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January 1, 2007

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Is God allowing abortion to save eternal lives?

Here is a link [not included here] to an article on abortion, Entitled "Is God allowing abortion to save eternal lives?", it seems it can now be a good thing to kill our unborn. Have we really come to the point where people think "Thou shall not kill" has a good intention exemption for abortion?

That slippery slope is now a sheer cliff.

The same day this e-mail came in, there was an article at NewsWithViews by Bill Sizemore, "Willful Ignorance Regarding Abortion" Whenever Sizemore talks on theological themes, he is often rather messed up, so I typically don't read his postings. But this one on abortion is RIGHT ON!

Between the two of these links, one informs us that it is thought that 40% of American women have had abortions! Unbelievable!!! Perhaps that explains part of the 'spirit' of the feministic directions things are in these days? And...why there are sooo many unhappy females in this country...and why alcoholism and drug use amongst women has risen so drastically...rivalling the statistics that used to be the realm of men?

Sizemore's article reminds us that that little "blob" in the female's womb has its own (separate) blood ("soul" Lev17:11), heart beat and brain waves...distinct from the mother's

But is abortion a 'blessing in disguise'? Do these little ones go to Heaven when they are barbarically, savagely ripped apart, screaming? That's the whole point of a past VW writing, " Abortion: What's REALLY at Stake?" Whose babies go to Heaven at death? Those who have -believed- "on the Lord Jesus Christ" they and their "household" are saved (Ac16:31) On the other hand, where there is no believing parent Paul informs us that if the Believing spouse leaves the family, that the children "would be unclean", but when the Believer stays in the unequal yoke, the children "are holy". (1Co7:13-14)

Remember the recent study: Who is it who can approach God's holy presence? Who can "come boldly to the throne of grace" (Heb4:16) "He who has clean hands and a pure heart" (Ps24:3-4)

There is an age before which children are not able to "refuse the evil and choose the good". (Is7:15b) So when they die (which they do) what is their fate? David had assurance that his baby would be with God. David was a Believer. Yes, he had sinned, which was why the baby was taken in death, but his sin was "covered" (Ps32:1); it had been "put away" (2Sa12:13) But he was a Believer. Same thing Paul states in Ac16:31 and 1Co7:14.

Young offspring of Believers go to be with God, but those of unbelievers are (according to Paul) "unclean". Anything unclean cannot come before God's presence. "Unclean" is what the sinner is. "But we are all like an unclean thing, and all our righteousnesses are like a menstruation cloth. And we all fade as a leaf; and our iniquities, like the wind, have taken us away. And there is no one who calls upon Your name, who stirs up himself to take hold of You." (Is64:6-7a)

What are the chances of a Believer having an abortion? What are the most-likely percentages of those having abortions being 'unbelievers'?

Thus: How many of those aborted babies are going to God's presence? -THAT- is what's "at stake" regarding abortion. It takes away, forever, from those poor souls, the ability to ever grow to the age to "refuse the evil and choose the good", so that in spite of the unregenerate state of their parents, they might repent before God and receive Jesus in salvation. The decision was made -for- them, unto eternal damnation.

No! Abortion is -NOT- "saving eternal lives"!


Harvesting babies?!!

And then, Sigh! Gary Bauer's mailing of 12/21/06 included the following. I'll just paste it. It speaks for itself...

    In late August, I reported on the subject of -Vulgar Vanity- how thousands of women are going to elite clinics around the world for cosmetic procedures using tissue from aborted fetuses and stem cells. The BBC recently reported some very disturbing news suggesting that babies born alive in Ukraine could be the source of tissue for some of these -beauty clinics-

    As many as 300 women have reported successfully delivering newborn babies only to learn hours later that their child has mysteriously died. In one case, a woman was given three different explanations for the cause of death. Here’s an excerpt from the BBC report:

  • Ukraine has become the self-styled stem cell capital of the world. There is a trade in stem cells from aborted foetuses, amid unproven claims they can help fight many diseases. But now there are claims that stem cells are also being harvested from live babies.

  • In 2003 the authorities agreed to exhume around 30 bodies of foetuses and full-term babies from a cemetery used by maternity hospital number six.

    The pictures show organs, including brains, have been stripped - and some bodies dismembered. A senior British forensic pathologist says he is very concerned to see bodies in pieces - as that is not standard post-mortem practice. It could possibly be a result of harvesting stem cells from bone marrow-

    This is the -slippery slope- at its worst. -Choice- has so cheapened the value of life that in this country a baby can be killed in the womb up to the very moment of birth, while overseas they are actually being sacrificed for the -good looks- of the well off.

    And while we rush to put taxpayers on the hook for stem cell research, scientists in Canada are reporting a possible breakthrough in diabetes treatments involving ­ are you ready for this? ­ chili peppers. Unfortunately, the pro-abortion majority in the new Congress plans to make the expansion of stem cell research one of its top priorities.

For as bad as we American's see our own country being, and we tend to think things can't get any worse....apparently it -is- worse in other parts of the world..!!


Innocent babies?

I posted your latest abortion q/a on a forum and a big fight erupted, mostly this is how people feel...of course I know feelings have nothing to do w/Word...

