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May 28, 2002

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British Israelism

I perceive you as a very busy man so I don't like to ask questions of you but there is no one in my circle of friends who could give me any information on the book I read. A woman from work gave me ONE MAN's DESTINY by C.R. Dickey. It basicly says the anglo-saxons are the true Isrealites. God made the covenant with in them in Jeremiah. The Jewish people in Israel are the rotten figs of Jeremiah 24 and are made for destruction. They are not even Jewish. The book believes we in our United States Christian culture are true seed of Abraham. I'm wondering if this is related to the Christian Identity sect that I have heard about. There is much in the Bible I don't understand but I know that we aren't to haggle over endless geneologies.

Oh, 'questions' is one of the things I'm here for. -smile-

Typically, the beliefs you summarize here, used to be called, "British Israelism". And today, it carries variations of names, including "Christian Identity", "Kingdom Now", etc.etc.

The problem is that the word "seed" (Gen13:16 22:18,etc) is a term of 'genetics'. And modern DNA testing is able to confirm this...as there are little pockets of descendents of Israel here and there around the world.

When Peter preached in Acts ch2, those who were in Jerusalem were "jews" from all the various regions listed (vs8-11)...from Asia Minor, over into the Tigris/Euphrates regions and Egypt/Libya African areas. 1Peter is written to the "sojourners of the Dispersion" of Asia Minor. There never has been such a thing as "ten -lost- tribes"...as the British Israelists say. The people of Jesus' day and early church knew where they were. And the location of many of them is known today. Many from Russia, Arab nations, Africa have been going back to the Holy Land. There are millions of Jews in NYC, and elsewhere in the US. They are not "lost". They are still an ethnic (genetically distinct) group of people.

And when these people say that Israel is, basically, 'done for', they ignore Paul's words, "So all Israel will be saved..." (Rom11:26) And don't understand Ezekiel ch37. Not only will the dead bones be revived and live, but the separation between Israel and Judah will be joined back together, "..nor shall they be divided into two kingdoms again" as they are "gathered into their own land" ... "on the mountains of Israel" (vs21-22) "their -own- land" is the same land God covenanted to Abraham in Gen13:15.

Now, if our "united states christian culture" has 'replaced' prophetic Israel...then, woe is 'such' an "israel". That which is called "christian" in the US is at the same place of apostasy and paganism that Israel was when it was scattered to the "winds of the wilderness" of dispersion. (Jer13:24, 18:17) Those who 'think' they are setting up "God's kingdom" for Him, are in for a big surprise! ...of God's judgment.


How to argue "Israel-church-ism"?

How does one approach a believer who sees Israel today as 'the church'? Their argument is that the Bible references to Israel have already taken place.

Well...not all the references about Israel have taken place, yet, though...is the trouble. If you check out "preterism" from the 'left' box of the TopicSearch, the Q/A will help a bit. In addition to that Q/A, also realize that the prophecies of Joel have yet to be fulfilled. Jesus has never yet appeared "as lightning..from the east shining to the west" (Mt24:27) Nor has the Mt. of Olive been split, with Jesus coming down to stand on it. (Zech14:4) And also, in about a month's time, our week-end Walk-thrus will be addressing this, too. If you want to read it now (before it comes time to mail them), find them at the website (Walk-thru) and get into the Ezekiel series and go down to the studies on chs 36-37.

And if they don't believe those things, ask them to look up Psalms ch83, and read all the names of the nations listed there...and then, have them watch the evening news...and have them tell you that a -physical- "Israel" does not exist today...in the midst of daily-fulfilling prophecy. And then, ask them if what is going on over there in the Middle-east is the "Church".

However...if they are blind...they will be blind. Leave them be... as Jesus said, "Let them alone. They are blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind leads the blind, both will fall into a ditch." (Mt15:14) There is nothing you can do to rescue them.



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