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December 30, 2002

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Q/A Topic: "Eve" (human cloning)

While the whole genetic modification business really riles me, the cloning of humans worries me the most. We actually know very little about how we are actually procreated. How and where does the soul originate from, and at what stage of our development is our spirit placed inside of us? If it is. At least, if we are procreated according to the way it has been ordained by God, then we don't have to worry about this, because it is something that is going to happen according to His laws. But what happens with a clone, I wonder? It is created contrary to Gods laws. What type of soul is this thing going to have, and will it have a spirit? The spirit comes from God, does it not? And even if it is "dead in trespasses and sins," it still comes from Him, and still has the potential to respond to Him. Who is going to put a spirit inside a cloned baby?

Maybe I am in territory that I should not be in, because we are incapable of understanding all this, but the thought is horrifying in the extreme. Do these things happen according to some inviolable law, and so the child will have a spirit, regardless of how it was created? Or does God put a spirit inside each one of us individually? If that is the case, will He do so to this child, if there is truly such a child, and in doing so, appear to condone cloning? I have no idea! Just thinking out loud. (or should I say, thinking with my fingers?) These thougts have been on my mind for ages. Am I off my rocker here, or simply confused because I don't understand the situation?

First of all, let me say that I don't have a firm answer to any of these individual questions. I have a lot of questions, too, similar to what's been raised. But within my heart, I think I have a pretty good idea, based on what we do have in Scripture, that this world has just entered another horrific era. And while there are skeptics, doubting that "Eve" really was born...I really have no reason to doubt it. If they've cloned Dolly, and other animals...there's no reason why it should not also be possible for humans. We've known this day was coming. And now...it has arrived!

Where is the division between body, soul and spirit? From our past series "Life is in the Blood" (Articles Apr,01), we know the soul is related to the blood. When God "breathed into (Adam's) nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul" (Gen2:7) The word there for "breath" is one that can also be translated "spirit". Thus, it could just as easily be rendered that God breathed into Adam the "spirit of life". And yet, it is a different word than "ruwach" which is usually specifically translated "spirit". The words for wind, breath and spirit seem to be intermixed, both in Hebrew and Greek, so it leaves a bit of mystery to this whole discussion; for the need for "faith" in God's sovereignty.

The "righteous man" is said to understand the "soul of his animal". (Pr12:10) Naturally, animals have blood; thus they would have souls. But the "spirit of man" is formed by Jehovah. (Zec12:1) Man's spirit is the "lamp of Jehovah" (Pr20:27) which is what is the basis for man's conscience, God's "law" written in man's heart (Rom2:15)...something which "brute beasts" (2Pt2:12) don't have. For animals there is no right and wrong...they function as God has designed them through nature.

There are two things in Scripture that I think point us to a possible understanding of this. It is the matter of God's abhorrence, calling it "abomination"; the practice of sodomy. (Lev18:22) And the O.T. Law to Israel regarding the mixing of seeds and materials. They were not to mix seeds when planting crops; nor mix animal breeds. (Lev19:19) If such was done, it was called, "defiled". (De22:9) In the context of interbreeding between the demons and human women, God observed that "all -flesh- had corrupted their way upon the earth." (Gen6:12) -Flesh- is what gets together when a man and woman (typically) get together to produce a child. While there is a spiritual bond between the man and woman when they are agreed, and in the act the man gives of his [nephesh] soul to the woman from which union the baby is formed and the woman becomes 'one' with the man; the attraction that drives the two together is the 'flesh'. Sorry to be so graphic here...but it is the flesh that is attracted to each other, to form the union. And the body of the baby that is born is 'flesh'. Thus, it is the "flesh" which God pronounced "corrupted". When sodomites unite, it is their 'flesh' which is corrupted. And what causes new flesh to be born? Seed.

Not only, I believe, does this point us to the wrongness of the cloning, but also satan's corruption of the Scripture translations in the matter in order to facilitate in the clouding of understanding, to provide a more 'receptive' populace. Things that satan doesn't like, he has managed to have the translations 'change'. One such change is the word "seed". The modern perversions (and also NKJV in a lot of places) have changed most of the words "seed", into less-specific words like "descendants" or "family". God promised to Abraham and his "seed" (not descendants) (Gen12:7); and with David and his "seed" (2Sa22:51, Ps18:50, Jn7:42, Rom1:3, etc) (not descendants). Yes, in this case "seed" -is- "descendant"...however, the word, specifically, is "seed". And for good reason.

