true "Jew" (Believer) is one who is so "inwardly...OF THE HEART". (Rom2:29)

Before Eve ever took of the fruit, she was already lusting in her heart. She wanted that "god" wisdom she was being promised...that which she was being told God was "keeping from" her. What God said wasn't "enough" for her. [Just like what is being implied with this question...] Instead of following God with her whole heart, she chose a different path, and obeyed her-SELF as prompted by satan. The only way 'self' can be justified is if God's Word is changed into saying something -other- than what it truly says.

It is a rebellious heart that does not see 'what' God actually said... that which is plain to see. It is a rebellious heart that promotes all the modern perVersions that are called the "bible". They don't want to obey God. They don't believe God's Word which proclaims "death" due to sin...after all, Eve was still 'walking' around after she ate. They REFUSE TO see that the relationship with God is a "spiritual" one... that Jesus came to suffer not only physically, but also "spiritually" for our "spiritual" redemption. All they want to do is set up a comfortable, sensual -earthly- kingdom to which they hope Christ will come and rule over "-WITH- them" since they will have made it into something wonderful by earthly-human means... not understanding that the "weapons of our warfare are not fleshly..." (2Cor10:4) They don't understand that their physical 'lists' of legalism are of "no value" as they try to follow "do not handle, do not taste, do not touch" ...as they are "not holding fast the Head [Christ]..." (Col2:19-23) as they are living according to the "decrees" of "the world".

You see...the first "legalist" was Eve. She was also the author of the first perVersion of God's Word. And see where it got her!!!

Legalism is one of the first steps in disobeying God. It comes after not fully "trusting" God... that what He says is true... that what He says is sufficient. Yes... perVerting His Word. Such a person is not "living by faith". (Rom1:17, Hab2:4) Since he is not fully trusting God, he is devising his own methodologies for what he -presumes- is Godliness. He does not follow God's Word, the Scriptures... rather, he distorts the Scriptures "to [his] own destruction". (2Pt3:16) If he holds to an archaic translation that he doesn't really understand, he has his pharisaical "lists" of what he PRESUMES is righteousness. If he wants to live any ol' way he pleases, he changes the Scriptures into something -different- from God's Word... something which matches his "lifestyle".

What was God's Word to legalistic Ephesus? "..you have left your first love.." which comes from the heart. He exhorts them, "..remember from where you have fallen, and repent..." (Rev2:5) To sensuous worldly Laodicea who is about to be "[vomited] out of [His] mouth" He says, "Be zealous, then, and repent.." (Rev3:16,19)

Aaaah! There's that pesky word, again, that they twist the Scriptures into claiming God doesn't proclaim. That is allegedly "not necessary". But Jesus said, "...but if you do not repent, you will all perish..." (Lk13:3,5)



Command to Adam, not Eve? Only Adam sinned, not Eve?

You cited Scriptures as saying that God had said to them (Adam & Eve) you shall not eat_you even gave the verse (Gen. 2:17). In this you were wrong I'm afraid. The Scripture correctly says thou shall not eat_(to Adam). So in this you cited the serpent so to say, and gave the impression to the one you commented on and also to the other of us readers that you at least give the right instance with right citation of it if maybe not the right meaning of Scripture.

On the basis of Scriptures I know that the prohibition to eat of the forbidden fruit was first and foremost to Adam (Gen. 2:16-17) (Gen. 3:17). Here the old translations make clear that the prohibition is singular and regards Adam[thou, thee and so on]. Even the judgment of God shows this when He "takes to task" Adam for having eating regardless Eve having eating of it! [Editor: And then he gives his view of this being a -type- of "Christ and the Church"]

"...and then gave her the explanation that she was in her right to eat because the prohibition was not for her, (or something like that).

