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February 5, 2003

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Book of Enoch

Over time, periodically, people have asked this or that about the Book 
of Enoch. Having been busy with the VW-edition the past couple years, I 
did not wish to be diverted to spend the time to read it; so have always 
answered the queries with, "I don't know". But now that it is finished, 
I took a few hours to skim/read through what I was able to find posted 
on the internet, labeled as "1 Enoch". I don't know if that means 
there's also 2 and/or 3? But what was in "1 Enoch" was 'quite' enough!

1 Enoch is a book full of "doctrines of demons" (1Tm4:1) and is 
dedicated to satan and his demons. Furthermore, I seriously doubt it was 
written by anybody during Enoch's time; Judas' quote, notwithstanding 
(Ju1:14-15); which will be addressed near the end.

I realize that there are theories as to the book's origins. I don't know 
about them, nor do I have time to research the matter. The book speaks 
for itself. Just as most cults and other teachers of false doctrine can 
be ascertained usually within a few minutes of browsing their materials, 
without the need to dig deeply, thus is also the case with this book. My 
reading was on-the-surface, and I found plenty, without needing to dig 
deeply into the "depths of satan". (Rev2:24)

To keep this simple, let's observe the things I notated as I read, in 
order, and then I'll make a few closing remarks. These examples are 
representative of what is in the book. It is -full- of things just like 
what we will observe here:

Section I
1:5     It names "Mt Sinai". Let's remember that Enoch lived before the 
        flood, and was "translated" (Heb11:5) about 700 years before the 
        flood. Most of earth's current geological features came about
        because of the flood. Thus, did Sinai even exist before the 

2:3     Mentions "summer and winter". The seasons did not come to 
        be until after the flood. (Gen8:22)

2:3     Speaks of "rain". Again, before the flood, it did not rain, but
        a "mist" watered the earth. (Gen2:5-6)

4:1     Another mention of "summer"

6:6     Names "Mt Hermon". For the same reasons as Sinai (above); did it
        yet exist during Enoch's time? Thus, the notion that it was not
        written by Enoch, but by people after the flood.

10:20   God telling angels (Michael) to cleanse the earth from sin...not
        Jesus? It is "..the blood of Jesus Christ His Son" that         
        "cleanses us from every sin." (1Jn1:7)

10:21   With this cleansing the angels effect...men will be "righteous".
        The Bible says that righteousness comes from God through Christ.
        (2Cor5:21) and it is the "righteousness of God" (Rom3:22); not
        angels. Angels are "ministers". (Heb1:7,14)

13:4    The demons ask Enoch to intercede for them. Since when? If 
        anything, Paul informs us that the saints  will "judge" the 
        angels (demons are fallen angels). (1Cor6:3)

13:7    Mentions the "land of Dan". Israel did not yet exist.

13:10   Enoch reprimands the angels. Judas1:8-10 speaks of this. It
        would seem that this passage provides the basis for those Judas
        condemns, who "speak evil of dignitaries"; and gives the 
        example how Michael, even, would not rebuke satan, but says, 
        "The Lord rebuke you". (Ju1:9) Since Enoch "walked with God"
        it seems highly unlikely he would have done this.

Section II
39:1    Holy children mixing seed with the children of men. I don't
        quite have an answer to this one, because men become "holy"
        through faith in Christ. And if there are "holy" ones, and
        sinners, the holy ones are not to be "unequally yoked" with
        unbelievers. (2Cor6:14)  The place where Scripture speaks of
        the mixing of seed with humanity is in Gen6:1-2, and that was
        a bad thing, part of the corruption, for which reason God
        destroyed the world with the flood. The only other similar
        kind of passage in Scripture is Dan2:43; and there, too, the
        context of end events is NOT 'good'.

67:2    Angels make a "wooden" something-or-other (missing word)...to 
        "preserve seed" And yet, Scripture is quite clear, that -NOAH- 
        built the ark at God's command. (Gen6:14~)

Note:   Throughout the entire book, the emphasis is on 'angels' and 
        'spirits'. Angels do things, give commands, and are listed and
        named. The kind of recognition given to great men, by listing
        and recording names. Not very much at all about God. It's as if
        God is somehow 'incidental'...but the main activity is being
        done by angels. I suspect, if a person were to study the book
        more in-depth (which I will not do), one would find the seeds
        of how most pagans, catholics, and other liturgically-based
        beliefs view angels. Setting them up to be worshiped. The book
        has the feel of a document intended to 'teach' people about
        things not really intended for man at this time: "..worship of
        angels, intruding into those things which he has not seen.."

Section III
        This section seems to plant the seeds for astrology.

        There is a lot of mention of "portals" where the sun and moon
        rise and set throughout the seasons. As I read, I found it
        quite easy to visualize Stonehenge and other such structures
        that exist around the world; how these "portals" could easily
        have been the 'openings' between those stone pillars. I don't
        know if there is any basis to this, but it was easy to see a
        potential parallel there.

72:3    Speaks of how the sun rises and sets...not earth rotating?

72:5    At night, the sun returns through the north to get back to the 

72:5    Sun riding chariot...   how pagan is that?!  Josiah, when 
        cleansing the land of idolatry "burned the chariots of the 
        sun with fire" (2Ki23;11)

72:37   Proclaims the sun and moon to be equal in size. Scripture would
        not proclaim such a scientific error.

