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January 25, 2004

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Abortion and Vaccines

You may want to go one step further. Check out www.propheticnews.com click onto their links recommended and go to vaccines and abortions , usually the last one on the left column.

[VW: I went and checked it out: Specifically... articles/charts related to the use of aborted human "fetal tissues" in the manufacture of commonly-used vaccines; something that's been going on since the 60's!

Vaccines from Abortion - The Hidden Truth

Letter to the Lamberts

List of: U.S. Vaccines Derived From Abortion
Wow! That was all new to me...

No wonder the Lord has kept me basically healthy-as-an-ox all my life... to where I've never been one to go get the latest vaccines! (and in ignorance to have also become a partaker in this!) That puts a whole new spin on the field of medicine, doesn't it!

It gives new meaning to "..add iniquity to their iniquity..." (Ps69:27) God promises Israel freedom from the diseases of the rest of the world, if only they would be obedient to Him; that if they would obey, He would keep them healthy. (Ex15:26,De7:15)

"If you diligently heed the voice of Jehovah your God and do what is right in His eyes, give ear to His commandments and keep all His statutes, I will put none of the diseases on you which I have brought upon the Egyptians. For I am Jehovah who heals you." (Ex15:26)

"And Jehovah will take away from you all sickness, and will afflict you with none of the terrible diseases of Egypt which you have known, but will lay them on all those who hate you." (Lev7:15)

The world has epidemics of various certain diseases -because- of their sin. And instead of repenting and turning to God, they "add iniquitiy to their iniquity" by using the products of abortion to try to cure those diseases. And as I observe the situation, some of those diseases that are -most- related to sinful activity are also the most resistant to medical attempts to get rid of them. e.g. HIV, etc. ...for which they use the products of other sin, to try to create cures.

In Christ's redemptive work it says, "...and with His stripes we are healed.." (Is53:5b) In the "prayer of faith" which is in the context of praying over sick people, it says, "And the prayer of faith will save the sick, and the Lord will raise him up. And if he may have committed sins, they will be forgiven him." (Jac5:15)

In all of this, please notice the definite relationship between health and one's spiritual relationship with God.

If I'm not mistaken, the area of the world with the greatest epidemic of HIV is the African continent. Forget the claims by many about how "christian" it is, Africa has had the title of being the "dark continent"; I suspect, for several reasons. But one of its darkest characteristics is its paganism and witchcraft. And what we see in this country as the charismatic/pentecostal movement with its demonic manifestations and forms of so-called 'worship', can trace many of its characteristics -directly- to the black slaves who were brought over, bringing their witchcraft and voodoo along with them. And when they formed their "christian" churches, in order to "fit in" with their white masters, their worship incorporated that voodoo from their homelands. As white congregations have accepted more and more the black worship "style", it has also been in conjunction with the charismatic mantras, and today's full-swing apostasy as we are seeing it.

And when the church went sliding away from God, that perceived standard ('bar') of "holiness" that the world saw; then it was easier for the world's overall morals to decline further, as well... to the point where these days pretty much "anything goes", and -everything- is all corrupt.

Thus, is it any wonder that they are discovering all sorts of new strains of viruses; viruses that are no longer curable with what had been the standard vaccines. So now they are scrambling to find new vaccines. West Nile virus, Mad Cow, SARS....and now the current one in east Asia....what's-it-called? The bird/chicken flu. Where they are slaughtering thousands of poultry to try to wrest the spread of this new strain, that has also jumped from animals to humans, and some people have died from it in Viet Nam.

WHY is all this disease suddenly flourishing these days? New strains that seemingly had not existed before? It is called S-I-N. Fulfillment of prophecy regarding (take your pick) the "beasts of the earth" (Rev6:8) or "pestilence" (Hab3:5) or "plague" (Am4:10, Rev11:6)

The encouragement was given in that recent mailing, in case some reader might have been guilty in the past of aborting her child, to confess and "go and sin no more". To one whom Jesus healed, He also exhorted, "Behold, you have been made well. Sin no more, that a worse thing not come upon you." (Jn5:14)

I've known some people in the past who, every time they would get the slightest little sniffle, or this or that, would run to their doctor and get an antibiotic. Seeing as how, many of these vaccines are produced with the help of aborted "fetal tissue", it would behove the Christian to think twice when being prescribed something from the doctor, eh, and ask some pertinent questions about what is being prescribed.