    "God (Jesus Christ) spoke often of his love for children, and to say that an innocent baby (pre or post birth) would be sent to hell because of his or her parents is contrary to everything I know of Scripture."
these people flat out refuse to believe that God will send a baby to Hell. The one who wrote above post is a pastor too. Any more I can say or just let them believe what they want???

am I Reading you correctly??? in your Dec 25th article-IS GOD ALLOWING ABORTION TO SAVE ETERNAL LIVES- you seem to say that aborted babies of unbelievers go to hell someone completely innocent without the ability to think odo sin is not in hell-but with GOD

Yes, I know this is the prevailing notion, But can you prove it from Scripture?

    Truth is often heart-wrenching!
Something we've addressed on past occasions, but didn't this time... If the children and babies of pagans go to Heaven to be with God, why would God have used the reasoning with Jonah about the 120,000 infants of Nineveh? (Jonah 4:11) God wanted to have pity on the city, partly, and including the reason that there were so many infants who were not yet old enough to "discern between the right and the left hand". If they, at death, would be with Him, why should God have cared? Let them be destroyed....and 'rush' the infants to Him more quickly. But no... God had "pity" on them, and so, spared the city when the adults repented.

Jesus loved the little children and said, "let them come to Me" and "of such is the kingdom of Heaven" (Mt19:14) and again... "their angels always see the face of My Father who is in Heaven." (Mt18:10) But do these statements contradict other Scripture? As we continue in the Matthew re-runs, around February we will come to these passages. You can find them beginning at [link] They misapply these kind of passages the same way Jn19:27 was misapplied at JP2's funeral, to say that 'just as John looked to Mary, so did JP2...and so should we' [link] What is the context of the passage, and what is it -really- saying?

    [: Also, another thing I hadn't thought of before. In these passages Jesus was a Jew, speaking to Jews, blessing Jewish children, speaking of the "kingdom". How much of Paul's statement of a child of Godly parents being "holy" would apply to a child of Israel? I'm not -saying-...I'm asking (rhetorically). If Israel (nationally) as the family of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, of "faith" and "promise" (Rom4:16, Ga3:18,4:28) belongs to God, even though individually "not all those of Israel are Israel" (Rom9:6), then do Israel's babies? So many doctrines are messed up when the distinction between Israel and the Church is clouded. Is this another of those? :]
Anyway, this is another of those false doctrines from Babylon, and why the 'church' of Babylon "christens" and "baptizes" babies....to allegedly 'guarantee' their eternal destiny by papal/priestly declaration, because the 'ritual' was performed. As somebody else e-mailed recently in another context: "As a catholic christian we baptize infants "into the body of believers" which covers both original sin and any personal sin up to the point of confirmation (or accountability)." I challenged the person to show this to me from the Scriptures. To date they have not. And they never will, because it's not there.

Out of curiosity to see what catholic dogma might be about babies who have not been christened, I googled online and found a catholic encyclopedia article [link] "limbus infantium", which opens with the sentence, "The New Testament contains no definite statement of a positive kind regarding the lot of those who die in original sin without being burdened with grievous personal guilt." And then later as they worm their way around the topic they introduce their presentation with expressions about "catholic opinion" and "catholic speculation". And their speculation then recounts a lengthy litany of this person said, that person said (Augustine, Ambrose, Thomas, Anselm, Tertullian,etc,etc), the reformation said, this person disagreed with so-n-so, etc.,etc.blah,blah,blah. Nothing from Scripture. And for all the words they spin, they should stick with their opening sentence, as just quoted here. The NT contains no "positive" statement regarding those who die in "original sin". And we have, in fact, observed Paul's specific "negative" statement.

And to the first reader's closing question...
There is nothing more a person can say. If they don't accept what Scripture says, presented to them; and they counter that the Bible says otherwise, but they don't provide chapter-and-verse to support their claim; nothing further is possible. If they don't receive what's been given, they won't receive anything further. We can 'assume' and 'presume' all sorts of things, according to our -feelings- and -druthers-; but if it doesn't come from God's Word, it is meaningless and is a false hope.

A lot of people object to the notion that God would allow a mother to see her offspring (even older 'of-age') being "tortured" in the Lake of Fire for their sin, too. They cannot conceive of the notion that a "loving" God is also a "just" God and requires recompense for sin. "..the soul who sins shall die" (Ezk18:4,20) After all, if somebody like the evangelist Luis Palau would refuse to proclaim the realities of "hell" at crusades, because he "doesn't like" to, while claiming to be a "christian", then why should others acknowledge it. But just because sinners "don't like" it, that does not change the reality. It's the same lie the serpent said to Eve, "You shall not die the death" (Gen3:4)

Instead of acknowledging that little tykes were born in sin like the Bible says (Ps51:5) and are rebellious (Pr22:15), they video-tape their tantrums, send them in to shows like AFV and win thousands of $$$, because the world thinks sinful rebellion tantrums are "cute"...and instead of seeing the rebellion and falling on their knees in sorrow, lamentation, mourning and weeping, they think it's the funniest thing and laugh their heads off. The sinner is exhorted to "Let your laughter be turned to mourning and your joy to shame" (Ja4:9) But they are more concerned about maintaining their self-esteem, than facing the reality of their eternal destiny.

The "whole world lies in wickedness" (1Jn5:19) "...there is no one who does good, NO NOT ONE" (Ps14:3b) The expression "no one" includes infants and little tykes. They are NOT "innocent".

I don't know how much clearer it can be, than what Paul says, that the little offspring of unbelievers are "unclean". (1Co7:14)

What a way to have to start the new year, eh! But this is God's Word.


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