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June 10, 1999

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  • Catholics are "Christian" ??

Remember Catholics are believers and are to be called and treated as Christians.

Who says? What Bible doctrines do they hold to -faithfully-?

The RCC teaches that it is through the RCC that people get to heaven. The Bible says, "..there is salvation in no other One; for there is no other name [Jesus] under heaven given among men by which we must be saved." (Acts4:12)

The RCC teaches that confession must be made to the priest/pope. The Bible says that repentance is "toward God" (Acts20:21)

The RCC teaches that the priests forgive and absolve sins. The Bible says that "He [Jesus] is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness." (1Jn1:9)

The RCC teaches that the MASS must be observed, and various penances, to get to heaven. But the RCC does not give any assurance as to -how-many- is "enough". No Catholic, not even the pope, can claim with absolute certainty, that they will "make it" to heaven. The Bible says that salvation is a "Gift" and that it is "not of works" (Eph2:8-9) And our salvation is secure through the "sealing" of the Holy Spirit "who is the earnest of our inheritance" (Eph1:13-14) And nothing can separate "God's elect" from God's love. (Rom8:33-39)

Furthermore, the RCC has "other gods". They look to Mary as intercessor from Jesus' wrath. The Bible plainly states "for God is one, and there is one Mediator between God and man, the MAN CHRIST JESUS." (1Tm2:5) The wrath man faces is the "wrath of God". (Rom1:18) And a reading of Hebrews gives the understanding that it is Jesus' mediation, through His shed blod, which gives us bold access to the Father, God Most High.

God said, "you shall have no other gods before Me" (Ex20:3) Catholics, even the pope, hold Mary in higher esteem than God the Father, or Jesus. God said, "you shall not make to yourselves any graven image...you shall not bow yourself down to them..." (Ex20:4-5) Cathedrals PROLIFERATE with idols/statues... as much as any other pagan religion. And people offering incense and light candles to them, bow and make religious gestures before them, as much as any other pagan religion does.

The "Mary" the RCC claims to worship is none other than the "Queen of heaven" for which idolatry God judged Israel. (Jer7:18) Otherwise also known as "Ashtoreth" (1Kg11:5,33;23:13) When Constantine "christianized" the Roman empire, he merely gave "Christian" names to the pagan Roman deities that were already in place, and already being worshipped. But there was nothing "Christian" (Acts11:26) about it!

As for blaspheme, as if all this other wasn't enough: with the eucharist, the RCC claims the round-wafer actually -becomes- the 'body' of Jesus, which they then proceed to "sacrifice" with the MASS. They sacrifice 'jesus' over and over. When Jesus hung on the cross He cried out, "It is finished!" (Jn19:30) But "Christ was -ONCE- offered to bear the sins of many.." (Heb9:28,10:10) When they continually RE-sacrifice -their- "jesus" they seek to "put Him to open shame" (Heb6:6)

So, back to your statement, and my question... -HOW-, exactly, are catholics to be considered "Christians"?

For a more scholarly, documented approach to this subject, please seek out Dave Hunt's book, "A Women Rides the Beast"


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