And if there is a 'problem' with what is prescribed, also consider to ask the question: What is it that modern medicine can do, that God cannot? particularly if the medical 'procedure' violates God's law, and the sanctity of somebody else's life?

Medicine has as its symbol the intertwined serpents; the serpent, the symbol of satan. (Gen3:1, Rev12:9) Ancient medicine was primarily the conjurings of the witchdoctors to exorcise demons. Illness was treated as a "spiritual" problem. And indeed, it is. It's cause is "sin".

Please consider the following...

On the news just this evening (1/22/04) was an item about a recent 'discovery' about the relationship of the number of blood vessels in the brain, related to intelligence; more blood...higher intelligence. As I heard that, it piqued my interest, but I was not really surprised. Science will probably assume that it has to do with more neural pathways being stimulated; as a purely 'physiological' matter. But if we remember how the "soul is in the blood" (Lev17:11), and the brain is merely a 'computer' being operated by the person/soul; and then consider how they are recently 're-discovering' how good mental attitude, and "spiritual wellness" is a great stimulus to aid in getting well; some even seeking the spiritual holistic healers as much as traditional medicine; does it begin to 'make sense' that a person in harmony with God through righteousness is going to tend to be a healthy person? And a person who is weighed down with sin, is going to be more prone to disease?

And... perhaps it seems like we're far a-field of the "abortion" topic as we're kinda rambling along here seemingly aimlessly, but these things are really all inter-related... Considering that the soul is in the blood (for newer subscribers, please check out the series: "Life is in the Blood" http://www.a-voice.org/main/voice082.htm ) When a person takes medicines, antibiotics, vaccines, etc., they are -directly- impacting the soul, because the blood is the vehicle by which these medications are disseminated to the organs and physical extremities. And if the particular vaccine has its origins in aborted fetal tissue, one is not only taking in chemicals, but the soul/s of those murdered babies!

This whole area of study is a mystery to man, but just thinking out loud here; taking what we learn, and 'wondering'...

If they are striving to create vaccines to circumvent the diseases directly related to sinful activities, using the dead souls of those who were murdered to do so, isn't that kinda like trying to keep something alive, that is condemned to death specifically because of that sin, BY MEANS OF DEATH? Is it any wonder that they are not finding 'cures' for some of these things? "The wages of sin is death" (Rom6:23); "the soul who sins shall die" (Ezk18:4); and no amount of human rebellious antidotes will change what God has decreed. If an aids patient wants to recover and live, THEY DON'T NEED A VACCINE, BUT A CHANGE-OF-HEART!

We mentioned Africa's "witchcraft". In Ga5:20 & Rev9:21 the word "sorcery/witchcraft" comes from the Greek "pharmakeia", the root for our English word "pharmacy", related to drugs and medicine; stuff that is pumped throughout the body in the blood, the 'location' (substance?) of the soul. How is this so? I expect, one of those mysteries that we aren't intended to understand fully yet, but to be received in faith, because God's Word says so. We don't understand, but God does. (Heb4:12-13)

When Ahaziah became ill after a fall, he sends messengers to inquire of Baal-Zebub regarding his health and recovery. So God sends Elijah with the message: "Is it because there is no God in Israel that you are going to inquire of Baal-Zebub, the god of Ekron? Now therefore, thus says Jehovah: You shall not come down from the bed on which you have gone up, but you shall die the death. And Elijah departed." (2Ki2:3-4)

Something for the Believer to think about and keep in mind.

