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Re: It will be given to you...

The week prior to UN-halloween one of my regular customers came to pick
up his order. And during the course of the usual chit-chat while he was
writing out his check and I was taking care of the invoice, he asked if
I was going to "get dressed up as...?"  ...and party.

As often happens when a "door" for witness opens, my mind went into a
whirr...wondering "how to" answer his question. And before I knew it, I
had already answered, "No. I serve a different Master." Period.

Nope. I didn't preach a sermon to him of all the ills and demonic
aspects of halloween, and "why I don't..." participate "because I'm a
Christian." I didn't need to. Years ago, when I did a lengthy
installation of letters on the windows of one of his new (at the time)
stores, he was hanging around, and we talked...for 3-4 hours...about
many things. During the course of that talking I found that he had at
one time been studying for the catholic priesthood. But then, for some
reason, he dropped out of it...something he didn't seem too willing to
go into much. However, just because he became disassociated from the 
catholic church, didn't mean he had become a Christian, either.

When I made the simple statement, "I serve a different Master" I could
see he immediately "thought" about what I had just said...with
UNDERSTANDING, because of our previous conversations. And then he
volunteered the fact that "anybody who knows history" knows of all the
demonic aspects to halloween...and I could tell that the whole topic,
with its many facets was milling about in his mind.

In that particular case, those five simple words were "just right."
Now, please don't misunderstand me. If anyone were to ask me "how to
witness" to people, I don't have all the pat little answers. I don't
carry little tracts to stuff into people's hands/pockets. I don't quote
Scripture to everybody who comes through the doors. I loathe the
"campaigns" of going door-to-door, or confronting people on campuses
with "questionnaires." I think a lot of that does more harm to the name
of Christ than any good it accomplishes. People are turned off to
"drives." They want to see "Christ in you" if He is truly there.

When Jesus said those words, "it will be given to you", He was speaking
of persecution, and a Believer being brought before judgment to "lead
you away and deliver you up." (Mk13:11) He says "take no thought
beforehand what you should speak or think." What? No memorizing of the
"four laws" to give the neat little outline, and show diagrams? No
"Romans road?" No. We don't even need to worry about what to "think."
What attitude to carry along.  Sometimes a Paul is going to retort,
"God will strike you, whitened wall!!" (Acts23:3) In other cases, "We
must obey God rather than men." (Acts5:29) Or in still others, a quiet,
"Do you understand what you are reading?" (Acts8:30)

Please understand. I am no great "soul winner." I cannot boast of the
"scalps on my belt." Thus, this example is of even more benefit to
share, because I am "unskilled in speech" (Ex4:10) and am not much of a
"people person." When the opportunity was there to say something, the
Holy Spirit gave the words, because I was a willing vessel. Before I
had a chance to REASON through, and get all worried about what might be
the "right thing" to say...it was "already" said. The Holy Spirit said

"..take no thought beforehand what you should speak or think. But speak
whatever shall be given to you in that hour. For it is not you who
speaks, but the Holy Spirit." (Mk13:11)