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Re: Radiator cap

FOLLOW-UP to Sunday's portion: "Check the Plugs"

Remember the exhortation: "Examine yourselves as to whether you are in the faith. Test yourselves. Do you not know, yourselves, that Jesus Christ is in you; unless indeed you are ones failing the test?" (2Co13:5)

But what if we -don't- 'examine' ourselves? What would happen? We might end up like my Goldwing about a week ago. Yes, another object lesson... and self-confession of stupidity!!!

like Paul says: if "you would bear with me in a little foolishness" (2Co11:1)

I was out for a ride on Saturday. A lot of other bikes were out that day, too; apparently some sort of "biker" something-or-other going on at Rosalia (perhaps our version of Sturgis,SD?), but I was turning off the hiway at Spangle to take the scenic (farming country) backroads into Cheney...they have a Chinese buffet I like to go to. (for you who know the Spokane area)

As I got started into the ride, suddenly I noticed the temperature gauge starting to climb. Uh, oh!!! Very uncharacteristically! The Goldwing cooling system is typically very efficient. (Sorry ladies! some mechanical 'guy' talk here!) It was a hot day, but not -that- hot yet. But it finally settled at the place where the radiator fan kicks on...so, after stopping to look things over and make sure something wasn't leaking, I continued my ride...with a wary eye on the gauge the whole time. (So much for a 'relaxed' recreational ride!) Also, thinking... theorizing as to 'why/what' was causing it. First time the bike has ever done that. Thinking about how, since the last time I had done some major work, the overflow tank had not 'varied' in its level (from cold to hot)... suspecting that the antifreeze must be 'low' in the engine, but wondering 'how'... worried that the other head gasket must have started leaking, even though I hadn't seen any other characteristic signs/behavior of that.

Got home from the ride...tore off all the parts that are necessary to get at the radiator cap...and sure enough...no coolant in the visible area of the radiator. Opened a couple of bleeder valves on the manifold, and sure enough..."air". Only about 'half' the required coolant in the engine.

What would cause that???

Looked at the radiator cap, and the return flap had something wedged in it, making it into a "non-pressurized" system. Hot coolant was getting out (easily), but not being sucked back in at cool-down.

Why did the radiator cap have debris in the flapper? I had just 'recently' had everything apart, doing something with the manifold, and put it all together....including that radiator cap!

Throughout my life of backyard mechanicking...WHENEVER I have had a radiator cap off of something, and then put it back on, I have ALWAYS checked the cap. Usually also putting it under some running water to clean any residual gunk from around the edges. But typically, when I was doing those ("redundant") cleanings, I had never seen anything that looked like it would cause a problem.

So...this (recent) time, in a similar situation...and I still remember back to the incident, making a conscious decision about it (this was NO 'accident' that I somehow 'forgot'...I thought about it, and the action was purposefully deliberate)...I thought to myself: Awe, I "don't -need- to" check it. The caps are always good. Especially on this 'Wing, it is always clean. I'll just put it back on. No problem.

Well...the -one- time (in 40 years of mechanicking) that I failed to check it...-that- was the time it jumped up and 'bit' me!

Not only did the temperature gauge go 'up' during this ride...but recently there have been a couple other issues that I have been scratching my head over....wondering 'what' was causing the problems. Both, as it now turns out, related to the radiator cap not working properly, and as the coolant little-by-little worked its way out of the engine, the manifold was not being warmed properly...causing some performances issues.


Out of all of human history, how many times of disobedience to God did it require for "death [to] spread to everyone"? (Rom5:12)


How many times does it take, having one's guard down, to lose one's virginity?


How many times of being blown up does it take to get killed?


Like President Bush has been known to say on occasion: Terrorists need to be successful (in planting a bomb) only once in awhile, out of many attempts. But in -resisting- terrorist attacks, the vigilant ones must be successful -always-....every time.

How is a person successful in resisting evil -ALWAYS-? By "examining" -ALWAYS-. The exhortation is: "...having done -ALL- to stand" (Eph6:13) If someone is on guard duty, but turns away for a moment, the enemy seizes -that- 'moment' to infiltrate.

Whenever I have travelled, it is quite often that one sees other vehicles stopped by the side of the road on steep grades, with engine hoods raised... sometimes with steam whisping up. And I have often scoffed at them, within my own mind: That's what you get for not performing regular maintenance! Ha, ha! Well...maybe not "ha,ha", but a shake of the head.

Well...this time the 'joke' was on me. For the very same thing I would taunt 'them' (of course...not audible to them, since I was driving along) Sorta like, "...you who teach another, do you not teach yourself?" (Rom2:21a)

Do you ever wonder about how militantly 'repetitive' we always are on certain topics? Somebody about a month ago unsubscribed after only about a week, with an included note, "your newsletter seems to be becoming more and more strident" "Strident"? Years ago they used to call me "judgmental". Do we keep "harping" the same tune?

Well, the Bible harps the same tune. To live holy, and turn away from sin. The world certainly stridently militantly harps the same tune of lust and lasciviousness. Israel kept complaining at God's holy Law, and God kept pleading with them: "As I live, declares the Lord Jehovah, I take no delight in the death of the wicked, but that the wicked turn from his way and live. Turn! Turn from your evil ways! For why will you die, O house of Israel?" (Ezk33:11) as He sent His "servants the prophets, daily rising up early and sending them." (Jer7:25)

So, if I can share a bit of my own foolishness, as another 'object lesson', to help illustrate the need for Believers to be vigilant... You're welcome! I'm not proud! -smile-

"Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour." (1Pe5:8)