And in closing... We've also addresed this before, but... Is -all- disease because a person sinned? Jesus was asked, "Who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind" And Jesus replied that "neither" had sinned, but that the man's blindness was to "reveal" the "works of God". (Jn9:2-3)

Notice two things: 1) Jesus did not re-establish the O.T. law; He did not say as He did about some other things: You heard this from ancient times, "but I say to you". Thus, indeed, likely 'most' illness is due to sin. And in case one might question: What about the person who picked up AIDS in the hospital due to an 'accident'...well, 'why' was that person in the hospital in the first place? God has His ways of making sure that one's sin "[finds them] out". (Num32:23)

And, 2) Sometimes God uses sickness/infirmity for His own purposes. In the case of the blind man, for Jesus to show His Deity. In the case of Paul, his "thorn in the flesh" (whatever it might have been) was to help keep him humble. (2Co12:7)



My husband has been asking me for some time to email you, and ask you if accupucture is okay, I did tell him the whole accupunture thing comes from the eastern religon, and is wrong. He has been wanting me to go have accupunture for a [condition], I have found some info on accupuncture, but he wont read anything if it is not from you, and I have looked at your website, and havent found anything directly addressing accupuncture. My husband often goes to have accupressure massage on his feet, and sometimes whole body, I read on some other website that a demon can enter you through this kind of therapy. This whole massage craze is very big over here in the east, what is wrong and what is right?

Well... not knowing that much about the matter, I just looked up in Encyclopaedia Britannica. It says that acupunture came about around 2500BC, and is supposed to be based on the Chinese belief system of yin-yang and the balance of life forces; which would certainly be at the denial of our Creator God. If that's the sum-total of the subject, then it obviously would be off-limits to Christians.

However, the article also speaks of western medicine observing it, and theorizing about its effects upon the various points of the nervous system...which certainly makes sense to me; since the nervous system is all inter-related. They speak of poking needles in some distant place from the area needing treatment...where the nerve pathways connect up with each other. And, indeed, I've heard that all the various nervous circuits/systems have common connecting points at the feet. (I expect: one reason why the former Iraqi beating of the feet was so painful/torturous??)

Should a Christian receive acupuncture treatments? Foot pressure massage?

I suspect it is all related to the "heart". Do demons indwell through/because of the treatments?

The body is made up of living cell tissues, and needles are simply pricks of metal. When a needle pokes into a nerve, it interacts with the nervous electrical impulses...just like when a person touches probes to various places in an electronic circuit; depending on how it's done, it can cause a short-circuit, or blead off current, or add current, etc. That's simply a manipulation of electrons and molocules. And since the nervous system is an integral part of the body...that which makes it function...sticking needles is a -mechanical- (physical) manipulation...much like a broken bone might be set and put in a cast, or a surgeon might take a knife and cut into a body, remove parts, and stitch things back up.

I suspect what would make it right-or-wrong would be heart motives. If it is being done as an idolatrous act (a thing sacrificed to idols 1Cor8:4) due to its historic origins as part of the yin-yang concepts, then it would be wrong. But if it is being done for the obvious -physical- stimulation/manipulation that is its essence, well, as Paul wrote about going ahead and eating meat sacrificed to idols, "..for the earth is the Lord's, and all its fullness" (1Cor10:25-26) Meat is meat. Needles/nerves are needles/nerves.

If somebody invited to come to their temple, and have their priest perform this (religious) ritual...then the obvious answer would be "No, don't do it." But if it is a purely pragmatic issue, of needles, flesh and nerves....I don't know of any Scriptural reason why it should be wrong.... Even though certain areas of the nervous system can be deadened by it, it doesn't deaden the brain/mind, does it? As long as that is the case, a person is in control of their perceptions, not leaving the mind 'open' (uncontrolled) for demons to enter.

Unless there are other issues this Encyclopedia article did not address...

The above was answered privately some months ago, and has been sitting in the "Q/A-future" folder, waiting for an appropriate time to include it in a mailing. There might be an added parameter to consider, that I've been made aware of since...and I think we've addressed it a couple months ago in another Q/A, in passing.

As we get into this, please understand that I am not an 'expert' in these things. Only relating what I've heard/read. I firmly believe that a Christian doesn't necessarily need to know 'everything' about a given topic to discern whether it is right or wrong, or something to beware of (not knowing -if- it is right or wrong, but being of a 'suspicious' nature).

Awhile back, another subscriber forwarded something to me that included talk about a certain occult practice I had never heard of before; that was explaining to my mind 'why' body piercings are wrong. A person self-alleging to have been an ex-occult person, was explaining how there is an occult practice of (I forget the exact term they used) 'inserting' demons into people by means of 'objects'. Sticking pins under the skin, and thus, through the pins, inserting demons. Making cuts in the skin, and embedding pieces of glass, etc, into the cuts, and thus 'inserting' demons with those objects serving as amulets.