It is easy to see that if one comes to the conclusion that what goes for another is not valid for me. Also Rom. 14:5,6 and other Scriptures make it clear man be fully persuaded in his own mind. _He that eateth, eateth to the Lord, for he giveth God thanks; and he that eateth not, to the Lord he eateth not, and giveth God thanks. No, the truth is that she eating of the fruit was not all the way that wrong,

[Editor: Greatly truncated from the original comments]

It seems like lately there have been quite a few really off-the-wall concepts being sent in to the VW inbox. And they pretty much all come from the same basis...not believing WHAT God's Word SAYS. To respond to this item requires a whole lot of restraint. The Holy Spirit within me utterly REVOLTS at this kind of blatant distortion of God's Word!! This is an appropriate situation to figuratively make a whip of rope and start "overturning some tables". (Jn2:15) And yes, sometimes anger (for lack of a better word) is stirred up. God's Word is not that difficult to understand! "For this commandment which I command you today is not hidden from you, neither is it far off...the Word is very near you, in your mouth and in your heart, so that you may do it." (Deu30:11,14)

If we follow the logic of these comments to their conclusion, then, I might as well (and you all join with me) say that I can live any way I like. After all, God never gave His Word to "me" personally. He gave it to Moses, Isaiah, John, Paul, Peter, David (whoever else you want to put on this list)...but that was said to 'them'. God never spoke to "me" and told me these things. Therefore, I might as well figure out a lifestyle I desire to live...and GO-FOR-IT!!! Find a lot of females to sleep around with, and if their husbands get in the way...just knock them off. After all, God's laws on adultery and murder...? He never said them to -me-! After all, as this person quotes from Rom14, let's each be "persuaded in our own minds"! After all, doesn't the Bible teach that we can do whatever is "right in [our] own eyes"? If you're not sure about this last item, go read those verses in context: Deu12:8, Judg17:6, 21:25, Pr12:15 And don't trip over the words, "not" and "fool", etc.

And another thing...if Eve was, truly, "well within her rights" to eat that fruit, well, then, I guess women -are- 'right', and men are dogs. And the whole system of worshiping female deities is OK. Isis, Ashtoreth, Queen of heaven, Diana, Aphrodite, Madonna/Mary. And the doctrine of "Mary's" immaculate conception must be right...because only Adam sinned, and Eve didn't...thus, women are righteous.

Ummm, let's see, David said, "..in sin did my -MOTHER- conceive me.." (Ps51:5)

Please excuse me while I rant and rave a little!!!

Oh, by the way... did anybody notice that little news item this past week of the discoveries at the bottom of the Mediterranean, just off the coast of Alexandria, Egypt? (asked rhetorically... please don't everybody write in with your votes "yes", "no", etc. -smile-) Apparently from about 2500 years ago...some city that apparently 'sunk' into the ocean. One of the items discovered preserved underwater...a 5ft statue of "Isis", Egypt's female deity of fertility. Carved during the Greek/Roman period where art was "realistic". The statue of a form that any male could go lusting after. ("emaculate" conception??? I don't think so!!!)

Another thing I noticed of some of the underwater relics, the headpieces looked eerily like what the RCC popes and cardinals wear. [Editor: yes, one of the topics of recent e-mail 'blasts' has been from a Catholic...so things "RCC" have been on my mind lately, too...and -their- arguments and distortions of Scripture. They are really 'slick' with their arguments; especially, when the person knows Scripture and starts quoting and "interpreting" it according to "the church"] So, if Egypt had that head attire 2500 years ago, where did RCC get theirs from? It's like we continually say about catholicism, "pagan origins".

OK...back on track here...

Why does Paul teach that women are to keep silent (1Cor14:34) and that they are not to teach over the man? (1Tm2:11-12) Man has headship over woman (1Cor11:3) because Adam was created first (1Tm2:13) And notice what he says about the garden 'incident'; "..the woman being deceived was in the -TRANSGRESSION-". (vs14)

No, Eve was NOT supposed to eat of the fruit, either. And Eve knew it! In her conscience. She says "we" (Gen3:2)

Going back to my rantings with which I started this answer...Yes, God gave the command to Adam...and Adam passed it down to Eve... Just like we have God's Word today. No... I was not on Sinai, but I know God's law given at Sinai that says, "Don't commit adultery, don't murder" etc.

