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November 15, 1998

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Scriptural Discrepancies?

I was recently asked by a friend of mine how I could think the Bible is Gods inspired Word when there are so many contradictions in it. The one they brought up was the cleansing of the Jewish Temple sited in the Gospels. Apparently they think that because John said it happened before Christ's Ministry and the other Gospels say it was at the end (causing his crucifixion) of Christ's Ministry, John must have been mistaken. When I said I thought there were two cleansing, my friend said that the context does not prove that. I feel that these supposed contradictions are a stumbling block to my friends Spiritual Growth in Christ. Is there any other scriptures that mention the possibility of two temple cleansing or a logical reason why John used a different time frame? Your insight would be very helpful.

The context may not "prove" it...but, neither does it DIS-prove it, either.

I can relate to the possibility that there might have been even "several" incidents like this (cleansing the temple). At my place of business, I have sometimes had problems with children making a nuisance of themselves with their skate-boards, in-line skates, bicycles, etc. And they will often be rather rude and retortful. Some of them I have had to confront on more than one occasion. You know how it is...they can be chased off...and then they can think..."he's not looking now...let's go for it..."

Also, another thing some people "stumble" over is the variations in some of Jesus' parables and stories and teachings...from gospel to gospel. Again...think about it. Jesus went from city-to-city, village-to-village teaching the people. Can't you readily imagine that He would have told the same basic parables over and over. And then, can't you imagine how the telling might have had variations from telling to telling. It's just like when I was a kid, and we were on deputation...my dad would preach the same messages over and over, as we were in different supporting churches. By the end of furlough, even "I" could have preached those sermons...I had heard them so often. But even so, there would be slight variations, depending on the church, its size, mood, etc. Or, maybe one time 30 minutes is allotted, and another time 20. Some things get left out for 20 minutes. But the essential message is the same. The same with the gospels. They were 4 different men, writing from 4 different perspectives and remembrances; written years after they happened. One might have recounted a telling from Jerusalem, and another, the Sea of Galilee, etc.

But, no...this kind of thing will not be a "stumbling block" to spiritual growth in Christ...if the person is a Christian...in the HEART.



Our friends...asked us about the GAP teaching. I responded by telling them them that somebody ate a piece of indigested beef??? I haven't read up on this one. Have you

GAP stands for "[G]lobal [A]ction [P]lan for the Earth" Here is their website:


It's a worldwide ecological outlook/doctrine. It will, no doubt, become part of the end-time one-world government/religion once things get into full-swing. After all, as they worship "her" they must "care for" their "Mother Earth" you know. I'm too lazy at the moment to sort out and find something that I received via e-mail (I may have deleted it already) about the "World Summit" in S.America a year or more ago headed up by Tree-Hugger-Gore. A follow-up summit to that one was held last month, or is to be this month..??? (I forget, now, what it was called...perhaps it was this same "GAP"??) But the info in that e-mail indicated that this would become something which would be "imposed upon" all humanity.

On the surface, it appears to be an indoctrination program for people to learn how to be more conserving of resources, and learning management techniques for dealing with waste. And perhaps, in affluent societies, where people have learned to just waste, because we have so much, it is something that is needed. A learning of "common sense." But there is a tie to the world-religion with it all, that will become more obvious as time rolls along.

While, on the whole, it sounds merely "ecological" here are a couple of pastes:


  • identify and remove some barriers to change, particularly the self-imposed barriers called 'limiting beliefs'

  • A group of households forms an EcoTeam. Using a locally adapted version of the Household EcoTeam Workbook, and locally trained coaches, they find their own answers to some key questions regarding behaviour change and the environment:

To the astute person, there should be more than a little concern over the expression "limiting beliefs." A person who, during that time comes to Faith in Christ, and refuses to worship "Mother Earth" ...so, does not participate... You see where that could go... It would lead to....

"Behaviour change" ...well, folks, that's straight out of the days of communist totalitarianism. Lock 'em up; torture them; drug them; brainwashing. Get them to "conform"; and those who don't, are a menace to society, and will be "purged." Think about it. Why is a "workbook" and "coach" needed to learn how to take out the trash and flip the light switch?!

Knowledgable Christians ought to be practicing moderation in these things, anyway. Not use what we don't need. Not waste. Don't polute the environment. After all, God gave man "dominion" over the earth. (Gen1:28-30) But we don't worship the earth as though it were the "source" because God is our Source. (Jn1:3, Col1:17)

What the world is doing is "they worshipped and served the created thing more than the Creator, who is blessed forever." (Rom1:25) And they will ultimately experience God's "wrath" (Rom1:18)


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