Reminder: from the previous item above, about "dark" Africa. Which continent is it that is noted for the pagan practices of cutting the flesh and embedding objects? I've seen some pictures over the years where ears, noses and lips were severely distended and distorted with these practices. Yes... some other areas that are steeped in witchcraft (besides only Africa) also do these things.

Is this why God commanded Israel, "You shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor put any etched marks on you: I am Jehovah." (Lev19:28) ??

Thus, when I read about that, even though the articles on acupuncture didn't say so, not addressing the matter one way or the other, I was wondering if the 'religious' aspect of acupuncture might possibly include this demon 'insertion' principle?

The topic of "massage" is also raised. While it is true that there is therepeutic benefit to muscles and nerves; in today's culture there is also, however, the 'sensual'. This I have -heard- through 'thin' walls when there used to be a massage business next-door to my own; a male (claiming, even, to be a Christian) with female 'patients'.

With massage I have also 'sensed', based on conversations with those in the business, as they come to me for signage, that there must be a 'spiritual' dimension for many of them. I had a few extended conversations on the subject with one person (whom I knew fairly well by business association); and have seen the same 'spirit' in others. That their massaging 'hands' are also allegedly imparting healing to the soul/spirit of their patients/clients. This particular person related it to the Scriptural "laying on of hands" (Ac28:8), and the massaging oils as being like the "anointing...oil" for the sick. (Jac5:14)

Unfortunately, this sort of thing seems to happen in other arenas. Sorry to share another personal experience. But I think this will help explain the point...

Once I found myself 'single' again, I started going back to barbers to get my hair cut. After checking out a couple, I finally settled on one place, and -a- particular barber at that place, who gave me the kind of clipper cut that satisfied me. And their prices were reasonable. After going back to this same barber for a couple/few years, one day as he was giving me the 'usual' haircut, it suddenly deviated from the 'usual'. He placed both his hands 'on' my head, in a manner similar to what people do when "blessing" another person...his hands remained that way a few seconds, and then he resumed/finished the haircut. I did not ask him 'what' he was doing. But also, that was the 'last' time I ever went to him.

I don't know what he 'thought' he was doing....but, without my 'consent', etc.etc., the whole incident was kinda 'creepy'!

Now...being a child of God, me being in full-control of my mind; he had no control/effect over me. Just like that other incident I shared many years ago (When I was still working in that last church I was part of, before I had "come out of her My people" Rev18:4), where all those pastors were praying over me, laying hands on me on their "hot seat"...and I did -not- become "spirit-filled" after all their 'prayer' efforts. (the local pastors of the "prayer summit" movement, shortly after my unequal yoke had departed, and they were -commanding- God that "today", my ex would have a change of heart, etc. Well, it didn't happen "today", like they demanded of God!)

But all this to say...

A Believer in these days needs to be 'careful' about soooo many things. Acupuncture, in the hands of a medical clinical technician might only be about needles and nerves; but there is the potential for it to be demonic; and what if that medical 'technician' also happens to be a satanist...how does one know but what they might do as that barber did to me? Some medications are beneficial; but so much else is also questionable.

If a Believer has faith to be thus, and their situation is so, I encourage people to be as I am... not continually going to the doctors. Other than some filled cavities, and glasses, I haven't been to a GP in I-don't-remember-how-many years. And when I realized I have a little bit of a concern about hypertension, as I began to monitor my blood pressure, and taking steps to keep it under control, I also realized that it is out-of-my control...because the enemy comes along to attack with various things at certain times, and when that happens, the blood pressure elevates back up. So, when I came to realize the 'source' of the problem, I continue to keep an eye on the diet, take my daily aspirin, and get exercise; but then, I leave the rest in God's hands, to keep me safe; because it is not mine to worry over. If it is satan exacerbating the problem, then it is the Lord's concern to keep me safe from the enemy. If the Lord watches out for the sparrows in the dead of winter to keep them fed... "...will He not much more clothe you, O you of little faith? ...Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble." (Mt6:30,34)


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