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July 9,2012

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  • Stockpile Food?

Stockpile Food?

I was speaking with my wife and she is finally starting to believe that something bad is on the horizon. I have followed you for 12 years under 2 different email addresses and I told her that you are the best Christian I know. As the only person I know who is NOT making money on end time prophecy, what do you see happening in the near future and should folks be stockpiling food and such? Will the rapture occur before we will need to? Thanks and as always, thanks for being you.

Well, first of all, if Jesus tells us "But of that day and hour no one knows...but My Father" (Mt24:36) would it not be foolhearty of us to presume 'what' we need to know at the 'detail' level. If Jesus tells us that we don't know "when", then how can we presume to know "what"? Yes? Even Daniel reacted to the data given to him, "I did not understand" (Da8:27,12:8)

Yes, there are people MAKING MONEY on prophecy. I know I have referenced Thomas Horn a bit, and I have no doubt he has a lot of good researched data, I was a bit disappointed with his most recent series "Petrus Romanus" ...it seemed like he was building up with background information, but then as he was ready to focus in on the target, to tell us "how the story ends", suddenly the series stopped...and when I went to his website it seemed like a big 'promotion' to -sell- his books. Would the 'answers' have been given IN THE BOOK? I don't know...I did -NOT- buy the books!

However, around the time he was writing on certain things regarding the Vatican, I noticed one of the items headlining the news a few months ago was about some of the very things I had just been reading, that he had written about.

Another person who writes about similar things, Paul McGuire http://www.newswithviews.com/McGuire/paul133.htm I don't know that he's a Christian or not. He openly states that he is not worried about 'when' the rapture will happen, that (in his mind) it doesn't matter with regard to end events. But this particular link encapsulates in a concise nutshell pretty much 'all' the parameters from Nimrod to present, with all the names by which the gods and goddess have been known over the years, and presents 'where' we are today. (After all, we can also glean accurate data from the encyclopaedia, which is pretty much all written by non-Christians.)

There is also a lot of gloom and doom. For a period of a couple of years there have been these ads on TV, the "dire predictions" of so-n-so who, typically his predictions turn out to be 'true'. The predictions are that within a "few months" a "major event" is going to happen in this country to totally upend this country. Thing is, for being within a "few months", this ad has run on TV periodically for the past couple of years. One is supposed to go to 54newamerica.com, and everything will be explained. Even though I've got slow dialup, I realized that perhaps my iPad would be up to the task. It is an hour-long lecture with in-time fast drawing cartoons, telling how America is in a financial down-spiral. We are going into debt. blah, blah. I was getting bored with the on-and-on drone, so fast-forwarded the video to closer to the end, and he seemed to be recommending that people invest in gold. Ya-right. Like I even have enough money to do that!

But it brings up the stupidity of following the TV ads for places like "Pawn-ONE" where they invite the gullible to bring in their old gold and jewelry and exchange it for "cash", as they smile and wave these sheets of 'paper' towards the camera...LOOK AT ALL THIS 'MONEY' you can get for your old gold..!! What happens when the US treasury goes deeper in debt and starts up the printing presses, and the scene becomes like Germany (?) in the early decades of the 20th century, where as I recall from my elementary history classes, they were pushing around wheelbarrows piled high with 'paper' just to buy groceries, because inflation went through the roof. If you've got gold, HANG ON TO IT!!!

Not that gold or silver will necessarily be all that useful in the day of God's wrath: "They will throw their silver into the streets, and their gold will be like filthiness; their silver and their gold will not be able to deliver them in the day of the wrath of Jehovah..." (ezk7:19)

There's, of course, the old worn-out babylonian joke: This person invests wisely, accumulates wealth, and then it's time to go to Heaven. So he arrives at the Pearly Gates, where Saint Peter, of course, is standing guard, allowing entrance to the worthy ones, and rejecting the others. This person gets to Saint Peter, and SP asks him, "What's in the suitcase?" All my worldly possessions. So SP says, Let's have a look. The suitcase is opened, revealing it is stuffed full of gold. "You brought -PAVEMENT- ??!!"

And then, there are those specializing in teaching classes here and there, training people how to be self-sufficient, grow your own food, stock up on food stuffs, get guns and stock up on ammo, and learn how to use them. Move out to the country, build yourself a bunker. Blah, blah, blah, etc.etc.

