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June 28, 1998

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Blanket statements?

Editor's comments:

As the Lord's "burden" upon my heart has been greater recently, some rather forthright statements come forth in the writings. And then, people from the "mixed multitude" (which we mentioned last week) start complaining and uprising. As a result, questions come (I'm not going to paste them in here this time), asking things like, "am I saying ALL music is bad?" or..."it sounds like you are accusing ALL pastors as being wolves." or...I've taken all I can, take me off your list; I belong to such-n-such a denomination and we don't do the things you say...and then proceed to quote words of one of the modern worthless charismatic "worship songs" to illustrate who-knows-what. or... "you object to and denounce everything that doesn't agree with YOU (meaning "me")." And many label me as "judgmental", "unloving" and/or "legalistic." And that I must have had some "bad experiences" in the past to put forth such a cynical/negative attitude. Anybody want to add...that I have a "wounded child" and need more "self-esteem?"-smile-

Well, first of all, let me say that the "Message" is not going to change. While I often think to myself "who am I?" to be doing this kind of ministry..? "I am not eloquent...I am slow of speech and slow of tongue (and am not a "writer")"(Ex4:10) And the Lord has made it clear on numerous occasions that it is not "Paul Becker" doing this as He exhorts, "Do not say, 'I am a youth,' for you shall go to all to whom I send you, and whatever I command you, you shall speak."(Jer1:7) VW is not here to "entertain" you, nor necessarily to make you "feel good." In fact, I hope it brings you to tears at times. Tears of repentance. (2Cor7:9-10)

But a little reminder needs to be issued here. We have said this in the past; but people forget, and there is a constant influx of new subscribers who have not seen past comments.

Last week in "Why? Why?" a comment about "pastors" was made. So somebody asked if "I" meant "all" pastors. And then, assuming my answer would be "yes" went on to whine, if that was the case, they would have to strongly disagree with "me" ..blah, blah, blah.

Before starting this note, I went and looked up what "I" wrote last week. Jer 12:10 was quoted where it says "MANY" pastors.. This word "many" means...well..."many" (exceedingly, abounding). And "my" comment was "THE" pastors...are wolves, etc. (Not "all"..)

As we have clarified in the past regarding "pretend christians" the same is true about pastors. When we speak about "the organization" of the "church" ...the same is true there. True Believing Christians exist in various organizations, like: "Baptist, Nazarene, AOG, Catholic, Methodist, etc." They are "individuals" here and there who are washed in the blood of Jesus Christ. Their salvation has nothing to do with the teaching of the "church" they happen to attend. But God's Holy Spirit has "convicted" them (Jn16:8), often IN SPITE OF that teaching, and they have responded to His "drawing."(Jn6:44) So, no... "not everybody" in these organizations is lost.

By the same token, "not every congregation" whose doors one might darken, are on the "come out of her"(Rev18:4) list, either. Usually these congregations are "not" on that list BECAUSE they have one of the FEW REMAINING "faithful" stewards of God's Word. (1Cor4:2,Mt24:46)

Remember God's words to Elijah when he was moaning in self-pity "I'm the only one left" ..God says, "Yet I have reserved seven thousand... whose knees have not bowed to Baal."(1Kg19:18) Compare Israel's population to those 7000 then, and the world's population to the "very few" today...we begin to understand. Jesus said that it would be as it was in the "days of Noah."(Mt24:37) Remember...out of the total world's population, ONLY "eight" were saved. And before that, it was ONLY "Enoch" (ONE person) who was raptured.(Gen5:24) That's not very many!! And to "MANY" who come to Him claiming to be His, He will say "I never knew you." (Mt7:22-23)

Last week's "Why? Why?" was written to True Believers. You, Believers, will understand what's been said here.(As MANY of you responded to that note) If you are of the "mixed multitude" (Ex12:38,Nu11:4) you probably won't...understand.


Occult & Charismatic?

I've been on your list for quite some time now. One thing puzzled me is your reference to "The OCCULT which is at the root and core of the modern charismatic movement". That's a pretty broad brush statement and would seem to apply to segments of every major denomination or small/home group.

maybe a definition of charismatic would be in order for those of us not knowledgeable.

This comes from yesterday's FYI about the links at the "Bible text" menu about Westcott & Hort. This reader's comments are rather telling, however, "...would seem to apply to segments of EVERY MAJOR DENOMINATION or small/home group."


As I sit here, meditating on "how" to answer this, and having recently been dealing with "translation" issues, a "connection" comes to mind. The modern charismatic movement and resultant apostasy seems to be proliferating at about the same rate as the modern perVersions of Scripture. These translations based on the Westcott/Hort texts.

As a side note in this connection: I look at my own life. Years ago I stood firm upon God's Word. But then, along the way I was counseled to become more "sensitive and diplomatic" and not so "judgmental." To be more tolerant of other viewpoints. Around the same time, is when I made the switch to NASB (from KJV). And then, shortly thereafter, I took on the "unequal yoke." The "gospel" I preached was pretty much the same as what proliferates today. But then, shortly after the unequal yoke was gone, the Lord saw to it that I became aware regarding translations, and "came back" to the Masoretic/Textus Receptus family. And once again, the Lord's burden upon my heart is labelled "judgmental and legalistic." Coincidences?

OK, now, let's get to answering the reader's question: "charismatic" according to the dictionary is, 1. Of, relating to, or characterized by charisma: "the warmth of a naturally charismatic leader" 2. [Theology.] Of, relating to, or being a type of Christianity that emphasizes personal religious experience and divinely inspired powers, as of healing, prophecy, and the gift of tongues.

Warmth, feelings, spiritual powers, experiences. We don't see anything here about "faith."(Heb11:6)

We've written enough in the past about tongues and healing; won't repeat that here. And the recent "July" commentary on "Worship Music" touches the "occultish, hynotic, mantra-like REPETITIONS." So won't repeat that, either.

But, that it has permeated pretty much "all" denominations is true. 20-30 years ago the "Fundamentalists" recognized the "charismatic" for what it is. Now it has embraced it. They might not "speak in tongues" but Satan is just as happy that they are "feeling" all "warm and fuzzy" as they swoon over their occultish mantras. But then, back then the "fundies" also were reading from KJV. Now, they have embraced NIV and NASB, etc. Again...coincidence? If you question this, go check out the Westcott/Hort links at the "Bible text" menu at the website.

BTW... I used to be quite good at leading in "worship" with these popular "mantras", too. (I didn't need a Rock band...piano was enough) I am not condemning "what I don't know" or things just because they don't suit "my tastes." (as I'm accused of) I've been there. Was in the "thick" of it...from the "fundamentalist" camp. But I was His, the Lord opened my eyes, and I obeyed His call to...

"..come out of her, My people, lest you share in her sins..."(Rev18:4)



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