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August 17, 1997

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Two Masters?

This morning in my study/preparation for our little Sunday evening Bible study, something came to my attention as it relates to some recent VW comments and Q/A's. And thought I would just share very briefly.

Since December,96 we have been studying 1 Corinthians, and we are now up to chapter 10. In the section (vs14-22) Paul speaks of "idolatry" and defines it as "sacrifice to demons."(vs20)

He desires for them to not have "fellowship" with demons.

And then he says something interesting. "You CANNOT drink the cup of the Lord and the cup of demons."

'Fascinating to look up the word "cannot." (to be able, to be capable..strong and powerful, to have power to by virtue of one's own ability and resources, or state of mind, through favorable circumstances, or by permission)

In other words, even if a person wanted to, they cannot truly partake of both. It is physically/spiritually IMPOSSIBLE to do so. The Lord sees the heart. Jesus said, "no one can serve two masters."(Mt6:24) The word "can" ..again, the same word. (One's positive, the other negative...but the same base word for "can")

So...how do we apply this knowledge? The questions came in, and some were published...some still do occasionally...about the current so-called "revivals." The question/argument that they are "not ALL bad."

We have already shown from Scripture how the manifestations at these things are of Satan, as demons take control of people. The characteristics being identical to those who were brought to Jesus as "demon possessed."

So, with this understanding, it should be OBVIOUS, that no "good" is contained in these outpourings. If even a portion of it is from Satan, then the whole thing is corrupt...since the fellowship of Christ will not co-mingle with the work of Satan.

Also, this brings up another subject, which I've seen floating around (by the subject fields...although I have not read what people are saying...'don't have time for the nonsense that goes on in discussion groups)

What about a "Christian being demon-possessed?" I used to discuss this at length with my late-father, as we questioned the spiritual state of someone close to him in the family. Is it possible for a Christian to also have a demon inside? At that time (years ago), we never quite figured it out. In more recent years I have come to a Scriptural conclusion. And this verse solidifies the matter.

No! A Christian "CANNOT" be demon-possessed. If they are demon-possessed, they are NOT a Christian. We CANNOT partake of Christ and demons. We are the temple of the Holy Spirit (1Cor6:19) as, the very definition of a Christian, is one who has the Holy Spirit in him.(Rom8:9) The Jealous God, Who will have no other gods before Him (Ex20:3-5), is not going to "share space" in the heart of a person, with demons.

If you've been wondering about this...'hope this helps.


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