There have been those who recommend to stock up on 7-years worth of food and supplies. Apparently, planning to GO THROUGH the 7 years of Jacob's Trouble? I'll tell you what...if that is your plan, then forget about it! Those who are still here after the Rapture, don't count on surviving through to the end. If you're not a Christian, do some calculations: According to Revelation (and the UN Agenda 21 agrees), only 10% of humanity will survive. 90% of humanity will be killed in the wars, natural catastrophes, etc of the 7-year period. And if you enter the 7-years NOT being saved, but get saved -during- it, you will be beheaded. (Re13:15, 20:4) Stockpiling won't be of much use then, either, will it!

You notice, I'm not answering the way most 'experts' do. If you're taking the hint, you're noticing that I'm somewhat scoffing at the 'experts'. The only 'preparation' a person can make for the Rapture is to be sure that one is Saved: Repent of sin, and Receive Jesus Christ as Savior. (Jn1:12) Those thus prepared Jesus has promised to "come and receive you to Myself" (Jn14:3) And I -believe- Jesus' promise, so am not 'worried' like many people are. Even when the earth starts going crazy and begins to "sway to and fro like a hut" (Is24:20); and should it happen when I'm still here that the west coast slides into the Pacific, "God is our refuge and strength..." (Ps46)

However... speaking as a lay person (not an 'expert'), there are certain things that -everybody- should -always- be prepared for. Over 15 years ago Spokane experienced an ice-storm. It wasn't cold enough to snow, but it was just cold enough that the rain was freezing all over everything. Tree limbs were breaking all over the place, and falling into power lines. The entire block where my house sits, down to the main arterial, was without power for almost a week. The people out east are experiencing power outages and are scorching in the heat without air conditioning. Many are having to throw out spoiling food. Earthquakes hit and damage is done. Most of us live in a predominanty urbanized setting, and people are not used to pre-planning. Some people barely shop a week ahead for groceries. I don't ever remember shopping for less than a month-at-a-time. Maybe that's picking up from the 'farm' background of my dad? And I sometimes wonder when certain 'experts' recommend stocking up -only- a month at a time. Those that recommend 4 months is better. But what happens when 4 months have gone by, and the power is -still- out, and the grocery stores have long-since been sold out, and no trucks are running? Stock up on non-perishable foods. Bags of rice. Boxes of Mac-n-Cheese. Cans of all sorts of stuff. Please understand: I speak as a bachelor...do you know how many meals can be eaten from one box of Mac-n-Cheese? ....and how 'small' those boxes are? If you live in limited space, you can store a lot of meals with the 'lowly' Mac-n-Cheese....maybe have some cans of tuna to mix into the mix?

Don't forget batteries, candles, toilet paper, etc.

But this is NOT planning "for the tribulation". If you know the Lord, you are not planning to last-out the tribulation. You are planning for the Rapture.

Financial plans? You might be used to using credit cards, and don't carry much cash. But until the world has made the switch to the one-world currency; but the banks and their computer networks and the ATMs are down, what does a person do? I've not heard any 'expert' address this... they all address the 'long-term' issues. But what about the short term? The banks are down, but your local grocery store still has -cash- registers. Perhaps your own version of the "bed-mattress" is in order?

They always recommend a person carries an "emergency kit" in the car. A person should (no less) also setup their house for "emergency" contingencies. End times, tribulation, rapture, or not.

OK, so you stock up on food? Keep track of the 'dates' on the packaging. I always 'rotate' my stock.

Of course, does -everybody- all do the same things? Of course not. We are not to be living in paranoia. Some parts of the world, by the course of the nature of how they live, each day is eking out an existence. Some cultures they go out their front door every day, down to the open market, to buy -that- day's food. Day by day. I throw out bits of bread for 'my' sparrows. But their existence is beak by beak. They do not plant or store in barns, and yet "your Heavenly Father feeds them" (Mt6:26) The psalmist says...

    "I have been young, and now am old; yet I have not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread." (Ps37:25)
If persecution comes, Jesus says to "flee" (Mt10:23) Some are doing this.

And if it should overtake us, "But he who endures to the end will be kept safe" (Mt10:22, 24:13)

And whatever should come our way, even if it is terminal "...lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age. Amen." (Mt28:20)


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