77:1    South where Most High will descend...Christ comes "east to west"
        "For as the lightning comes out of the east and flashes to the
        west, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be." (Mt24:27)  

80:1    All the things about the universe, planets (Enoch is even
        supposedly whisked off to see the very 'edge' of the universe);
        and all this is being taught to him by the angel Uriel. Seems
        somehow reminiscent of Mormon (the name of a demon) teaching:
        that Adam and Eve traversed to the moon and back.

82:13   Angels have names as "leaders" of the sun/moon/stars. The angels
        supposedly are the originators of all the stars, are responsible
        for them in their orbits and existence; and are the basis for
        regular festivities (82:9)  Sounds a lot like the beginings of
        astrology and the worship of the "host of the heavens" (De4:19, 
        2Ki17:16, 21:3,5, etc)  Whereas Scripture tells us that the
        universe was created by God's "fingers" and that He 
        "established" them. (Ps8:3) And He set them for "signs and 
        seasons". (Gen1:14)

Section IV
83:10   Sun  is given personality..."him". Seeds of sun-worship; as 
        god's are assumed to have 'personalities'.

Section V
92:1    Claims that Enoch "indeed" wrote the book.

100:10  Claims that God "inquires of the angels" as to one's deeds. It
        is Jesus Christ who knows humanity to the "division of soul and 
        spirit and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the 
        heart." (Heb4:12)  Why does God need angels to inform Him? God
        "..knows the secrets of the heart.." (Ps44:21)  "O Jehovah, You 
        have searched me and known me. You know my sitting down and my 
        rising up; You understand my thoughts afar off.  You have sifted 
        through my way of life and my lying down, and are familiar with 
        all my ways.  For there is not a word on my tongue, but behold, 
        O Jehovah, You know it altogether." (~Ps139:1-4)  

104:1   Says that angels remember one's good before God. It is Believers
        who will judge angels (1Cor6:3); not the other way around.

106:1~~ Noah born a super-natural being...

106:2   eyes glowed with sun-like brilliance from birth...speaking from 
        the womb... Just the same way pagan demonic entities are 
        portrayed. When a person is supposedly 'possessed', others know 
        it because their eyes glow, and they speak with a different kind 
        of voice.

106:6   Claims Noah was not conceived from human seed...but from angels.
        Directly contradicting Scripture which proclaims, "These are the
        generations of Noah. Noah was a just man, perfect in his 
        generation. Noah walked with God." (Gen6:9)  

106:8   Necromancy: communicating with the departed.  Methuselah        
        contacts Enoch after his translation on behalf of Lamech.

Enoch couldn't have written it: It contains information that was only 
known, or in existence, -AFTER- the flood. Enoch was raptured 700 years 
before the flood. And furthermore, with all these doctrines of demons 
that it contains, such a man who "walked with God" (Gen5:22,24) would 
have had no part with demons in the manner suggested in this book.

Where the Bible proclaims, "Thus says Jehovah", this book of "Enoch" 
proclaims, essentially, 'thus said the angel/s'.

So, what about the fact that Judas quotes Enoch? (Ju1:14-15) Indeed, 
that quote is found in Enoch 1:9. The book practically opens with that 
quote. Does the fact that Judas quotes it, detract from the authenticity 
of the epistle of Judas? (That's the book just before Revelation, that 
has been incorrectly translation by others with the 'catholic' name 

I suspect that the book of Enoch actually likely contains many of 
Enoch's actual words. Just because a book-of-demons contains some true 
statements, does not make the entire work True. Most false teaching 
often contains even as much as 95% truth. Satan and his minions are busy 
deceiving humanity, appearing as "ministers of righteousness". 
(2Cor11:15) In order to appear thus, they have to proclaim at least 
'some' truth. Perhaps the writers of Enoch (whoever they may have been), 
opened with Enoch's well-known quote, for the specific purpose of 
fooling people into believing it to be a credible work? What better way, 
than to put Enoch's "stamp" on the book, right as it opens! However, the 
amount of 'truth' in this book is no-where-near 95%. It is so full of 
falsehood, one is left wondering what may actually be truth!

But even though the book opens with Enoch's words, and also happens to 
contain some very authentic-seeming 'dreams/visions' of true things 
regarding Israel, the flood, heaven and hell, etc; the rest of the book 
is a work of demons. Certainly, it contains many concepts which cause 
the reader's mind to wander out to the stars of the ends of the 
universe, and for the unwary, could captivate their soul to accept these 
(demonic) "spirits", of which it speaks so much. Yes, it may contain at 
least 'one' actual quote of Enoch, just as satan also quoted the 
Scriptures to Jesus when tempting Him (Mt4:6); but the book, itself, is 
from the very pits of hell!

For the Believer in Jesus Christ, who is versed in the Scriptures, the 
Book of Enoch should not even raise any questions, as to its evilness! 
Now that I've read it, it really surprises (amazes) me that it is even 
questioned amongst so-called Christians!! Just be a "Berean" and "search 
the Scriptures"... are the things it says, "so"? (Ac17:11)  If you know 
the Scriptures, and then read "Enoch", you will know that it is NOT! No 


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