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March 23, 1997

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  • Cloning
  • False Prophet Gauges
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I was wondering what your thoughts were on cloning men. I feel they should not do it. Too much tinkering with God's business. But there has been a lot on t.v. in discussions with pastors of all faiths about this. They are all asked, would a clone have a soul? What do you think?

Jesus said "as it was in the days of Noah....so will it be in the days of the coming of the Son of Man" In the days of Noah there was a great perversion regarding procreation. A mixture of earthly and spiritual beings. And if mythology has any basis in fact as is usually the case, who knows what kind of creatures were compiled genetically. And it says about Noah that he was "perfect in his generations." In other words, his family's gene pool hadn't been corrupted. but "the earth..indeed it was corrupt; for all flesh had corrupted their way on the earth." (Gen6:9,12) And "this" is why God destroyed the earth with the flood. God had created things to reproduce "after their kind."(Gen 1:24)

Regarding "souls" I don't know enough about the matter. And I don't know that Scripture teaches all that much about it. If the clone is totally human, I don't know why it wouldn't have a soul like anybody else...after all, we all started out as single cells. And, just as "identical" twins are not totally identical by the time they grow up and develope their unique personalities, I would think clones would also be individually unique in the same way.

But, as for the "rightness" of it all. I shudder to think of where it all could go and end up! Just another in a series of "signs" of our Lord's imminent return.

False Prophet Gauge:

Praise Him, the true Christ, our Lord and Savior. I really enjoyed this e-mail.

Amen! Amen and Amen ie TBN and some others Keep up the good work, enjoy your page very much

Amen! Good piece!

I just had to comment on the above. If there ever was a time when we need to know what God's Word teaches it is now (in these latter days). For if we don't have an understanding of the Word of God, we can be drawn into any one of many many false doctrines. A couple of years ago our church "study material for Sunday nights" was geared to teach us about different cults and what each one teaches. I had a little problem with that idea, because I take the position that we need to be studying God's Word, then when we run onto any thing that differs from what the bible teaches, we will know straight off that it is not of God, but the devil. I really appreciate your wise council in "False Prophet gauge".

It is said, in training money handlers to identify counterfeit money, the trainees are enveloped in "real" money. To handle, feel, smell, etc....the "real stuff." Then, when the counterfeit appears, it is "easily" apparent.

I have worked in the past in electronics assembly and QA. When a person is looking at the same PCB's all day long, even as small as the traces may be, when a solder bridge, cold solder joint, missing part, parts inserted wrong...are there, they are "easy" to spot.

Thanks for the good note.


Praise be to God for your effort to enlighten your fellow followers in Christ. I know that you get many many e-mails about the NKJV vs. KJV and that most would attack you in the worst way that is not very christian like.

Actually...not as much as you might think. The worst flack has been when I've requested a KJV-only site to link to VW.

I am ,by choice and conviction and study, a KJV only person. Just you as have said that you took a long time to come to your view of the Word of God, so have I. We do not and will not ever have the original manuscripts to check out which translation is the correct. Remember what the Bareians did when Paul brought the Salvation through Christ to them. they went and checked the Scriptures. Did they have the originals that Moses had? Or the the originals that King Saul or King David had? I think not. They had copies. Just as we do today. The only real meaningful difference is that when the Hebrew copied the Word of God it was done in such a way as to make sure there were no mistakes. the very words on the paper were God. today we say it does not really matter which word we use as long as the meaning is carried through. We as "greeks" have lost that the thought and conviction the very words are God. (John 1:1) Jesus combated and defeated satan with the Scripture. in response satan tried but missed by only one word, the passage had lost all its power. So how many wrong words does it take to make it not God's. As you are I am also, not good enough of a greek or hebrew scholar to do my own translation. I must put my trust in the Holy Spirit to lead me to the meaning and understanding of the Word of God. We both can find word comparisons that will "help" our own convictions about the certain words or phrases.

The scholars that did the KJV translation were better in there greek and hebrew than either of us are. Which one of the translators of the NKJV would you trust in such a way? In your search for understanding of the translations did you check out the men that did the translations and how they worked with each other. Try looking at there and see if there is a difference between the KJV translators and the NKJV translators. It took me 3 years of research before I was KJV only.

You know...I agree with everything you said, up to "this" last paragraph. And reading your words here, which is essentially a paraphrase of what most KJV-only people will say, "this-time-around" made me realize what's wrong with this whole line of thinking.

Why do we look to the "men" at all? And, if we look at the men, claimed to be such spiritual "men of God" and such "emminent scholars" ...it makes what they did even more unforgiveable; since they did so "knowingly." (Just 3 examples)

  1. They made the KJV "to the most high and mighty Prince James"
  2. Translated "Jacob" into "James" (same name as the "prince")
  3. TransLITERATED the word "baptize" because of the "prince's" church's doctrine. Thus, perverting the doctrine of baptism for generations to come.
Also, on another note. You do so correctly, stating that I am not a Hebrew/Greek scholar. But I use the tools to the best of my abilities. You must realize that I grew up as a child/youth in a KJV-only environment. In this environment, countless were the times that the pastor/teacher would dissect word meanings for us, taking us back to the Hebrew or Greek, telling us, "this KJV word, 'in the original' ACTUALLY MEANS 'XYZ' "

Well, guess what? The NKJV uses those words which the KJV-only teachers would direct us to as being the "more accurate" word for the given passage. So, that being the case...why not read the "correct words" in the first place?

Since there are no study tools for NKJV like there are for KJV, my word studies are done with KJV tools, which are Textus Receptus-based. Again, Guess what? Using the KJV-Tools, the NKJV is 99% closer to the "originals" than the KJV is.(In these comparisons all the other translations and their tools don't even enter the picture...I don't use them!) This is why I use NKJV. If these studies showed me that KJV was more accurate, I would use KJV...but they just simple don't. [Link: VW & Translations]

So, getting back to "men" ...if such "scholars" could be less than perfect, in many cases..."purposely" so...and modern translators are no better; this is quite a testament to God's Sovereignty isn't it. In spite of frail man, He has seen to it that we have His Word, preserved, for those with pure hearts willing to accept it.

This letter is not to put you down or to give you a hard time. I am happy the God has led you to the creation of this web site and that He will lead you on to KJV only. For it is by the very words of God that we are saved and His word will endure when all else is gone.

No, not at all. Your spirit is QUITE different from most of the KJV-only "pharisees."(smile) And, yes, down to the dotted "i" and crossed "t" God's Word will endure and be fulfilled.(Mt5:18)

Thanks for your good note.

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