God gave the Law at Sinai, and then commands, "..you shall carefully teach them to your sons..." (Deu6:7) God's Law is not -just- only to those with whom He spoke face-to-face... "..not for these alone, but for those also who shall believe on Me through their word." (Jn17:20)



Prayer in the air - Spiritual Mapping

Believe this!!! I heard it on focus on the family-James Dobson's wife is the head of national day of prayer-calling the people to pray-or our country will fall etc. Anyway-Prayer in the air is where private plans fly up and fly all over the country while the people in the plane pray!!!! So they are covering our whole lost country in prayer. So the Lord brought to mind the story in 1 Kings of Elijah and the contest on Mt. carmel. Are these Evangelicals worshipping baal?

Sigh!!! I wonder how the early church managed to "turn the world upside down" (Acts17:6) without airplanes!! Yikes!!! What a bunch of rubbish! Somehow this seems even 'beyond' Baal! "Praying" with the "hi-tech"..!!

But you know, the sad thing is... there's some people on this e-list that I -know- love the Lord the best they know how, and some preach an uncompromising message of repentance and holiness... and yet they believe in this fallacy called, "the power of prayer". I think they must somehow believe that "effective..prayer" of a "righteous" person (Jas5:16) is something we -DO-, rather than a 365/24/7 (1Th5:17) relationship in God's presence through the indwelling Holy Spirit. (Heb4:16, Rom8:9,26-27) which Jesus arranged for and fulfilled ("finished") on the cross. (Jn17:20-24, 14:16-21, 19:30)

But this is all part of the current 'strategy' of "spiritual warfare" these people are engaged in. They've been praying "blankets" around the world, and "bathing" people in 'prayer', "praying-up walls" for quite a few years now. A current push is "spiritual mapping" for which they have a headquarters someplace in, I believe it's, Colorado. They coordinate these "warriors" who walk/drive through neighborhoods. Any other means at their disposal. To "map" every area for its businesses and residents, to find their religious/spiritual bent, "identifying" those who are friendly to their cause; and those who are not, to engage in "prayer warfare" over them. This data is collected in a huge database. And, of course, as the spiritual (UR) and political (UN) come closer together, guess 'who' will have access to this data as a result. It used to always be thought that the world 'political' entity would be that which would keep tabs on everybody...but it has already begun, and is being carried out by the "church". And we're not talking Vatican or liberal protestantism. These are with "evangelical" labels.

You can read more about this at: http://www.despatch.cth.com.au/Mini/mini_despatch_May_22_2000.htm

So, if some are strategizing 'on the ground', they might as well have their 'air-force', too!!

Don't forget that the person coming is called the "antichrist". The deception will attempt to even deceive the "elect". The only way it can do that is if it has a Jewish and/or "Christian" label. What did Jesus say to "remember that I told you" about? "They shall put you out of the synagogue [and churches]. But an hour is coming that everyone who kills you will think that he bears God service." (Jn16:4,2) Remember that anyone who does not take the beast's "mark" because they are not -worshiping- with the rest of the world, will be killed. (Rev13:15-17) Remember that the "image of the beast" receives a "spirit". (vs15) How will they know "who's who" for these purposes if they haven't "mapped" prior to that time? Yes, indeed, it -IS- "spiritual warfare", because they are following satan as their father, as they teach during these "latter times" their "teachings [doctrines] of demons". (1Tm4:1) None of what they do is taught/commanded in Scripture!

Perhaps this item should have been made into a "Fig Leaf"? But if these things are already going on, 'in the wings' for the 'main 7-year show', HOW CLOSE is our Lord "at the doors"!! (Mt24:33)

Come, Lord Jesus! Come!


tetragrammaton - God's name

if one desires to really get God's name correct, one must use the tetragrammaton, which is the hebrew form of God

which is truly unpronouncable and to the Jew, so sacred, that they don't even say it. They use the word - Adonai to express the name of God. there is no J in hebrew, thus Jehovah would never ever be correct. yhvh in hebrew hvhy is the correct way, according to Hebrew, the language in which God gave His oracles [sic] initially.


God never instructed them to not "even say it". He said, don't take it "in vain". [Same legalism as Eve: God didn't say to "not touch" the fruit.] They substituted a -title- in place of His -name-. [Adonai means == lord, your lordship, emminence, etc] As we will see next week, when He gave the Law, He enclosed and summarized successive commands with "I am Jehovah".

