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Re: DO it

"But if you do not obey Me, and do not -DO- all these commandments...
so that you do not -DO- all my commandments.." (Lev26:14,15)

While last week's Portion on "Gifts" was written a couple months ago,
it and this one complement each other. And not to be continually
speaking of translation issues, but as we also get into 1Timothy, we
see Paul beginning his exhortations to young Timothy, speaking of
sticking to Doctrine, charging others not to teach "other" doctrines.
Where does doctrine come from? Where is the Source of Christian
doctrine? God's Word, the Scriptures. Now, if the translation we read
from is not faithful to God's -original- Word, that begins to be the
beginning for false doctrine.

'Ever play that party game? The one where people are lined up, and the
host whispers some phrase or sentence into the ear of the person at one
end. Everyone, in turn, is then to hear that phrase and repeat it to
the next person on their other side, until this repeated/transmitted 
phrase reaches the other end of the line of people. The "fun" of the 
game is to see how 'messed-up' the phrase becomes, by the time it 
reaches the other end. Invariably, certain people will not accurately
hear what is said into their ear, or they will slightly mis-remember
things from the hearing to the repeating. Before the age of digital
data, if you wanted a faithful musical recording, you wanted as close
to the original "master tape" as possible, because the farther down the
copying chain you went, the more distortions and noise entered the
recording, and there was -always- some signal loss.

So, regarding Doctrine...if what we are reading as the "Bible" is not a
faithful translation, we are already removed, to whatever degree, from
every detail and nuance (jot and tittle) of God's Truth.

In the previous Portion on "Gifts" we noticed the difference between
being a "gifted artisan" (NKJV) and being Spirit-filled with God's
"wisdom". If a person browses the so-called prooftext lists the
KJ-onlyists typically denounce the NKJV with, in typically 95% of those
cases the NKJV is more accurate than the KJV. But as I work on the
VW-Edition, I am becoming increasingly disgusted with the NKJV where
the NKJV scholars have muddied subtle -nuances- of meanings. The
difference between "artisan" and "wisdom" is pretty -obvious-, and
would seem to be a 'blatant' change.

But the NKJV is also full of other more subtle things. A subscriber
e-mailed the other day on these matters, regarding the Romish origins
of the KJV, and I shared how I am noticing how "liturgical" the NKJV is
in the Pentateuch.  In Num6:2 the NKJV speaks of "..take the vow of a
Nazirite.." Same sort of terminology catholicism uses of "taking" vows
to the priesthood or nunhood. I have not been making a list of all
these things, so that's all I will say on that for now. But let us
observe the portions from our opening passage:

Notice the two emphasized words, "do". NKJV says "..do not -OBSERVE-
all these commandments.." and "..that you do not -PERFORM- all My

Now, if a person looks up word definitions, the word "asah" can mean
all sorts of things: do, work, make, perform, act, prepare, observe,
attend to, etc. So, indeed, the NKJV can be said to be -technically-
"accurate" by using "observe" and "perform" there, and would certainly
make for aesthetically "cleaner" English by not having two "do"s follow
each other in close proximity.  e.g. "..do not do.."

But let's look at these words. "DO" means to execute, carry out... in
other words, get the task done.

"OBSERVE", now, can also mean these same things, but its primary
meanings are: to become aware of, to 'watch' attentively. To use the
word "observe" in the context of keeping God's commandments is like the
TV promos telling parents how to raise their children; that parents 
should tell the children their values; so the children can then react, 
"We know where you stand." But you see, -knowing- "where the parent 
stands" on an issue is not the same as "children -OBEY- your parents.." 
(Eph6:1)  There's a lot of people pretending to be "christians", who go 
-to- church, and read whatever perversion they call the "Bible", and 
they "observe" God's commandments (like NKJV renders it), but they do 
not -DO- them. "..they sit before you as My people, and they hear your
words, but they do not do them; for with their mouth they act out love,
but their hearts go after their unjust gain." (Ezek33:31) They talk the 
talk, and they talk -about- walking the walk, but do not walk it!

And then, there's the word "PERFORM". Like we were reminded in the last 
portion, any non-believing musician can "perform" music with musical 
"skill". But if they do not have God's Holy Spirit, that's all it is, a 
"performance". It is not -ministry-. It is not -praise- acceptable to 
the Most High; and He says, "Take away from Me the noise of your songs;
for I will not hear the melody of your lutes." (Am5:23)

Regarding God's commandments, there are also those who "perform" God's
commandments. But you see, there are many performers. From the local
school plays, all the way to Hollywood...actors are busy -performing-.
In such a case, they are acting out the part of a character that is not
really who they, themselves, are. They are -pretending- to be somebody
else, as the casting director and script calls for them to -play- a
certain character 'role'.

Recently we spoke of how many people make "claims-for-Christ". They
make "claims" to being born from above. But they are false. They are
actors.  They are pretenders. They pretend to be "ministers of
righteousness" (2Cor11:15), and they will speak of love and good works;
but they are merely "performing". They are not the real thing!

To you who are pretenders, this may seem like straining at gnats; but 
do you see what I mean when I say that I am becoming increasingly 
disgusted with the NKJV, and while I -suppose- it is still the "best 
available" (in print) compared to KJV, MKJV or LITV (for you who have 
the LITV, the LITV, I am finding, has a -lot- of omitted phrases and 
sentences...just, plain, MISSING). It is to the point where I even 
loath opening the NKJV; because of its 'flavor'. Because it comes from 
the correct manuscripts, it is God's Word; but the -scholars- have 
given it this disgusting 'flavor' with the various seasonings they have
sprinkled here and there.  In many ways, even though it is a perversion
because it comes from the wrong (perverted) manuscripts, the NASB is
better (in the O.T.) in many of these things we are just now

Are we to "observe" God's commandments? When I was young, there was a
person who would jokingly suggest, "Work doesn't bother me! I can sit
down and -watch- it all day long! I can lie down right next to it. No
problem!" Are we to "perform" it?

"But be..." what? "..-DOERS- of the Word, and not hearers (observers)
only, deceiving yourselves." (Jacob1:22) A person who merely observes
and performs is what?  DECEIVED!

"But he who looks into the perfect law of liberty and continues in it,
and is not a forgetful hearer but a doer of the work, this one will be
blessed in his deeds." (vs25)

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