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Re: Just Comparing...

Recently as I was doing some "house-cleaning" around my desk organizer,
I found a piece of paper with a couple of lists. Observations from 3 or
4 years ago, of the relative characteristics of the non-Christian and
many of those who claim to be "Christian" today:

Non-Christian:                  Modern "christian":
---------------                 --------------------
-World unity   Gen11:4          -Unity
-Tolerance, sit.ethics Pr21:2   -Love -n- grace
-Intellect ("man") 1Cor1:22     -Emotions, Feelings, Experience
                                 ..tradition, "great MEN", commentaries

-No Creation  2Pet3:4-7
-No Bible/law Rom2:12           -No Doctrine/Bible  2Tim4:3
-No God       Eph2:12b          -No Holy Spirit     Jude1:19b

These comparisons are an abridgment of what could be assembled if one
were to take the time.  But notice the similarities:

When the "christian" relies on "experiences" instead of Scripture,
notice what happens. They look to history, at what "other men" did or
taught. (the "great men of God" -which; if we look at them more
carefully, perhaps we would see them to be not as great they were made
out to be, most of them came from humanist education backgrounds) Jesus
said to Peter, "If I desire that [John] remain until I come, what is
that to you? You follow Me." (Jn21:22) Don't look at "John" and My will
and purpose in his life, and what will become his "experiences".  You
obey Me. Don't look to the theological treatises and credes of Luther,
Calvin, Zwingli, Wesley, Edwards, Graham, Swindol, MacArthur,
Robertson, Hinn...and whomever else you wish to name as allegedly
having been "great."  Even though a few of these maybe have had some
good things to say, and some of them may even have been Born Again, we
must rely upon "thus says Jehovah." And where do we find Jehovah's
message? The SCRIPTURES.

If we look to the "great men" ...that means our book shelves are 
full-to-the-ceiling with all their commentaries. All that diverse 
reading is less time spent in God's Word. So, if the teacher is
relaying the contents of the commentary, Scriptural Doctrine goes out
the window.  Paul exhorted the young teacher, Timothy, "Until I come,
attend to reading [Scripture], to exhortation, to teaching [Doctrine]."
(1Tim4:13) "Hold fast the pattern of sound words which you have hear
from me...[which eventually became written Scripture]" (2Tim1:13)

Let me interject one little thought here. Is it, perhaps, possible to 
read "Acts" too much? That is a book of "experiences" of, truly, "great 
men of God" ...the apostles whom Jesus hand-picked. The "spirit-filled" 
cults that typically rely on "experiences" more than Scripture, and
read their other man-made commentaries, tend to derive their doctrine
from Acts, ONLY. Something to ponder, eh...

Notice one final thing. The world, that relies on intellect, "does not
receive the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to
him." (1cor2:14) ...and its characteristic is that it is "without God."
The "christian" who RELIES-ON experience and man-made commentaries,
does "not [have] the [Holy] Spirit." (Jude19) By definiton: They are
"not of Him." (Rom8:9) They are ...without God.

"All Scripture is God-breathed, and is profitable for doctrine, for
reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, that the man
of God may be perfected, thoroughly furnished to every good work."