Trouble is, Israel was a "house of rebellion". (Ezek2:8) Just as soon as Moses was up in the mountain, they started to worship idols. Even after successful military campaigns to possess the land of promise, Joshua -still- had to exhort them to "..now put away the strange gods among you, and incline your heart to Jehovah God of Israel." (Josh24:23)

Even though He knew their rebellious heart, God said, "For I am Jehovah their God." And as He promises to remember them in the land of their captivities, it is "so that I might be their God. I am Jehovah." (Lev26:44-45) Notice in these kinds of instances, He doesn't say, "I am Adonai." He proclaims His -NAME-.

Moses' relationship with God was such that it is said that God knew him "by name". (Ex33:12) Moses called out to God in the cloud and God answered him. (Ex19:19) But with Israel as a whole, God was "not pleased" with "most of them". (1Cor10:5) They were not like David, a person after God's "own heart". (1Sam13:14) A true "Jew" [Believer] is one who is so "OF THE HEART". (Rom2:29) It was David who said, "Jehovah [not Adonai] is my Shepherd". (Ps23:1)

Jehovah is not some scholar's grammatical label... a four-letter-word!

[Yes, in Hebrew it is four letters, but we are not communicating in Hebrew... At Babel God made -many- languages. Currently 'English' is the world's universal language, used officially at all international airports by pilots and control towers, etc. For the N.T. God used the world's prevailing language of that day, Greek. When Israel was in captivity, He used the prevailing language, Aramaic, in the O.T. There is nothing intrinsically 'sacred' about Hebrew, as a 'language'. Just as KJ-eze is not intrinsically a sacred 'Biblical language'. Are you beginning to see a connection here? The legalistic Judaizers include "tetragrammaton" and "the Hebrew" as their focus. English-speaking legalists REST UPON their 'KJ-only'. Jesus had plenty to say about this... "because this people draws near with its mouth, and they honor Me with its lip; but its heart is far from Me, and their fear of Me is taught by the commandments of men' -Is29:13/Mk7:7 That 'Hebrew' is not sacred... "For with stammering lip and -another- tongue (language), He will speak to this people" (Is28:11) While God gave His Name originally in Hebrew, He does not limit the knowledge of Himself to only the Jew, and the Jew's language-Hebrew. "For the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of Jehovah, as the waters cover the sea." (Hab2:14)]

He is the Eternally Existing One. "I AM THAT I AM". (Ex3:14) A person who cannot "receive Him" (Jn1:12) in His full 'existence' (Heb11:6), can never have the faith necessary to "please God". Just as Israel did then, they do today, along with their "Hebrew roots" friends. They are busy being "experts" in the things of "Judaism" (something S/Paul was saved OUT OF -Gal1:13-15), as they dash out "G-d"s name. They are not "in Christ" (2Cor5:17); thus, having bold "access" to the Father through "the Spirit" because of Christ (Eph2:18), to come "with confidence to the throne of grace". (Heb4:16) They are not saved!

The only reason to not use someone's name is when there is a separation due to some conflict. Before Isaiah was cleansed, he wails out "Woe is me!" (Is6:5) What is it that separates between man and God? Sin. (Is59:2) If a person is so 'afraid of' God, as Israel was at Sinai, that they cannot be in His presence, he is not saved. If a person is afraid of God, it is because he knows he is due punishment. He has not been perfected in God's love. (1Jn4:18) That love which sent His "onlybegotten Son" (Jn3:16) to die and pay the penalty for us.

"..neither is there any other NAME.." than "Jesus" by which to be saved. (Acts4:12) It is at the "NAME of Jesus" that every knee shall bow. (Phil2:10) When Jesus comes to wrench away the kingdoms of this world from satan, He will come with the NAME "King of kings and Lord of lords". (Rev19:16)

Salvation comes about when a person "calls upon the -NAME- of Jehovah" and all that is associated with it. Not merely His -title-. If you are calling, only, upon "Adonai", you are not saved! Whether your native language renders His name as "YHVH", "Yahweh", "kami/atte arumono", or "Jehovah", you must call upon His -NAME-.

"For it shall be, all who shall call on the name of Jehovah shall be saved." (Joel2:32a)


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