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Re: From the mouth of demons

In response to the recent Matthew studies on "demon-possession" and
"charismatic" issues, a former-subscriber wrote to dialogue with me.
He happens to be a "Pentecostal pastor." But what subsequently happened
could have been anyone, with any label.

Even though the recent studies did not go into the "symptoms" or
manifestations of charismatic and/or demon-possession, this person
retorted, as though I had. Giving quite lengthy arguments; the typical
ones that I would expect from a Pentecostal preacher.

He was looking to "experiences" and the writings of the "great men of
God" from history. I responded with Scripture, which he would not
acknowledge.  After several exchanges, he said he had written his "last
note." Since then, he has written five (5) more notes, blasting this,
or that.

An interesting observation about his notes prior to his "last" one.
Each note is written by a "different person." One is as though from a
"child" with no language skills. Another, as though from an older
"uneducated" person. Others, seemingly, from a fairly "intelligent"
person. Now; the retorts following his "last note" are also from
different people. Each one of them, as though, in follow-up to "one of"
the previous notes. And it is as though, some of these aren't aware
that "one of them" claimed to have written that "last note." And, for
the most part, these notes, after I closed my communication with him
after his "last note", have been vile and evil.

It is obvious that this person is demon-possessed, and "different
demons" (at least 4 or 5 in him) have been writing to me.

Having established the "source" of these communications, let me share
and evaluate something one of them said, in one of the notes prior to
the "last" one...while they were still hoping for "dialogue" with me.

In the middle of the note, the following was forcefully interjected, as 
though being "anointed", .."OH THAT THE HOLY GHOST WOULD SLAY THE 
SINNERS AND FILL OUR ALTARS!!!" This is a typical charismatic-type 
proclamation. So, let's evaluate it...

They want to "slay the sinners." (not "Christians") Remember how we
have said that those engaged in the charismatic manifestations CANNOT
(by definition) be True Believers in Christ. Remember our recent study,
"out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks."(Mt12:34) By THEIR
OWN WORDS, they are claiming to slay "SINNERS."

They want to "fill the altars" with the "slain." An altar is a place of
death. The sacrificial animal was killed. By the way... one of the
foremost desires, as proclaimed by satan-worshippers, is that masses of
people can be killed as "human sacrifice" to Lucifer. When there are
major catastrophes where hundreds of people are killed, satan
worshippers "rejoice" at the carnage. The more the "merrier!" They love
big wars with high death tolls!!

IN STARK CONTRAST... Jesus said, "I have come so that they might have 
life, and have it more abundantly." (Jn10:10) Yes, in becoming a 
Christian, we have "died with Christ" to sin (Col2:20) and are "buried
with Him by baptism into death, so that as Christ was raised up from
the dead by the glory of the Father, even so we also should walk in
newness of life." (Rom6:4) In other words, "if we died with Christ, we
believe that we shall also LIVE with Him" (vs8)

There are two choices: 1) to be "slain"  or 2) to have Life in Christ.
The two are mutually exclusive. You cannot have them both. If you
choose #1, you do not have #2 as Jesus said, "the one who is not with
Me is against Me...[you cannot serve] two masters." (Mt12:30,6:24)
While satan and his practitioners want to fill their altars with "slain"
sinners -- "Christ Jesus came into the world to SAVE sinners.."(1Ti1:15)