When God created everything in the beginning, notice how everything was designed to bear fruit "according to their kind", by means of "whose seed is in itself". (Gen1:11, etc) While I can understand the benefits of creating hybrids (I sure prefer eating -seedless- grapes and oranges!), and Israel today (God's 'elect' nation) is one of the world's leaders in hybridizations...remember this past summer their featherless chickens (!!!) ... all this modern technology to manipulate genetics is not what God designed. Certainly, there is a certain amount of cross-pollenation that occurs naturally when bees and wind move pollen from one set of plants to another. But that is within God's design parameters. But other than that, He -specifically- banned such purposeful practice.

I really doubt that God cares about animals and plants in that regard, "Is it oxen God is concerned about? Or does He say it altogether for our sakes?" (1Cor9:9-10)

I really personally feel that all these laws God established with Israel all those years ago were set out so that man might know how to order himself righteously.

What is likely the area of -greatest- perversity in the world today? The flesh...and that which God designed for procreation; related to humanity's "seed". Practically everything that is in-our-faces today is 'sex', and how to get some. But while one is getting some, none of it is supposed to be for procreation, because one should practice "safe" sex...to prevent pregnancy. If one gets pregnant in the God-design manner (a man and woman together), society says, "get rid of the 'accident'!" And that which God designed as a means of reproducing "after their kind", make an activity condoned and militantly promoted where reproduction could never happen...men-with-men and women-with-women... and do things the bodies weren't designed to do... "contrary to nature" (Rom1:26)!! And then, rather than having a man "cleaving to his wife" in their mutual nakedness to be "one flesh" (Gen2:24-25), and thus, from the two, producing another flesh from the joining of their two souls and seed; science now says, 'we only need -one- to make one'...we'll clone.

But in terms of the clone's soul or spirit? That's a question I don't know the answer to. That is in the realm of the Almighty. It is Jesus Christ whose specialty it is to know the "..division of soul and spirit, and of joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.." (Heb4:12)

In my heart I believe no good can come from human cloning.

In addition, this Raelian cult is claiming that cloning is a way for man to have "eternal life". They say that eternal life can only be achieved through cloning. (Not through Jesus Christ! 1Jn5:11) [Thus, one would suspect they presume the soul/spirit transfers to the clone?] And this 'knowledge' was given to their guru by "space aliens" several decades ago, who claim to have been the originators of human life on earth 25,000 years ago; that the first human on earth was a 'clone' of themselves. (Not, "Adam the son of God" Lk3:38) Aliens being a manifestation of demons to humans. Again, satan seeking to usurp the Most High. Satan said, "I will be like the Most High." (Is14:14) Not only is he seeking to take God's place in hearts and minds, but is also seeking to usurp man's very "origins" for himself. Rather than accepting God's Word and the creation account in Genesis, man continually looks "out there" for the "origins of life". Since man is obviously having problems getting 'out there' to have a serious look around, the demons are coming to man, 'informing' him of his 'origins'. Indeed, this is the theme of several of the recent sci-fi shows, like Earth Final Conflict and Star Gate. This Raelian cult has even usurped the name Elohyim (Hebrew for "God") for their origins!

Human cloning may be heralded as a "scientific" breakthrough by the world. But I dare say its ramifications are actually -spiritual-! It is out-and-out defiance against the Most High; both by satan and his fellow "rulers of darkness" (Eph6:12), and their followers of earth...humanity.

I really think it is -significant- that an alien-demon-religious 'cult' is the entity that has done it first, for 'religious' reasons, rather than 'purely' -science-.

It was in the context of the similar 'genetic/seed' scenario in Genesis (which demons initiated) that God sent the flood for global judgment. Can the next period of global judgment be very far away! Everything else seems poised... Like the "days of Noah".

What's left? The "starting gun" of the Trumpet and Loud Shout of the Lord's appearing (1Th4:16-17, 1Cor15:51-52, Tit2:13), where Jesus "receives" the Church to Himself. (Jn14:3) Then, let's watch them alien demons try to compete with that!!!

Come Lord Jesus, Come! -and- "Sweep [away Babylon] with [Your] broom of destruction." (~Is14:22-23)



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